5 Fun Things to Do on a Night Out in Tel Aviv

Israelis often joke that they “work in Half, pray in Jerusalem, and have fun in Tel Aviv.” The opposition between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem cannot be greater! Jerusalem is a city of believers, while Tel Aviv is from a different reality. They say it is a city that never sleeps and they call it the Miami of the Middle East because it is equally crazy and liberal.

A leisurely modern city in a country of precious history, it has been a favorite destination for fans of cultural heritage, long beaches, interesting tastes, and exciting nightlife for years. If it seems like it takes you at least a week to experience all the charms of Tel Aviv you are right, but we discover how even a day in the city of freedom can be fantastic

Perfectly located on the Mediterranean coast, this Middle Eastern urban place has quickly become a new favorite international city. The brilliant fashion scene, incredibly relaxed atmosphere, a large selection of top restaurants and nightlife that matches that of Manhattan, makes Tel Aviv a city you would return to. The word relaxation is its synonym and represents an irresistible combination of luxury and grunge. It is not considered a classically beautiful city, but what it lacks in aesthetics is upgraded by the hedonistic energy that each of its streets carries.

When night falls over the city, life is just beginning and it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is. One of the factors that will make this city so popular and what has brought more tourists is the nightlife. Spectacular clubs, restaurants, bars that close when the last guest leaves the place, no matter what time it is, really offer top entertainment.

1. Rothschild Boulevard

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One of the most beautiful boulevards in Tel Aviv is the Rothschild Boulevard, which has a very nice wide pedestrian path in the middle. There are small cafes where you can drink good coffee or take a break for lunch. At night, there are a lot of young people who enjoy walking and sightseeing. The only drawback on this boulevard, but also in other places where there are a lot of trees, are bats. When night falls, they fly very low and in large numbers.

The population is always in the mood for questions, a story, and good coffee, so don’t be surprised if you are invited for a drink as soon as you introduce yourself. Agree or not, they will surely direct you to Sheinkin Street, a street that for many Israelis is a symbol of Tel Aviv as a whole. Many have called it the street of old boutiques, cafes, and the most interesting people, and if you want to feel their energy up close, take a walk through the Carmel market, where you will taste the sweetest oranges.

2. Unbridled fun with a partner

Source: Haaretz

And Israel has its famous sex club. The Dungeon Club in Tel Aviv was founded 20 years ago and is known around the world. Absolutely everyone can enter it – people of different generations, genders, and sexual orientations. However, there is one strict rule, and that is that a man can enter a club room called a ‘maze’ only if he has a partner with him. Those who travel alone should not be sad that they will miss the opportunity to visit these secret chambers because they do not have to, thanks to That maze is actually a sex room. Only couples can enter this room. They have two options inside – they can have sex in front of everyone who entered the room at that moment or joins a couple or a few people who have group sex. There are two bars in the club, a dance floor, cages, and sometimes performances are organized on the stage to ignite the imagination. The performers are mostly muscular and tanned as if they have just left the set of the ‘Game of Thrones’ series. Like many sex clubs, this one has a dress code – everything that is a fetish, sadomasochistic and black, but that can change if it’s a themed party.

3. Dead Sea

Source: A Little Adrift

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the planet. It is a large salt lake overlooking the Jordan. Due to its healing properties, the Dead Sea is natural wellness, and it is attractive as a destination for health tourism, and numerous hotels with healing mud treatments and a relaxed atmosphere have sprung up next to it. It cannot sink in the Dead Sea, due to its high salinity.

4. More than hedonism

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You probably don’t expect to be able to try some of the most delicious international specialties on the streets of Tel Aviv, but in some of the charming restaurants, you will try incredibly fresh pieces of sushi, falafel, and even the best Italian dishes. For gourmet tourists, this city is a hedonistic fairy tale, and for many locals, this gourmet is an important religious thing. That is why you will often come across restaurants that offer kosher food, which means that the rules of religion are followed, but for many, the reality is not like that. Basically, they say that meat and milk should not be mixed, but if you try any street specialty, you will be convinced that the reality is not quite like that. From there, no one has returned in the same confection number, so you should relax and enjoy the pure flavors and incompatible combinations that will make you crazy for another bite. And the locals say that the taste is even sweeter if you pour it with a glass of good homemade wine. Oh yes! Not French, Italian, or California vineyards, but real local homemade red wine or dessert with pepper aroma.

5. Satchmo

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Florentine is a suburb known for two bars, one of which is Satchmo. This bar is very famous in Israeli nightlife culture because of its large drink menu. They serve about 70 different kinds of whiskey at very affordable prices. Although not modernly equipped, it is a great place to visit. They are also recognizable for their delicious food and friendly staff.

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