How to Properly Store Cannabis and Increase Its Shelf-Life? – 2024 Guide

Many people buy cannabis to get relief from various problems. It is consumed in a small quantity, but many individuals stock them. The seller of the ingredient also stores medical marijuana in massive quantities to sell them to various consumers.

There is a common query that strikes everyone’s mind. How to store cannabis properly and boosts its shelf life? Read more if you want to buy cannabis products of high-quality and stock them later. In many countries, you cannot purchase in large quantities.

If you have some marijuana and you need to store it for later use, know various tactics to do it. The crucial thing is that the quality should remain the same. Whenever you consume it, cannabis should have the same effects as when you buy it.

Is There Any Expiry Date of Cannabis?

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There is no date of expiration of cannabis if you keep it in good condition. It is easy to store it that lasts for a long time. If you are storing it in the dried form, it can last for around six months to one year.

You have to follow some ideal conditions to keep the ingredient in the perfect condition. If you use it after its shelf life, then the THC level will go down, and hence, the quality will deteriorate.

Consider Factors to Boost the Shelf Life of Cannabis

1. Temperature

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The ideal temperature to store the marijuana is neither too cold nor too hot. It is quite crucial to keep it between 0oC to 20oC. If you increase the temperature, the ingredient will turn into mold. The process of decarboxylation will start, and hence, the THC levels will turn into CBN.

The quality will ruin, and you cannot consume it later. It is an appropriate temperature, in which you can keep it for a long time. Any temperature fluctuation can damage the cannabis.

2. Light

The biggest enemy of marijuana is light. If it comes in contact with Ultraviolet rays, then it can damage the product severely. You have to keep the cannabis in the dark.

It can be a dark-colored glass container. The UV rays must not pass to it. If you want to protect the ingredient from intense damage, make sure you stay away from light and store it in a dark place.

3. Humidity

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If you live in a humid environment, then it is challenging to maintain its quality. Due to high humidity, there are chances of developing mold on the cannabis. It can decline the shelf life of the ingredient. If you keep it in a high humidity place, you will notice a change in the flavor and odor of the marijuana.

But if you keep it low humidity place, then the leaves will get dried and will break. The THC potency will lose with time. It is quite crucial to maintain the humidity levels because they should lie between 55 to 62%. The marijuana should sweat, but the leaves do not fall apart. If you are placing the cannabis in sealed containers, then also you cannot prevent the humidity.

4. Air

You have to cut the contact of oxygen with the cannabis leaves. If you keep it in oxygen for a long time, then it will get damaged quickly. It is crucial to prevent oxidation if you want to boost the shelf life.

Store it in air-tight sealed containers to avoid any contact with air. It is vital to maintain the quality, but if you follow some tricks to achieve your goals. You can seal the dried leaves in vacuum sealing by removing the air from the package by vacuum suction.

5. Right Materials

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If you are thinking about storing the cannabis in any container, you cannot keep it in any metal or material. It can react to it in the presence of oxygen, and hence, it affects the quality. Every person has different needs with marijuana, and they can store it in various containers like:

  • Glass: It is a non-biodegradable and sturdy material in which you can store cannabis. Now, you might be wondering that the glass is transparent and the light can pass through it. You can also buy dark-colored glasses to avoid any contact with light. Different types of glasses are available in the market to keep food safe. You must purchase these ones, in which there is no penetration of light and heat.
  • Violet Glass: It is another glass form available in violet color. It helps in avoiding the penetration of UV and infrared lights. The violet color keeps the ingredients cool and prevents light. You have to keep the container carefully to prevent any damage to the marijuana.
  • Stainless Steel: If you are considering the stainless-steel containers with plastic lids, then you are making the right choice. The plastic lead seals the container perfectly and hence, prevent penetration of air, light, and moisture. It is an excellent choice for storing marijuana.
  • Plastic: Cannabis is acidic, and plastics can be sticky to store it. But you can prefer using high-quality and odorless bags for storage. It is an inexpensive choice that helps in protecting the leaves from moisture.
  • Gas-flushed Packaging: If you want to store the cannabis for a long time, you can prefer the Mylar sealed gas-flushed packaging. There is no risk of burning Nitrogen like Oxygen. There is no risk of discoloration, awful odor, mold, etc.

The Bottom Line

It is crucial to store the left-over cannabis for later use. You should store it carefully because it can damage if you keep it in the presence of air, moisture, light, or high temperature. You can boost its shelf life by following the mentioned guidelines.

One must know how cannabis reacts to different conditions. It is an expensive ingredient, and you cannot afford to buy it repeatedly. Instead, you can preserve it and use it later. Many sellers do the same thing because they can sell in small quantities at a time.

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