5 Apps to Help You Visualize Your Farmhouse Kitchen Plans

Many people love the farmhouse kitchen styles today and are remodeling their kitchens. If you want to know if farmhouse kitchen designs are for you, you will need a plan. It can be a bit difficult planning your farmhouse kitchen design, especially when thinking of ideas. If you had a visual image to guide you, it makes things much easier. There are many ways to design your home these days without having to consult with a professional. You can pick up ideas and put them together to bring out a perfect description of what you have imagined.

You can design a plan for farmhouse kitchens using apps. These plans help you recreate your kitchen virtually so you can have an idea of what you should do for your kitchen remodeling. Some of these applications work on your mobile phone and laptops, where you can design your farmhouse kitchen from scratch. You can fix the windows, floors, cabinets, and even appliances.

In this article, we have compiled the best applications to help you design your farmhouse kitchen. Some of these apps are free, while others may require you to pay for some of the important features they offer.

Here are the five best apps to help you with your farmhouse kitchen plan.

1. Homify

Source: Android Authority

Homify is one free app that you can use on your smartphone device to design your home. Homify has a library filled with over 1.5 million images for kitchen ideas. You can navigate the app to find the best décor or setup for your kitchen space. When you install Homify, the app allows you to save the photos you like, and you can store them in favorites to always look at them again.

You can also find professionals living around you that you can contact for assistance. One of the benefits of using Homify, apart from the fact that it is free, is it has lots of tips and tricks to help you design your kitchen. You can do a lot of things on the Homify app, and it will help you get your perfect farmhouse kitchen plan.

2. Houzz

Source: The Interiors Addict

If you are looking for an app with one of the largest collections of farmhouse kitchen ideas, you shouldn’t hesitate to install this app. Houzz has over 15 million photo ideas to help you visualize what your farmhouse kitchen should look like. You will get inspiration to design your kitchen.

In addition to this, you can also make purchases on this app. There are over nine million items for sale on this app which will be great for your home. You can also design your kitchen virtually with its My Room feature. This way, you can tell the number of appliances that can fit into your space. It is a great place to get ideas for your kitchen, and you can always save your ideas for later.

3. iCanDesign Room Planner

Source: RoomSketcher

This app is free, but you will need to pay for its premium features. It has a monthly subscription for users. The Room Planner is a great place to design your farmhouse kitchen. The app allows you to view your kitchen space in 2D or 3D. You can include furniture and other items you want in your kitchen.

It also has an IKEA catalog that allows you to recreate your farmhouse kitchen using the objects in the IKEA. Although, you need to buy these items. Another benefit of this app is its accurate measurements applicable in real life while you work in your kitchen. You can download this app on iOS, Android devices, and your PC. This app is a bit expensive but is worth every cent.

4. IKEA Place

Source: IKEA

IKEA is an exciting app for home designers. It is more of an augmented reality application, and you can use it to get a camera view of your living space. Using the app, you can place your furniture and other items in the captured space, so you get to see what it would look like when the actual furniture is placed in the room. IKEA Place is a great app that allows you to see what your farmhouse kitchen would look like with all the items you intend to buy. You can buy the objects to place in its app from the store like your kitchen appliances and other kitchen items.

5. Magicplan

Source: Gigazine

Magicplan is a 3D application that helps you design your home and also your kitchen space. You can use this app by creating virtual rooms and also filling them with virtual objects. It makes use of accurate measurements which you can apply in your kitchen after designing it. You can fit in your kitchen furniture and appliances in the spaces you create in the room. The application may be a bit complex to understand because of the angles and measurements but it is great for designing your farmhouse kitchen. You will need to pay for most of the features of this app even though it is free to install.


Whether you choose to go for the free option or paid features, you will still get a good kitchen plan from these apps. Although some of them are pretty easy to use, it may be a bit difficult to understand the more complex applications.

The fact, however, is that with these apps, you should be able to get a clear picture of what your farmhouse kitchen would look like. The visual displays are usually close to what they would be like in reality, and they would guide you on the things you can buy for your kitchen. It is also important to use designing apps to draw up your plans before executing them, so you know the items you don’t need and you avoid wasting money.

These apps allow you to place your kitchenware and even décor, so you can decide if you want them. And once you’ve got your visuals done, you can then buy your farmhouse kitchen items from reputable shops like https://www.annieandoak.com.

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