What is the Best Way to Learn About HCF and LCM?

Right from the start of the age we all humans are in the process of learning. The traditional education curriculum used to focus more on the grades of the student rather than focus on the knowledge that he has obtained about the subject. This will help the student to a robust mathematical foundation in any of the topics. While learning different concepts of mathematics, there might be doubts that can arise in the mind of the student. The certified tutors give a clue to the students rather than giving the whole answer. This will help the student to learn in a better way which he will never forget. This way of learning will develop logical and reasoning skills in the student that might be very helpful for the student in the future.

The very common and interesting topic taught to students at a very early stage of studying is HFC and LCM. Companies such as Cuemath provides knowledge about the various ways to get understand the concept of LCM and HCF. Both the concepts are stated as below:

  • LCM stands for Lowest Common Multiple. Take an example there is two number a and b, so their LCM will be the smallest positive integer that is divisible by both the numbers i.e. a and b. The LCM of 4 and 12 will be 12.
  • HCF stands for the Highest Common Factor in simple words it is the greatest common divisor of two or positive numbers that leaves no remainder at the end. Take an example that there are two numbers 8 and 12 their HCF will be 4 as when these two numbers are divided by 4 will leave no remainder behind.

Both LCM and HFC can be calculated through various means one is the method of Prime factorization and another one is the Division method. The students are thoroughly taught about both the methods in the Cuemath class. The application of the methods will vary according to the concept but the results provided by it will remain the same.

The following are the ways or tips or guidelines that you can follow to become fluent in finding LCM and HCF.

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Solve Practice Problems

Concepts such as and Least Common Multiple can be very complicated as they make use of multiples, factor, and prime numbers. The questions are not only limited to simple sums on finding the LCM and HCF of numbers but can also extend to confusing word problems. Topics such as algebra also make use of these concepts. The only way to master any topic is by solving numerous practice problems on the same. You need to get well-curated worksheets that provide a wide variety of questions based on LCM and HCF. The sums should be arranged in a gradually increasing level of difficulty. This helps students to apply the concept to simpler problems and understand the intricacies associated with it before moving on to solving more complicated questions. Another benefit of solving worksheets is that they expose kids to different types of problems. Thus, when a child is attempting an examination, he will know the kind of questions that can be framed on that topic. He will not get flustered or nervous during the test and can solve his paper calmly.

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Play Math Games

Another effective way to study HCF and LCM is by playing math games. Kids of all ages love playing games, and if education can be integrated, they tend to assimilate the topic efficiently. Kids can get together with their friends and can devise innovative games that include problems on the properties of LCM and HCF, finding the LCM and HCF of numbers, and so on. They can conduct these games in teams. By engaging in such activities, kids not only learn about the concepts but can also improve other auxiliary skills such as communication, interpersonal and analytical skills. In addition to this, by playing timed games, children can increase their speed and accuracy that can help them greatly during school and competitive examinations.

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Use daily-life examples

If you incorporate daily life examples in your learning process, it can make the topic more relatable. Thus, you can associate it with a familiar environment. You can use HCF to divide things into smaller sections, distribute things into two or more sets of items, and so on. It also increases a child’s motivation and concentration levels.

However, when solving problems of HCF and LCM, you also need to ensure that you have found the correct common factors. But now the problem is, how will you ensure the same? You must be thinking about getting your answers checked by your teacher but what if the teacher is not available at that time. You can check your answer by following the properties of HCF and LCM.

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Product of HCF and LCM

It is the most commonly used property to cross-check your answer. If will multiply the answers of HCF and LCM of the same numbers that product shall be equal to the product of all given numbers whose LCM and HCF you have found.

  • When you find the HCF of numbers whether two or more than two that shall not be greater than the given numbers. For example, HCF of 4 and 8 shall be 8, it cannot be greater than 8 in any way.

Just like these two, there are more properties that you can follow to ensure the accuracy of your answers.


You can use the methods listed above to study LCM and HCF. However, you can also use these points as guidelines and come up with your innovative study methods. The goal is to develop a deep understanding of the concepts while having fun.

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