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Does COVID-19 Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

The year 2024 was very challenging for the whole world because of the coronavirus pandemic. Today, we finally have a vaccine that will help people to fight against the invisible enemy and start recovering from many issues caused by the pandemic and lockdown measures. While it seems that the solution that will help us to end this problem is around the corner when most people get a vaccine, scientists are still finding new cases of different side-effects caused by the virus.

The most common symptoms are well known, and they are fatigue, fever, and dry cough. Also, many people are having issues with headaches, chest pain, disability to sense smell and taste, cardiovascular problems, issues with lungs, and more. According to various studies and confirmed cases, people can feel first symptoms during the first week after they get infected. The main risk is for older generations and those with an impaired immune system.

Nevertheless, the doctors are connecting the virus with many other health issues, and according to recent studies, there is also a chance for men to have problems with penile dysfunction. In this article, we are going to analyze more about the connection between erectile dysfunction and coronavirus.

Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

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This problem is not rare, and many health issues might affect its development. In most cases, people with increased blood sugar, corpulence, and high blood pressure can have issues in their bedrooms. Also, we have to mention the mental problems among people, where some of them might struggle to have sex because they lack confidence, experience, or suffer from depression and anxiety. On the other hand, this problem can be cured with proper medication, like those that you can find at The most important thing is to react on time. Many people would feel embarrassed to visit the doctor and speak about this problem. However, finding what is causing this disability is the first step to the solution.

Link with Covid-19

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First of all, you should get informed about the symptoms and dangers of getting infected by the virus to realize how it can affect your ability to have sex. According to some researches, the coronavirus will not directly affect the disability. However, you might face the problem if you get problems with your heart and lungs. The cardiovascular system is crucial for a healthy life, along with the ability to get an erection. Therefore, the sudden lack of the ability to have sex might be a sign that you got infected.

This case is more common among older patients, but there were some cases where younger people are having it as well. The main reason why coronavirus can impact your sex life is that it attacks the cardiovascular system. There are various prolonged side-effects from it, such as issues with lungs, blood vessels, lack of physical abilities, short breath, tiredness, and many other symptoms that can be directly connected with penile dysfunction.

The biggest risk is for those who were already having some diseases related to the cardiovascular system and lungs. Also, people who were not living a healthy life, who were often drinking and smoking, are those with the highest chance to suffer from the dysfunction where Covid-19 can be a trigger. The main issue is that side-effects are not the same for everyone, which made this pandemic so challenging in the first place. While doctors are working on finding a more specific connection between these two, other symptoms represent a clear reason why some people are getting the erectile dysfunction while being infected with the coronavirus.

Connection with Mental Health


While people with serious symptoms are more likely to face this problem as well, there is also a big chance to encounter it because of mental issues. As we already mentioned, the year 2024 was very challenging, and the whole world needs to raise awareness of mental issues like anxiety and depression. The lockdown measures affected many countries to have huge losses and fall of the economy. According to some experts, the real consequences are on the way. Since many businesses stopped working, many countries along with the IMF spend a lot of money to help people while they had to stay at home.

The quarantine has affected many people to become stressed. Even if many of them had a chance to work from home, they suddenly weren’t able to socialize with friends, visit movie theaters, bars, and many other places where they could gather with friends. That is affecting people to be more anxious, which is also connected with sexual functions. While this is not a serious health condition, getting nervous by the occasions around you can be a trigger that will make you less interested in being intimate with your partner, and the worst thing is that this feeling is subconscious, which might make some people panic and make the problem even worse if they develop anxiety.


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With the development of a vaccine that represents a cure and a way to prevent getting infected by the virus, we are all hoping that this will be all over soon. It is necessary to understand that the virus is still spreading, and you shouldn’t get more relaxed before you take the shot. Also, according to the experts, it will require some time until the effects of the cure show first results. Therefore, we can expect an improved situation by the end of the year. Also, when it comes to the lack of the ability to have sex and how it can be one of the symptoms, even though doctors haven’t found any direct connection, you should know that many of the symptoms represent the most common causes of it.

In that matter, you should keep listening to the advice from the officials related to allowed working hours, avoiding large groups of people, any public events, and more. The ability to remain patient is the best solution at this moment because that will help the officials to distribute the vaccines to all people and allow them to continue with their lives like it was before the pandemic.

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