Why Tracking Emails Matter in a Business

Emails are one of the most common forms of online communication. Despite the prevalence of other forms of communication such as instant messaging, social media and video calls, emails still matter.

Emails are especially a viable platform for businesses. However, they can only be utilized to their full potential by those who understand their value. It is particularly important to track emails in business. It is an old practice that will continue well into the future. The importance of tracking emails is in the data it offers.

The following are several reasons why tracking emails in business still matters:

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Measure Email Open Rate

An email is a message and does not fulfill its purpose until it is opened. One reason why businesses should track emails is so that they can know how many emails they sent were actually opened.

The email open rate is a great metric to measure the effectiveness of a business’s email campaigns. The higher the email open rate, the more effective the email campaigns.

The email open rate will also point to the email bounce rate which is the number of people who did not receive your email. You can then weed out invalid email addresses and remain with only those that can yield results.

In business, having an audience is not enough. You need an audience that is actually interested in your message. The email open rate will help businesses having a more interested audience on whom to focus their efforts.

Lead Generation

Email marketing is one of the greatest sources of leads online. Many emails you will send to potential and existing clients will include links to your products or services.

Therefore, you should track your emails to find out your email click through rate which refers to the number of people who clicked on the links in your email. The people who click the links in your emails are considered to be possible leads that you can direct to your sales funnel.

Clicking the link in an email depends on many factors. However, it is a great way to judge the interest of potential clients. It is also a great metric to judge how effective your email marketing techniques are and how to improve them.

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Improve Conversion Rates

The conversion rate is the rate at which a potential client turns into a paying customer. In many ways, the conversation rate is one of the most important metrics as it pertains to email marketing.

Opening an email and clicking on the link within is only the first step to converting a potential customer. The conversion happens when they click on the link and then perform a transaction or a specific action on your site.

The higher the conversion rate of email marketing, the more effective it is. The conversion rate of email marketing is about 15% and one of the highest among online marketing techniques.

If you can track your emails, you can find a way to improve your email marketing conversion rate.

Managing Sales

Managing sales has traditionally been a very cumbersome and inaccurate process. Tracking your emails is a way of managing sales without ever leaving your inbox.

Better yet, you can track emails and use it to manage your entire salesforce. The folks behind believed that managing sales is paramount to having accurate records of your revenue and hence profits. It will also help you track the performance of your salesforce so you can keep the effective ones and improve or lose the rest.

It is particularly vital to track emails to know which portion of revenue was generated directly from email marketing.

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Measure Engagement

Email is a great tool for business because it allows for a great deal of interaction. It may not be as much interaction as social media but it can still be very effective.

Email tracking matters to business because you can use it to measure the level of engagement with potential and existing customers. Research clearly shows that businesses with a higher rate of engagement perform better.

With a good email tracking platform, you can measure the level of email engagement over time. You can then decide which email marketing tactics have worked over time and which ones haven’t.

You can also use it to increase the level of engagement with your audience.

Referral Rate

Marketing is crucial for all businesses but there is a significant amount of business in all industries generated through referrals. Referrals are especially potent since they have high conversion rates. Emails are a great source of referrals as they simply involve forwarding an email.

Referrals are mainly done by friends and relatives that others trust. Therefore, a referral is perceived to be a lead from an already trustworthy source hence the high conversion rate.

Tracking your emails will definitely give you a better picture of your client’s referral rate. You can also get information on which tactics lead to more referrals and you can take action to improve your referral rate.


Return on Investment

Email marketing is one of the cheapest online marketing strategies. It is also one of the most effective, meaning it has one of the best returns of investment (ROI). However, the ROI varies from company to company.

Different email marketing strategies will have different effectiveness as well as ROIs. By tracking your emails, you can clearly find out which strategies have the best ROI.

You can then work on improving your email marketing tactics to increase ROI or focus on those with a high return on investment. You can have a very high ROI with email marketing if done properly.

Tracking Emails is Worth It

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to track all emails sent and received by your business. A good email integration platform is vital in this regard.

Tracking emails will give you an accurate picture of your email marketing efforts and their results. It will improve your business in very many ways since you will get so much information.

Start tracking your business’s emails today and use the data wisely.

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