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9 Tips on How to Hire Top Photographers for Your Events – 2023 Guide

Do you have an upcoming event and need photographs taken? Not only do they make your event a reality, but they also capture the emotions and happenings during the event. Even when photographers are this effective, finding a great photographer can be overwhelming, especially when the event’s date is near or far from your hometown. Well, you should trust a professional photographer from a firm like Perfocal to capture the memories. Let’s look at nine tips to find the best photographer for your upcoming event.

1. Check their Portfolio

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One of the most common ways to gauge the photographer’s competency is by assessing their past work. Professional photographers have a collection of their best work and sometimes printed records of what the past clients said. Some professionals may have public collections on their websites, social media pages, and blogs, while others have a physical collection. You should ask to see the collections and determine whether they fit your requirements. If the event is a wedding, ask to see wedding photographs that they have previously taken. You should be very careful with a photographer who’s unwilling to showcase what they have done.

2. Get Recommendations from Friends

Have you recently been to any event that had a great photographer? You can talk to the particular event’s host or planner and obtain recommendations on top photographers in the area. There are high chances of landing quality photographers since the recommendations come from people in your inner circle. Once you get the recommendations, filter out some of them, and retain a list of three or four. Afterward, schedule a visit to the photographers’ offices and discuss matters with them. While at it, be careful about how they treat you and respond to your questions. It is always easier when you do this at a close range.

3. Interview them

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During your visit to potential photographers’ offices, you carry a few questions to understand how they operate. Some common questions include, ‘Will you be taking the photos alone?’, ‘Do you have a team?’, ‘What is the turnaround time to deliver the photos in softcopy and hardcopy formats?’, ‘Is there a written contract for the task?’, and ‘What is required from my end?’. These questions help you understand who you are getting involved with and what they also require from your end as a client. How they answer these questions tells you whether they fit the bill or not.

4. Experience

How do you know that your photographer is experienced? Experience has a lot to do with training and competency. You can begin by checking whether your photographer has gone through the right training path and acquired the upcoming task’s right skills. Every profession requires time and energy for competency. As such, you can also check the duration they have been in the photography field and what they have produced. The experience aspect also stretches to the knowledge of the equipment and photography tools. All this affects the quality of the final results.

5. The Cost of the Services

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Photographers have different price quotations for their services. Some will charge you for every hour, while others will offer a wholesome figure for the entire event. In other cases, photographers will have packages that you can choose from. Have a physical or virtual consultative session with several photographers and determine what works best for your budget. However, you need to reconsider your options quickly if a photographer is cheap. This could mean that the value or quality of their services is compromised. The photographs obtained from the event need to be of top-notch quality. It does not matter whether you will use the photographs for recreational or commercial use.

6. The Technology of their Equipment

Even when you may know little about photography equipment, it is crucial to know that the results are dependent on the photographer’s skills and the technology of the equipment. When making your choices, pick the one who has up-to-date technology equipment and tools. This fosters excellent results.

7. The Ability to Collaborate with Others

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Successful photo shoots and sessions are a result of teamwork. Your photographer will not be working alone; they need your help coordinating the crowds for the common shoots and photo sessions. When they instruct you on certain matters, you need to act accordingly and help organize the crowds at the event. A collaborative photographer also understands that it is not about them. They should be willing to carefully listen to you and provide relevant responses or assistance on your concerns. Endeavor to find photographers that can collaboratively work with the other entities present at the event as well.

8. Read Online Reviews

In this digital era, people love to leave reviews concerning a product or service online. Search your selected photographer online, visit their website, and find out what other clients think of the services. It is where you will find most clients’ experiences with the photographers narrated. By reading these reviews, you can make informed and intelligent choices concerning the professionals. If most of the information on the website’s review section is negative or showing dissatisfaction, you should avoid hiring them.

9. Customer Service

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How did they receive your call to schedule the first consultative session? Customer service can be assessed in many ways. However, the most effective one is calling them and listening in on how they respond. Whenever a photographer has rude customer care representatives, you should quickly reconsider your options as the same callous attitude could be translated into the actual photography tasks. You do not want that.


A picture is worth a thousand words. The photograph taken will capture and freeze the specific moment. It shows the emotion, the mood, and can even tell whether an event was successful or not. Remember all this when hiring photographers as a picture is all you will be left with. If you need impressive results, you must then also put in the effort during the selection process. Find the photographs of their past work, assess their ideality, and know whether they can deliver your desires and match your preferences.

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