What to expect from Apple event on October 16th

Its official. Apple revealed their invitation to the press for their upcoming keynote event titled “It’s been way to long.”  The event will take place at the town hall auditorium on Apple’s campus. Which means, it will not be as big as the iPhone 6 and iWatch launch event.

We are expecting new iPad airs, Mac Minis and possibly an iPad Pro with much larger screen. We could also expect some speed enhancements to the Mac line. Retina display iMacs could also make debut at this event. These are just rumors will have to wait till Thursday to know the truth. There is one product line which has not been updated from apple since a very long time. That’s Mac mini. We expect a mac mini update.

Many iOS 8 customers are facing this widespread Bluetooth connectivity issue. It’s been way too long since are not able to connect their iDevices to their car’s audio system. Apple may fix this issue. Still it’s just a wild guess nothings fixed.

Apple Launch Event
I would personally love to see some new iPods cause it’s been long since  I saw a new iPod.

Lets talk about iPads. As per Apple, iPads are the best to experience your mail, photos and videos. Most of the people agree with this but we would love to see some major enhancements. A Vietnamese blog has posted some pictures and a video of what it clams to iPad Air 2. It shows a new overall design, touch ID and the mute/lock key is replaced by a tiny hole. As per the video the speakers row has a single row of holes instead to 2 which makes it very thin. It’s just a rumor we’ll have wait till October 16 to get the answer.

There is also a rumour about a new 12 inch ultrathin MacBook which may feature a touch enabled Retina Display which may hit the stores next year. We expect that Apple may announce it this event.

We expect that Apple will announce the official release date of OS X Yosemite. For the more information on everything related to Apple, keep visiting this section of

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