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The online gambling industry has been establishing itself since the early 2000s and in all these years, they have seen an increasing number of gamblers move online. Although PC and Macs were the devices of choice for most gamblers, a new device has joined the ranks and you are probably reading this on that device. The new device is a smartphone.

Smartphones have made playing online casino games and sports betting even more convenient than ever before. They offer a user-friendly layout, incredible graphics quality, and accessibility. In 2024, the number of smartphone users in the world is 3.5 Billion, which translates to 44.87% of the world’s population owning a smartphone. The future of gambling is in the hands of mobiles as they are in billions of pockets at a time when people are constantly looking to be entertained.

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A bit of Mobile Gambling History

At the beginning of the 21st century, online gambling was still in its infancy, and to play you needed either a MAC or PC. Visit the link to see more options. Gambling on MAC and PC  aren’t completely obsolete; they are still popular among some gamblers. MAC and PC offered HD games with lightning-fast internet connections which elevated the gameplay experience. However, the advent of smartphones allows players to play on the go and their graphics, as well as internet connection, are not lagging far behind.

The growth of mobile gambling

Most people will agree, the smartphone revolution started when Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007. It was portable with a sleek design and a touchscreen. Apple’s release of the iPhone surpassed the popular BlackBerry in sales in just a couple of years.

This started a decade-long innovation in the smartphone space which has significantly improved the capabilities of smartphones. Smartphones have become a huge part of our daily lives.

Android platforms have become more popular than iOS-powered devices as they are much cheaper and affordable. However, today the two mobile platforms are very competitive and have a tight grip on the smartphone market.

Both platforms provide the necessary services to make their smartphones smarter, faster, and more convenient for their consumers.


It’s only the beginning for smartphone users

Most players prefer their mobile phones and tablets over PC or Mac because they are more convenient. There is a high probability that mobile gambling will be even bigger in the coming years. According to Newzoo, the number of mobile users will approximately be 4 billion by 2024.

The same source claims people spend about $100 billion on gambling apps every year. By 2024 this number is expected to reach $106.4 billion. Can you imagine what the mobile gambling industry will look like in the near future?

The reasons for mobile gambling’s growth

The increasing number of smartphone users is not the only reason for mobile gaming’s popularity. Here are some more reasons.

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Focus on Mobile Players

Up until 2010, there were no reasons for casino sites to offer mobile apps. Furthermore, there weren’t enough smartphones in circulation at the time to warrant the move. Over the decade, online casinos have started focusing on mobile players. You can see an increase in revenue since the move was made.

Casino establishments have noticed the importance of smartphones to the average person and see them as potential consumers.

Mobile options are going to improve

Seeing as online casinos have just recently been focusing on improving their mobile presence. Despite only being in the market for a decade, they have made significant advancements in the quality of their graphics and overall performance.

However, it isn’t even close to its peak yet. The industry still has a lot to improve on, and as the mobile tech companies improve the capabilities of their smartphones the gambling companies will be right behind them to innovate as well.

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The computer market is declining

PCs are still popular and even essential in some industries. PCs are still essential to many businesses and companies. However, the gambling industry has been mobile for a while now.

Most players use phones or tablets to make transactions to and from casino sites. The same goes for playing games. It’s much easier and faster to grab your phone and start playing whenever you want than waiting till you go home before having a chance to play.

Thus, the screen size does matter, and computers get a better score here. Still, mobile devices do not take the second stand as the developments in technology have offered the same experience on your mobile screens.

Enjoy gambling on your mobile to the fullest

Probably you are an experienced gambler whose devices of choice are mobile devices. Here are some tips to make the already great gameplay experience even better.

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Search for casino sites with an extensive catalog of games

There are thousands of casino sites on the web. They all offer you slots, card games, live games, and even bet on your favorite sports. However, not all these options might be available on mobile but are available on the desktop.

Our advice is that you focus on finding sites that offer the games you like and want to play. If you like slots, find sites that offer variations of slots you might be interested in, if you fancy live poker instead make sure you find sites that offer a live stream feature.

Avoid sites with URL forwarding

Most sites have very annoying URL forwarding that takes you from site to site before you even get a chance to play. We advise you to avoid these sites.

Reset iPhone without iTunes
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Use the latest smartphone

When buying a phone remember to think about the phone’s specs and know that you are buying a phone that will last a long time as well as let you play your favorite casino games with no hassle. If you are currently using an older version of your smartphone we advise you upgrade to the latest version but only if you can. Games’ graphics and loading speed are reasons to buy a new smartphone or tablet.


The mobile gambling industry has grown exponentially in just a small period. The convenience that it has provided cannot be denied, you might even say that without smartphones and the ability to play whenever we want, that our lives won’t be the same.

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