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How to Use the Best Beard Growth Products to Grow a Better Beard?

While some men are blessed hereditary to grow a well-nourished full natural beard without any effort, some men only can wish that they could have such a beard. For every person it is a different story! However, it doesn’t mean that you should go for a transplant; instead you should first try the best beard growth product and see if they help you in accomplishing your desired beard condition.

It is not difficult to look out for a whole range of beard growth oils, supplements, creams and sprays which claim to offer you safe and effective help in growing your beard fuller and thicker. But most of these products are nothing more than snake growth oil products which make big claims with zero efficiency and no tangible results, other than burning a hole in your pocket. But, there are a handful of beard growth products which are somewhat effective and helpful.

They give your facial hair and follicles the boost they require which is why this guide is written to help you find the best products for your beard that actually work.

In comparison to facial hair transplants which fight hair loss and costs thousands of dollars along with painful surgery, the beard growth products only cost you a supply for a few hundred dollars without any pain or trauma.

And, that’s not all, these products are simple to use as it is all about consuming a pill or rubbing a cream or liquid on your facial hair once or twice a day. So, if you are very desperate to get your dream bard, then these products are definitely worth your try!

One thing which I would like to clarify here is that the best beard growth products aren’t just for men with patchy or thin facial hair; they are also for those who want fuller, thicker and nourished beard for themselves.

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How do beard growth supplements function?

There are several types of beard growth products available online and most of them work similar. They render almost same functionalities by offering essential nutrients to promote hair growth. Some men just need to stimulate their dormant follicles to produce new beard hairs and get rid of patchy and thin spots.

However, if they fail to fill the bald spots, they will at least make the facial hair you have become thicker and better and you never know maybe your facial hair may get fuller, covering your beard properly.  Apart from this, they are also known to give you a manicured beard style.

Different kinds of beard growth products

Beard growth supplements come in different varieties and mostly all of them are made of natural ingredients which you may often find in your normal beard shampoo and conditioner. This is because FDA has disapproved use of any synthetic product for facial hair products.

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Beard growth pills

A lot of beard growth pills have a combination of different beard growth vitamins such as Vitamin A, E, C, D and B along with minerals which stimulate healthy facial hair growth. Some of them are just like your multi-vitamin pills which enhance your overall health. One of the major ingredients in these supplements is biotin which promotes healthy and strong hair growth. Pills are very effective as they improve the thickness and fullness of your beard. They also benefit your skin, nails and hair on the head.

Beard growth creams

A lot of these products are made of more or less the same things as beard balms. They have a range of oils and natural compounds which nourish your beard hair and skin beneath. Some of the ingredients help in making your beard thicker and offers essential nutrient to stimulate hair follicle for new hair growth. They are produced with the aim to give you fuller, healthier beard.

Source: The Kingsman Beard

Beard growth oils

Just like creams and lotions, beard growth oils are crafted to rub on your facial hair to promote healthy, nourished beard growth. A lot of them offer additional benefits to your skin. Some of the beard growth oil has argon or castor as the major ingredient while others have a blend of several oils and ingredients like aloe. Beard growth oils work as an efficient moisturizer and a first remedy for the sideburns occurring from shaving.

Beard growth balms, liquids and sprays

The most amazing advantage of beard growth sprays is that they are simple to apply and less messy than creams. The easily get absorbed in the skin in just a few seconds. They are different balms and sprays available in the market with their own set of ingredients. While they all claim to boost facial hair growth, it is a mix of the best ingredients which determines whether they will live up to their claims or not. However, you do have products which stimulate dormant follicles to fill the patchy spots.

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Select the best beard growth product as per your needs

As you may have known by now there are just a few products available that can help you transform your thin beard to a fuller manly beard. However, with so many options around, how do you make your final decision about which one should you buy?

At the end of the day, we would like to recommend that the products listed on Beard Farmer are the best beard growth products and will definitely give your beard a boost. Click here to know more about them.

The company uses all natural ingredients to promote beard growth. There are several combinations used to help you get the perfect looking beard. So, be it their growther beard oil or growther beard vitamins, they have a decent chance to provide the full effect that you have been wanting for long.

If you really want to make your brand stand out, then invest in these high quality beard growth pills and oil to get the best look. They have a higher chance of success and improve your overall health and look of your facial hair and skin.

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