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Most Common Sex Myths Demystified – Know the Truth

We understand that you have abundant sources to consume information, and when it comes to sex, you get uncountable pieces of misleading information from movies, social media platforms, and possibly your friends as well. You may probably not be able to recognize it, but many of the misconceptions or myths related to sex may have an adverse impact your life, leading to some intimacy problems as well.

Luckily, there are other reliable plentiful resources as well for the people like you who want to know the truth. To take out the fact from fictions, Oklute throws light on some common sex myths you have possibly believed. You should stop believing on the following myths if you really look forward to keep enjoying your sex life for years to come.


Myth: Sex Helps You Burn Major Calories


Experts say that you can burn 90 to 150 calories if you have sex for 30 minutes, and you need to engage with your partner sexually for at least 35 times if you want to lose a pound of your weight.

The reality is that most people hardly encounter with their partner for 30 minutes—the average period of sex ranges between 3-7 minutes. Instead of burning your calories, you should focus on increasing your pleasure. Let your treadmill and gym help you lose your body weight.

Myth: Masturbation Affects Your Orgasms


Masturbation doesn’t affect your orgasms. In fact, it helps you explore some stimulating ways to identify some specific sorts of stimulation. And when you use your self-knowledge and experiences during the penetration, you will get even better experiences.

If you regularly masturbate using the same sex toy in the same way, you would better switch your techniques as well. Try out your fingers as well to get diversified experiences.

Source: Council for Relationships

Myth: Good Erotic Encounter Always Means an Orgasm


It is one of the most common sex myths—a woman generally happens to believe that reaching orgasm is always a result of good sex. But the reality is just opposite to this misleading idea. There are many things that add to your pleasure. Your sexual-esteem and self-confidence are two key factors that have a lot to do with your pleasure. On the other side, communication between you and your partner is also an important factor for your sensual satisfaction.

Myth: Aphrodisiac Diet Helps in Improving Sexual Stamina


As mentioned in the first paragraph, you might have abundant pieces of misleading information related to your sexual life– an Aphrodisiac diet is one of them. The internet is flooded with articles on how some specific foods can boost your stamina. It seems that aphrodisiac foods produce an alternation in the hormones that lead to instant desire for intercourse.

But the truth is that no scientific study points to any such claims. It can never be claimed that some certain foods can stimulate you sexually. It is a fact that if your body lacks some key substances like adrenaline may impact your sexual pleasure. But you cannot address it through some aphrodisiac foods. Instead, you should get rid of your stress and anxiety.


Myth: Only Men Do Masturbation


Contrary to what people think about masturbation, it is a healthy practice. It can be practiced to keep stimulating your genital. Many couples love masturbating to make their encounter even more impactful.

Men feel proud in confessing that they masturbate. But it doesn’t never mean that a girl who confesses the same thing should be considered escorts or a call girl. The reality is that women have so many things like sex toys to masturbate in a better way that men. It’s a good sexual practice that may enhance your pleasure if you do it passionately.

Myth: Sex Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Athletic Performances


This is a much-debated concept that men’s athletic performances are influenced due to regular sex. You might have seen many coaches instructing the players to stay away from sex until the game is on. This idea is perhaps derived from Ancient Greece and traditional Chinese medicine, which believes that not engaging with partner, can add to your aggression and boost your energy.

However, several research studies suggest that having sex has a negligible impact on your performances. Instead, it can enhance your mood and renew your passion with positive effects.

You should never let your fitness goal stop you from enjoying sex as per your will. Go for it whenever you are in mood.


Myth: Regular Sex Can Lead to cardiovascular Arrest


Experts suggest that having regular sex often leads to a healthy heart. In many studies, experts have found that men who have sex twice or thrice in a week are less exposed to developing cardiovascular diseases. So, you must not refrain yourself from sex if you are worried about your heart.

Instead of looking at such misleading information, you should follow some healthy practices that promote cardiovascular health. Add some healthy foods to your daily diet and start exercising.

Myth: Women are Not As Much Interested in Sex As Men


This is another common misconception that has been regarded as truth for many years. It is not true that women are less interested in sex, on the account that they are reluctant to express their desires.

They are even more interested in enjoy the erotic encounter in different sensual manners. You will find your female partners more creative when it comes to enjoying different positions.

Although the reality is that, luckily, society is moving forward with new ideas and the dissimilarities between men and women and their erotic desires to enjoy sex are becoming gradually fine.

Source: 1ZOOM.Me

So instead of getting into misleading theories, you should explore what you love most in bed. There are endless opportunities you can explore to enjoy sex to the fullest. Keep exploring something new techniques and positions that can add to your pleasure. If you are not happy in your personal sex life, try to explore your sexual pleasure with professional escorts. It might be highly satisfying if you try out more of roleplay.

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