6 Reasons Why Investing in Sweden Is a Good Idea

Sweden looks like a great country to live in. It has a lot of job offers, and the life quality is on a very high level for every citizen. Their system provides a log of benefits for the people who live and work there to have a nice and comfortable life, with low-stress levels. When people aren’t stressed, they have better work performance, and this country knows how to manage it properly. The results show that most of those strategies work since Sweden is recognized as one of the best countries to invest and live in. Probably you have heard about many successful brands like Volvo, IKEA, Ericsson, and many others, and they are all started there.

Another great thing is that they are the most open society for people to move there because they know that even foreigners can help their economy to be the best one in the world. Many popular companies are opening their offices there to use that potential, and become more successful. We can see that many overseas brands and companies are investing in Sweden since it’s very easy and opened to let them start their new and successful story there.

Let’s see a few reasons why it’s like that:

Source: Sapient Investments

1. People are very friendly and open-minded

Swedish people don’t have stereotypes over the foreigners that come to live there for work or a more comfortable life than they had before. This may not look like a key thing. Still, it’s worth mentioning, since the foreigner needs to be accepted. The Swedish system provides all the support, including free child care and education, so all the people can have a comfortable life there. Not just are they friendly, they are also very open-minded to every perspective, and that’s why many legendary brands are established exactly in this country. They offer multicultural tradition, and you will never see a Swedish boss underestimating and underappreciating some workers because of their origin. All people have equal chances, which should be the main reason to invest in your life in Sweden.


2. It’s one of the largest markets in the world

Now, take a minute and think about all those people you know, or you used to know, that decided to move to Sweden so they can have better life quality. The truth is you know at least one person who did that. Some of them live there for a few years, but some are in Sweden their whole life. According to some statistics, this country is the 11th largest economy globally, which is in a pretty high position. They are part of the European Union, but they have no problem welcoming foreigners from all around the world, creating a multicultural society with no stereotypes, open to everyone who wants to work, and helping the country improve the economy in any possible way.

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3. Stocks and shares are available and affordable too

According to Samuelssons Rapport, the shares Swedish companies offer on the stock market are usually affordable and worth buying, and even foreigners can invest in it and own even the smallest piece of them. The shares are often undervalued, and it may seem like an unstable reason to buy some of them, but knowing that they are supported by one of the world’s strongest economies, people are comfortable buying them.

Source: UVA Today – University of Virginia

4. Everything is robust and transparent

For the people who come from countries with high corruption rates, it may seem very weird that the authorities are always transparent, which is important for the financial, banking, and political system’s stability. The companies are always ready to publish their results, no matter how good or bad they are, so their influence over the economy can be visible to everyone. Is there anything better to ask for?

Source: The Arctic Institute

5. They have advanced techniques to deal with the pollution

We can say that Stockholm, and every other place in Sweden, have advanced systems to deal with the bitterest of all problems some country may have – the pollution. But, first of all, people there are disciplined, and they don’t need laws to stop them from putting the trash on the streets. Most households are connected to the tube-based system that collects the trash with a vacuum pump and brings it to the recycling system. They even use some types of trash to produce energy for the heating systems. So, we can say they showed the world a real revolution when dealing with the rubbish.

Source: Amedicin Sweden

6. They pay a lot of attention to the mental health

The authorities are aware that stressed workers aren’t good workers, and they provide great health support for those who need to deal with their mental issues. Some people even joke that stress is forbidden in Sweden by law, and knowing that they are there to help everyone in need, we can see it’s true. On the other hand, people there don’t put themselves in stressful situations. They have a high culture of respecting other people’s needs, especially regarding personal space and other treats that come with their personality.

Moving from one country to another is never easy, especially when you leave your family and friends behind you. If you think about moving to Sweden, you need to know that they don’t make problems for family visits, so it’s one thing that makes the whole thing look easier. Another good side of investing and living in Sweden is that you can have a pretty comfortable life, even though it’s not a cheap country to live in. But, according to this article, it’s worth trying to give it a chance, especially if you want to improve the quality of your life, and of course, to make some additional money by investing in the stock market. We hope you will make the right decision for you and your family.

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