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6 Most Beneficial Video Games for Your Brain

Playing games is often scrutinized as a waste of time. Most parents fail to notice the benefits that games have on their children. While they’re often misinterpreted, numerous studies suggest that they have a positive effect on our brains. Kids love playing games, and now it seems it’s not only for fun. The competitive part of them is what has the best influence on the younglings. Even if you are older, playing video games will aid both your cognitive and motor skills. Playing games isn’t easy; some of them take an actual intellectual effort to complete the given tasks. The more demanding the game, the more motors, the cognitive, physical, and psychological effort is needed to be good at them.

Our brains work better under pressure, and with more of it, they become more adept at solving complicated tasks. In this article, we are going to discuss the six most beneficial video games for your brain. Let’s see what they are.

1. Civilization

Source: The Mercury News

If you are into strategies, you know that this one is one of the best ones ever invented. To be the best player possible, you need to build a civilization that will be like no other and push it to dominate the world. It starts in the stone age, and you’ll be able to push it all the way up to the exploration of space. Just in like most other strategies, you can build your world, push it into wars, cooperate with neighboring countries, and even go against some of the most notable characters in our history. It doesn’t take much to get invested in this game, but it takes much more to be good at it—a perfect example of a game that makes your brain work faster.

2. Call of Duty

Source: Red Bull

We believe that every person who ever owned a computer came into touch with COD. The latest installment is out of this world, and it shows us some future battlefields, weapons advancement has never seen before, and some of the best combat scenes a game ever provided. If you tried it out, you indeed were surprised by vehicles such as drones and hoverbikes.

The best part is that you can improve your vision by playing this game. According to a study conducted by the University of Rochester, players who invest themselves in this game have a great chance of improving their vision. It’s all about the contrast sensitivity function, which gets enhanced if you engage in first-person shooting games. The call of Duty fits this description perfectly. This I one of the first functions of our vision that deteriorates, and by playing COD, you can keep it up to the task.

3. Witcher

Source: GameCrate

Witcher is a fantastic game based on a book, which later spawned a Netflix series starring Henry Cavill. The game revolves around a monster hunter called Geralt of Riva, who carries the title of Witcher. His quest is to find his missing daughter, which is the character you control through the game. The world in which all happens is broad, and it gives you a great sense of adventure from the start. You need to complete various tasks that allow you to gain gold and points necessary to complete the game. You can buy, stuff, trade it, repair it to your heart’s content. The game is full of monsters you need to defeat using various weapons, potions, and magic. The ones who play it need to rely on their decision-making, be good at hand to eye coordination, and flexible enough to adapt to all situations that might come your way. Most players who manage to complete this game exit the experience of playing it wiser.

4. Sim City

Source: APKPure.com

We’re not going to lie; this game looks naive and straightforward, and we played it back in the day. Today, when we reflect on it, it wasn’t direct nor innocent, but rather challenging. Your job is to build a city, with the sole task of urban planning resting on your shoulders. Players who partake in this game are in charge of building residential blocks, industrial zones, transportation stations, and maintaining public services. It helps players develop the senses of resource using and decision-making.


Source: Red Bull

This is a soccer simulation millions of players play every day. It is present in all parts of the world, and we can hardly say that there’s a person who didn’t try this game out. People enjoy it as they get the sense of playing soccer for real. It is done to perfection, so all players look and behave like themselves. This gives a fantastic experience to those who play, making them parts of their brain that work with imagination shines brighter. The gameplay is super responsive making one on one battles more demanding and challenging.

6. Minecraft

Source: Polygon

Minecraft took the world by storm, and it’s not turning back. The games are popular among the younger population who enjoy this open-world sandbox game, representing trees, rock, water, and everything else in the shape of blocks. Players can have all sorts of activities while playing, including building, fighting, and exploration. The goal is never clear, and there can be one, or you can lack any, but the three modes are ever-present: survival, adventure, and creative.

Children from all over the world are being educated on the subjects of language, city planning, and science across the globe. Many kids are excited when playing this game, as they should be due to the fact it benefits them greatly. Back in the day, kids preferred playing with Lego. Today they’re more into Minecraft, which is great as it turns out the two have many similarities.


As you can see, there are a dozen games that are good for our brains. People all over the world play them, and it benefits them in a significant way. How the times had changed from the old ones when it was believed that games would make us stupid. Now that you know better, visit Insider Games and see which game could occupy your brain.

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