Impartial Pros & Cons of Rectangular Vs. Round Dining Tables

When choosing a dining table, you should rely not only on your budget but also on the functionality of this piece of furniture. In this article, we will analyze the objective reasons why you might prefer a rectangular table, a round one or maybe consider another shape.

When choosing a dining table, most people realize very well what size and color they want. The former depends on how large their family is and how many guests they normally invite. The latter should be compatible with the overall palette of the room. But customers are usually not sure about the shape of this piece of furniture. What if a rectangular table looks too conservative? What if a round one will look out of place in their dining room? In this article, we will try to analyze the impartial pros and cons of both shapes so that you could make a reasonable choice.

Rectangular Tables

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Such tables seem more conventional than their round counterparts. They are ideal for rectangular rooms.

From the psychological viewpoint, this shape looks very reassuring and creates the sensation of comfort. The optimal width for such a table is between 36 and 42 inches. The more elongated the room, the narrow this piece of furniture should be.

A rectangular table is always larger than a round one. You can put more things on it and accommodate more people. They will not be pushing each other with their legs and elbows. Many items feature an extra leaf for extending the length — you can use it when arranging social gatherings.

Such a table is very diverse in its placement. In a compact room, you can put it close to the wall or push it in the corner. To enjoy the natural light, you can place it next to the window. And of course, you can position it right in the middle of the room.

Some people might think that rectangular tables look too boring. It is true only for those items whose manufacturers deliberately want to be conservative. If you are into creative shapes and materials, you should look for this piece of furniture in a shop that sells designer items — such as Room Service 360.


While a rectangular tables provides you with a lot of space, it might also take too much space. Such a piece of furniture would hardly fit in a small or square room.

Think twice about the corners. If there are toddlers in your family, they might hurt themselves. The same can happen if grown-ups will be walking a lot around the table.

When you invite guests, the rectangular shape will inevitably split them into several groups. It will be impossible to maintain a common conversation and create a sense of intimacy.

Round Tables

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Round tables are spot-on for social gatherings. No matter where you sit, you can be sure that other people will hear you very well. Once you put a dish in the center, each guest can reach it effortlessly.

Quite often, such pieces of furniture have only one leg. Everyone sitting around them will have enough leg space.

The round shape is safer than the rectangular. You can conveniently move the chairs around it.

Designers often prove to be very creative when working on round tables. They experiment with materials, texture and decorative details. They make state-of-the-art legs, without sacrificing the comfort and functionality of the object. This piece of furniture will look almost just as stunning as a statue or installation.


Round tables are not suitable for large families or people who like to invite many guests. They might feel a bit claustrophobic and there will be nowhere to place the dishes. To solve this problem, you might want to buy side tables or buffet tables. You can keep them outside the dining room and bring them in only when guests come to see you.

It might be tricky to find a good place for a round table in the room. You cannot just put it in the corner or close to the wall. People should be able to approach it from any side, so it would be logical to position this piece of furniture in the center of the room. But what if you lack such an opportunity? Then, the round table might ruin the symmetry of the premise.

Oval Table

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At first glance, it might seem the oval shape is an ideal compromise between the round and the rectangular one. Yet it has five significant drawbacks:

  • It is tricky to find a tablecloth for it.
  • It fits well into elongated rooms but not in square ones or the ones whose shape is rectangular that is close to a square.
  • If the table is large enough, it will have several legs. Leg space will be limited for some guests.
  • Those people who will be sitting at the “corners” will have less space for their dishes.
  • The oval shape might create a melancholic feeling.

This is why the selection of oval tables in shops is normally small. It makes sense to purchase one only if this shape fits your room better than any other.

Square Table

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It is much more comfortable than the oval. Buy it, if there are 4 people in your house. If there are more, you can either group two similar tables together or expand the one you have with two extra leaves — in this case, you will get the rectangular shape. And when you dine alone or with your better half, you will feel cozier at a compact table without excessive empty surface. However, you will need to think of what to do with the second square table while you are not using it.


When selecting a dining table, you should not pay too much attention to trends. Today, it is hard to imagine such a situation when a round table would be “in vogue” and a rectangular would seem “outdated” or vice versa. All shapes have a right to exist if you fit them nicely into your interior. You should rely on your aesthetic taste, comfort and dining habits. This piece of furniture will probably become the focal point of your living room, so make sure to purchase the one that you genuinely like.

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