5 Tips to Help You Get Motivated When You Aren’t Feeling It

When we fail to be successful at something, we usually think we aren’t smart enough for that task or goal, or we lack crucial skills that can make us better at something. But, usually, it seems like we don’t trust in ourselves enough, especially when we aren’t motivated for something. Our motivation depends on a lot of factors, including what we get for the completed task, is our dedication is appreciated enough, what will the results bring to us as a benefit, and so on. And when we aren’t motivated, all those things seem like the most complicated task in the world.

That’s how you recognize you need a change. But, how to get to that? How to improve our focus and avoid procrastination?

Getting yourself motivated can at times be very challenging, especially if you have been having a bad day or even week. And with the current pandemic, all the news and story’s that keep coming up can dampen your mood. Feeling unmotivated is very common; this has happened to most of us more than twice in our lifetime, so yes, you are not alone.

Another thing many forgot to mention is that if you hate your job, there won’t be any chance to become more motivated for it. If it’s not the case, you still have hopes to improve things and be successful at what you are doing for a living, or any other field in your life.

But when your down, it doesn’t mean you stay there. These are simple ways you can motivate yourself.

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1. Try taking a break

Sometimes it is just as simple as that, take the needed break, try to relax and recover, and try again. It may be an afternoon off or just simply the whole day if you have time for that. If you have to go to the office, try and call in sick. It’s maybe not the best solution, but one day can change a lot of things, especially when you need a little time for yourself. Suppose it is a school that seems to be overwhelming take a small break. At times we need to take a step back and recharge our minds; a mental break goes a long way in motivating ourselves. So, take this mental break, so you won’t harm and damage your mental health.

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2. Get some exercise

Exercise has been found as a great tool to get you motivated. A simple walk, run, or some work out in the gym releases some feel-good hormones, the endorphins. And the good thing a good workout will not take too much of your brainpower; it will just consume your endurance. Thus, a tremendous opting if you are looking for a break from your brain-sucking tasks.

Probably you think you will only get tired, but there are many proofs that show us that in a long-term plan, regular exercising can be pretty beneficial when you have to boost your productivity, and avoid procrastination.


3. Get your surroundings organized

Sometimes a simple clean-up around the house or your office space can do a lot in bringing your mood up. Sorting things in the right location, getting rid of unwanted items has proven therapeutic for some. And once the clutter has been cleared, a nice fresh-looking space re-energizes and jump-starts your creativity juice.

In the beginning, you can start with the desk. The feeling after you organize it is completely different. Remove all those piles of paper, empty cups, a lot of pens and pencils, and clean up the working area with refreshing wet wipes. You will get an immediate boost of motivation, and complete the tasks on time.


4. Try and set some goals

At times, goals give us a sense of purpose in life and a guide to what is expected from us. But ensure that you are setting smart goals. It goes a long way in breaking down chunks of work into tiny manageable tasks, and with this, you can get it done sooner than you anticipated. So smart goals should follow this guide.

  • Specific goals help identify the actions you need to take to complete it on time.
  • Measurable goals make it easy for you to attain.
  • Achievable goals will keep you motivated to complete the task at hand.
  • Relevant goals are essential in giving us a purpose and keeping us focused on the price.
  • Time is vital to give us a clear picture of how long and when a task should be completed.

If you have a big goal to accomplish, split it into smaller ones. It’s simple like that. You can even get rewards every time you complete some task, to keep yourself motivated enough till the end.

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5. Try and fake it till you make it

Sometimes pretending that you are motivated and pumped for the task at hand could help. So for a few minutes, get up, take a shower, change into some clean, fresh clothes, and psych yourself up for the task at hand, and get started. You will be amazed how your mind can quickly shift and get you motivated for real. Or just deal with the reality that you must complete the task. Think about all the benefits you will get after that, including the payment, spare time, and of course, the experience and important lessons you’ve learned during the process.

We all have to learn how to make a difference between laziness and lack of motivation. They are completely different. Some experienced people say that there is no task so hard that you can’t complete it if you are competing for that. So, no matter your education and skills, you have to set the goals and encourage yourself to be more efficient and dedicated to the task. And once you complete it, you will even get more motivated for the next one. That’s how these things work.

So, don’t give up on your goals. Take your time and start all over it again, and you will surely not fail this time, knowing the tips we included in this article.

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