Various Forms of POS Systems 

Point of Sale has become an integral part of today’s businesses. Being at the core of the business, different forms of POS have numerous functions. For example, they can be used for inventory management, creating reports for the employees, managing customers, sales, etc.

POS can be defined as the point at which a customer decides to buy your product from a business, which prompts them to complete the purchase and acquire the products.

There are different forms of POS, each of which serves a specific purpose. Being the business owner, you need to have good POS for payments to be done effectively, primarily a high-level store marketer. It would be best if you were well equipped with the types of pos to identify your business’s best option.

The different types of pos systems include;

Desktop POS


This type of system is utilized in businesses that have open registers or counters where transactions take place. They are generally hardware and software-based, and they need reasonable access to the internet.

The particular requisite appliances required for an average POS system, such as barcode scanners, card swipes, and money drawers, are within this batch. Based on the POS being utilized, other functions can come with this particular package.

For example, fatal Pos for dining places may require entry to WIFI Table slip devices for more straightforward ordering and employ waiters and waitresses. Retail organization versions require stock tools, label printing, and e-commerce incorporation.

This type associated with Pos is most effective along with higher volume and sports activity low to moderate prices. The companies include supermarkets, salons and spas, spars, electronic stores, antique store publications, and many other people.


Source: Cake POS

The tablet works the same way as a phone, and this needs robust stock like bookkeeping, monitoring, and tracking associated with the staff.

The particular Pos software will be installed within a tablet with some other required programs plus must have included. What arrives when you compare cellular devices and pills is that cellular devices convey more area than tablets.

The particular businesses that would profit from using tablet Pos are wine clubs, coffee shops, art galleries, small theatres, etc. Small scale businesses benefit more from this method compared to large scale businesses.

Itinerant POS

Source: Discount Cash Registers

While this device is small in size, it is beneficial. It has a credit card slot and is typically packaged to make it easier to use. There are also receipt scanners and printers available. Implementing an app is completely free; all that is needed is signing up for a payment option.

This form of point-of-sale system is ideal for businesses with limited inventory and employee management, but it does necessitate a high staff mobility level.

It’s ideal for small-scale businesses like freelancers, contract employees, and market stalls.

Self-service Kiosk POS

Source: PTKSAI

This Pos system favors the customers because it allows them to make transactions with no cashier assistance. For instance, a big theatre could offer self-service for the customers to buy and schedule their tickets.

According to This type of Pos solution system saves on human resources, and it mimics the desktop Pos system in a way, and it’s more secure. Businesses that use this system include ticket sales, transportation firms, patient check-ins, and parking.

With various POS forms in the market, entrepreneurs need to choose the right one for their business. This, for one, can be attributed to the fact that the shopping journeys of customers carry from company to business and from shopper to shopper. Therefore, a business has to ensure that the form of POS they choose is suitable for the smooth running of the business.

Below are some of the top considerations you should have in mind before deciding on your business’s best POS.

  • What are the needs of your business?

Before you dive into the POS companies, you are first supposed to figure out what you are looking forward to achieving or acquiring from the POS. Come up with the things that you wish to gain and those you don’t wish to. With the clarity of your needs, it will make the search much more manageable. Your primary consideration will be whether the POS is in line with your aims and motivation to acquire it.

Source: ShawMan Software


  • What the existing shortcomings?

This primarily applies to businesses that already have a POS system that they want to replace. If that is the case, it would be best to revisit the system one more time, picking out the shortcomings and disadvantages associated with it. What new features would you like to see in the new system? What are the additional tasks that you would like the new approach to allow for? What do you consider as your plan points? Answers to search questions should be a guiding light in your quest for a solution in the market. For example, suppose the old system did not allow you to accept gift cards, and you wish to start accepting them. In that case, this characteristic should help you narrow down on your shortlist significantly, making your decision much easier.

  • Your budget

It goes without saying; you need a system that fits within your budget, not one that makes you stretch it. The cost of POS systems varies from one provider to another. The differences can be huge. Additionally, different system providers have different billing structures. For example, while some are charging a fixed amount monthly, others charge you a specific percentage of your total sales. You can even find some with both policies.

It is important to note that cheap is not always the best option. Therefore, the cost should bever be used as the general determiner when choosing a POS system. It (price) depends on different factors such as the features within the system, the number of users, the size of the catalog, the size of the database, the number of locations, and the functionality.


Final Thoughts

When you want to begin a business, it is recommended to get a sound point of sale system, and you choose this by the size of your business and its potential growth.

You have to make sure about the particular Pos software you require for efficiency.

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