3 Ways to Know if Your College Essay is Too Short

Learning to write proper essays at college can help you to get better grades. However, a lot of students are having issues with this task. Therefore, you should learn more about the proper form and techniques that can help you to write high-quality content. On the other hand, there is always a solution to hire professional assistance, but you should be aware that learning to write essays can help you in your further career. Besides the quality and the ability to focus on the subject of an essay, it is also very important to pay attention to the word limit.  If you want to learn more about the correct number of paragraphs and words and an average number of words, you can find more here.

Furthermore, you should first focus on the subject and then on the words. It is essential to analyze the topic and write the paper from your aspect. Also, the text must be original which means that you should never copy content from other projects. On the other side, a proper form and number of words can indeed affect the quality of your work, especially if you write significantly less than the word limit. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the best ways to find if your essay is too short.

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1. You Are Too Far from the Word Limit

The easiest way to find out if you need more paragraphs in your work is if you notice that you are still too far from the limit. For example, if the limit provided by the professor is 500 words, and you only have around 250, the best way is to add at least 100 more words. Even if you have excellent writing where you have managed to analyze the subject properly, the lack of words might affect its rating. Various methods can help you to improve your skills and add more words while the quality will remain on a good level. First of all, pay attention to the form, especially in parts like the introduction and conclusion because they are easiest for expanding.


2. Lack of Details

Another factor is not related only to the word count. The main function of the essay is to analyze some topic and provide your opinion about it. Lack of details can also indicate that you haven’t prepared properly. We are aware that some topics can be complicated, but that is the main reason to focus on these essays since they could help you to pass the final grade by analyzing more about that subject. Creating short and clear statements can be effective, but in most cases, you will need more details written in good style. That will help you to improve both the quality of your work and the number of words.


3. What if There is No Word Limit?

This might sound tricky, but writing this type of essay is the same as one with a determined number of words. You should never focus only on word count. Instead of that, focus on the quality and style. Therefore, the word count won’t matter so much when you learn how to write the text in proper form by using separate charts, paragraphs, and more. The most common format is related to the font, double spaces, additional information, and the main topic. You should use the size 12, add your information, citations, and sources you were using. Moreover, you will have to divide the paragraphs to make it easier for a reader to stay concentrated while reading. You should have separate parts for the introduction, the main part related to the topic, and the conclusion.

The lack of word limit can represent an issue, especially for some more complicated subjects where the professor maybe expects several pages. However, even if you are not sure about that, you should always pay attention to your work first. Depending on the subject, you can determine the size of the project. For example, if the topic is something general about the subject, you will have enough resources to write several papers. Moreover, you can compare it with your previous assignments where you had a limited word count. In most cases, a paper with around 500 words is the best option.

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How to Expand an Essay and What to Avoid?

If you are having issues with the length of your work, some techniques could help you to expand it while keeping the proper form and quality. First of all, you will need to analyze each paragraph and see if there is room for another sentence. However, you should never write additional words only to add more words. Moreover, you can always add few lines related to your view about the topic, or more samples that you found while searching the resources. On the other side, avoid repeating the same lines, adding too many prepositions, and other content that can be easily noticed as a way to simply expand the work, as stated by

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The best way to avoid mistakes is to prepare yourself on time and start writing the work at least several days before the deadline. That can be especially important if you are not so familiar with the main topic. There is always a solution to hire an expert, but it is essential to learn about the subject since avoiding it might affect your final grades. Therefore, you should practice and read examples of other people to determine the right style and structure of a high-quality essay. When you learn more about these factors, the word count won’t be so important anymore.

Considering that the average size of an essay on colleges is around 500 words, you should always focus on making clear statements where you can explain more about your view on the following topic. For example, you can use 300 words for that part, 100 words for the introduction, and another 100 for the conclusion part. In most cases, the professor won’t consider it as an issue if you are 100 or fewer words away from the limit.

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