What Is Caffeine Shampoo and How Does It Work?

Your routine of every morning Starbucks in-take must have made you happy since realizing the benefit of caffeine for the hair.

Male or female, receding hairline, hair thinning, tractional alopecia, and hair loss are common hair problems. And it’s natural to be concerned; men do not want to go bald, and women love having full, shining, and long strands.

The makeup of hair is different for each individual, which sometimes dictates the type of hair product to use. Regardless, there are products designed to suit all types of hair. Caffeine is generally suitable for all types of hairs, and as such, some caffeine shampoos are equally useful for all hair categories.

Before examining these caffeine-spiked shampoos, a brief overview of caffeine benefits for hair will make essential.

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Caffeine and Your Hair

The purported benefits of caffeine for the hair are long, signifying how effective it is and why many make it part of the routine hair care routine.

  • Inhibiting hair loss is one of caffeine’s benefits; as humans age, baldness, and hair loss sets in. For most males, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) affects the hair follicles, causing hair loss. This condition is not limited to men; some women face this problem.
  • The application of caffeine products topically on the scalp helps to battle the effect of DHT. According to a study, caffeine blocks the effect of DHT and improves the hair roots, making them wider and producing thicker strands.

Smart Tip: Keep in mind that regardless of how beneficial caffeine is to the hair, it doesn’t work like magic. Consistent effort is required alongside patience for many weeks before the effect starts to become evident.

Caffeine Shampoo Benefits

  • Since the potency of caffeine is established, there is no doubt caffeine shampoos are equally effective. Unlike conventional shampoos, caffeine-based shampoos are designed to keep the hair free of bacteria and make it healthy.
  • One of the common recommendations from trichologists to apply caffeine directly to the scalp; the hair’s very root. So, while you may enjoy regular cups of cappuccino, the need to topically apply caffeine-based hair products is equally important.

As much as the benefits of caffeine can be summed up as ” beneficial,” you’d agree that being specific is better. Below are some hair problems and how caffeine alleviates them.

Source: DS Laboratories

Soft and Shiny Hair

  • When the hair looks dry, brittle, and the scalp scaly, using moisturizer helps restore its appearance. Good enough, caffeine contains flavonoids, which improves the dryness and dullness of hair. The antioxidants(flavonoids) helps to regenerate the hair and also reduce frizziness. As opposed to some opinion that caffeine can cause dryness, it keeps moisture locked into the hair strands right from the root to every strand.

Fuller Hair

  • Thinning affects the appearance of the hair and, over time, results in weakness. When the hair is brushed or combed in this state, lots of strands are lost in the process.
  • The science behind fuller hair resulting from caffeine shampoo stems from the effect of Adenosine Triphosphate. This molecule is induced by caffeine. It circulates energy to help the cells produce thicker strands of hair. Also, the anagen duration is lengthened to increase the period of hair growth during each cycle.
Source: Bold Outline

Stronger Hair

  • Since the introduction of hair caffeine shampoo in the early 1900s, improved versions are common in modern times. While still serving the same purpose, they are formulated to penetrate better.  When applied to the scalp,  caffeine shampoos penetrate the scalp to nourish the hair follicles.
  • The benefit of this penetration is the increase in blood flow that helps the follicles to produce strong and thicker hair from the root.

The 3 Best Caffeine Shampoos 

1. TruePure Caffeine Shampoo

Source: Walmart

TruePure caffeine shampoo shares several similarities with several natural shampoo for hair loss. Its edge, however, is the inclusion of caffeine as the principal ingredient. TruePure contains no toxic chemicals, either in the form of preservatives or fragrances. This is in a bid to ensure the scalp absorbs safe and natural nutrients.

This unisex DHT blocking caffeine formula also contains potent natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Red Cloves, Jojoba oil, and Saw Palmetto. The combined effect of these natural ingredients and caffeine helps to battle hair thinning, DHT, and inflammation.

2. Sebamed Anti Hair Loss Scalp Activating Shampoo

Source: Sebamed Pakistan

Nothing is more calming than knowing a shampoo is natural, suitable for all hair types, and formulated with a non-toxic ingredient. Sebamed is a scalp-activation caffeine-based shampoo that stimulates proper circulation of oxygen such that blood flows well to the hair follicle and supply adequate nutrients in the process. The process aids hair growth in terms of thickness and increased strands resulting in activation of defective follicles.

Extracts from the Gingko tree blended with caffeine and Vitamin B3 are part of this shampoo, a PH level suitable for hair.  It does not cause dryness and also free of paraben or animal.

3. Plantur 39 Phyto Caffeine Shampoo

Source: Apoteka Julija Nova

Plantur 39 is a unisex hair growth shampoo. Despite being unisex, its formula is specifically designed for women who suffer from hair thinning due to menopause. When used together with its conditioner regularly, the hair is strengthened and becomes voluminous.

Contained in this caffeine shampoo are extracts from white tea, wheat protein, and the highly revered castor oil.

How to Use Caffeine Shampoo

Shampoo caffeine usage requires paying attention to details. As discussed at the onset, drinking caffeine regularly may not have the same effect as applying it directly to the scalp. However, as you decide on the type of caffeine shampoo to use, do well to ascertain it doesn’t contain toxic ingredients or preservatives. It’s best to go for the types with no artificial fragrance or preservatives to ensure only natural ingredients go directly into the scalp.

Final Remarks

As you start the day with a hot coffee cup, include caffeine shampoo into your hair routine to battle genetically and environmentally induced hair problems.

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