Unique Ways To Decorate Cast Stone Fountains

Nobody can say for sure where the concept of fountains originated. Some historians say that the ancient Greeks pushed the birth of fountains when they thought of creating water systems to supply water for their agriculture, clean water for drinking, and other daily needs. As arts evolved, people started applying shapes and figures that resemble life, like plants, animals, and people, to their water supply systems. That’s when the idea of fountains was born, which eventually paved the way to cast stone fountains.

Today, together with arts and technology, we now have endless ideas of unique ways to decorate cast stone fountains, thanks to Outdoor Art Pros industry expertise. They continuously work on their vast array of fountain designs, decorations, and concepts. So, no matter what idea or design you have in mind, you’ll find one, or maybe more, that will fit what you’re looking for on their website.

What are cast stone fountains? These fountains are specially crafted to make it look like they’re aged by weather and time, but they’re technologically made durable. Some are made from limestones, but some from equally tough concrete materials.

Here are some unique ways to decorate cast stone fountains from the different parts of the globe:

The Blue Sea and the Mountain of White Houses of the Mediterranean

Source: Architectural Digest

The Mediterranean is all about the colors of the sky and the sea. The perfect example is the colors of Santorini and the rest of the Cycladic islands, where you can see the white walls of the houses, with details of pastels like orange and yellow, brick, or bright red, and most especially the shade of turquoise or royal blue. These colors come to life when the sunlight bounces on them, making the scene look like a painting that comes out to life.

Limestone is ideal for this concept; the whiter the cast stone fountain is, the better. Choose a spot where there’s a wall that you can use as your background, and you must use matte white paint to use on the wall. The fountain basin may be connected against the wall, or it can be a stand-alone, too.

To bring the sea vibes to your outdoor fountain area, you can use turquoise or royal blue to paint the fountain basin’s base and use the pastel Santorini colors on the edges of the white backdrop and the fountain seat. This unique way to design cast stone fountains will work well at night, even with a little spotlight, and it works best on bright sunny days.

The Festive Colors of Latin America

Source: Pinterest

Briefly explained, the festivals act like neutralizers of all the stress that we get from our busy daily lives, and they bring you back to yourself, to everyone, or to anything that matters to you dearly. Festivals are good reminders of heritage and culture and help you stay grounded in all that happened in the past.

Latin America holds a long list of festivals every year, and when thinking about festivities, you can’t help but see exploding colors and lively music.

If you haven’t been to the Central and South American regions, you may have seen some of their architectural designs and how they use colors. You will notice that they play a lot in combining the lively colors with the dark ones, and this is the signature design of the region.

This is a more liberal idea in decorating cast stone fountains for indoors and outdoor areas. With the help of lively primary colors such as red, blue, and green, you can use these colors on the exterior of the fountain basin and add a wide array of colored tiles surrounding the fountain. Keep the fountain simple by going for the natural limestone color or just the concrete finish because the colors around the fountain will be the ones to do the trick.

The Yin and Yang of the Orient

Source: YouTube

Now going to the oriental side of the globe, you will meet the yin and yang. According to historians, this philosophy started approximately in the 3rd century or perhaps earlier than that. Yin and yang say that all opposites are designed for existing in harmony.

In the world of modern architecture, the yin and yang represent symmetry, simplicity, and order. These unique ways to decorate cast stone fountains will need you to go for modern cast stone fountain designs; the simpler, the better, such as concrete finish with geometrical fountain shapes and base.

Oriental designs always include nature in them, so don’t forget to embellish the base surroundings of your fountains with white or bleached sand neatly place dark-colored pebbles on the sand. You should only choose the small or short plants with bright green leaves or go with some Chinese and Japanese bamboo in some corners to imitate a bamboo forest look.

The Roman and Byzantine Influence

Source: Haddonstone

You must have read the history books, and you must have seen the Roman and Byzantine designs – They primarily work with colorful stained tiles or glass. Think about mosaics!

This idea in decorating cast stone fountains is a little bit complicated and tedious because it will require a lot of planning and careful work, especially when creating an image or figures out of colored tiles or stones. This design will require the traditional finish that has round edges, a circular smooth fountain base, in a relatively bigger diameter for the fountains.

The Life in the Renaissance

Source: GardensOnline

Renaissance is all about the classic and elegant look. Have you seen those fountains in Venice? How about the carefully handcrafted fountains of Rome and the perfectly fashioned ones in Milan? They describe everything about the Renaissance-inspired cast stone fountains!

Going for this look will need clear and bigger space because these fountains need to be grand in their very essence. The fountain must hold shapes and designs that resemble life, like human and animal statue fountains, the Roman gods and goddesses, plants, and other religious figures. Unlike the imperial designs, the Renaissance will need to go as white as possible, which means that you’re most likely to shop for limestone fountains to complement the Renaissance design.

Now, remember that these are just a few of the many unique ways to decorate cast stone fountains. The choice is yours! You may have been inspired by your friend’s or neighbors’ fountain designs and ideas; then you can simply come up with your own designs or, better yet, call the stone cast fountain experts and let them do all the work for you.

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