Natural Scouring Powder: Detergent for Special Tasks

Maybe it sounds mysterious, but it’s one of the most multitasking detergents, which we can use in our homes! It’s time to introduce a real agent for special tasks when it comes to home cleaning – scouring powder. You probably have had a situation many times to deal with dirt that couldn’t be removed in any way. Dried grease, sediment, rust? Exactly, how to remove it? An extremely helpful product in this case is the scouring powder. We’ll show you how to use it correctly, for what types of dirt it will be useful and what it consists of. So let’s begin!

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What is scouring powder?

First of all, we should tell something about the specific properties of this product. What is scouring powder made of and what it contains? The main property of the powder is, as the name suggests, its abrasive power. They can easily remove even the hardest dirt. The most important component is therefore the abrasive, which it may be silica, pumice, kaolinite, feldspar or many others. Abrasive ingredients are up to 80% of the total cleaner, and they’re insoluble. Then we can find a soluble base (18%) which is able to break down grease by saponification. The rest are detergents (2%) which are generally surfactants. However, sometimes, especially with traditional household detergents, something is hidden between the lines.

Traditional scouring powder can also have a dry bleaching agent or perfumes on their ingredients list. Both can be responsible for allergies or a skin irritation. Additionally, harsh abrasive ingredients can scratch delicate surfaces. Therefore, it’s worth rejecting traditional cleaners in favor of those made of natural, delicate ingredients. Manufacturers are moving into ecological solutions, and it must be admitted that it’s a very important trend. Not only for the environment but also for our health. Traditional scouting powder very often contains a lot of toxic substances. It’s enough to pick up any label in hand to see a number of dangers that this product poses. What among them? Skin and eye irritation, high toxicity…

Fortunately scouring powder brands are getting more natural. Thanks to the ingredients of mineral and plant origin, they minimize the risks posed by traditional detergents. You’ll find no chemicals or toxins there, but you can still be sure of effectiveness. Natural scouring powder is very gentle for your health and the environment, but it still removes even the hardest dirt without any effort. Moreover, fragrances that can cause allergies are often replaced with essential oils, which also have bactericidal properties! It’s time to make it clear where in your home the abrasive powder can be useful.

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Versatility of natural scouring powder

As we wrote above, a cleaning powder is dedicated to extremely heavy-to-remove contaminants. What is scouring powder used for?

Let’s start with the kitchen… Few people like this moment when it’s time to clean up the dirt from the oven. Everything is sticky, and the dried grease makes us want to abandon our kitchen cleaning plans very quickly. A similar situation occurs with long-used pots. A scouring powder is an excellent solution that will help us to get rid of this type of dirt without any problems! It’s worth remembering, that the cleanliness of devices and pots that are used to prepare food is a very important issue of hygiene. We should do it, if we want to preserve the taste and smell of food, but most of all – our and our loved ones health.

Scrub also will pass the exam with all hard surfaces present in the kitchen. Thanks to it, you can easily clean not only all stainless steel devices, but also ceramic tiles and countertops! Even a neglected sink will be able to regain its former splendor. Don’t worry! You won’t scratch any of the cleaned surfaces by using natural scouring powder.

What else can cause us some problems in the housekeeping? Let’s go to the bathroom. Sediment in the bathtub? Also sinks and shower cubicles are sometimes full of soap residues, that are difficult to remove. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to get rid of them! Farther, cleaning the toilet very often involves the use of very toxic substances, that pose a real threat to our health. Replacing them with natural scouring powder will minimize all risks and allow you to enjoy a clean home!

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How to use scouring powder?

The way we decide to use a scouring powder depends on how difficult it’s to remove the dirt, that we want to get rid of. Usually it’s enough to moisten the surface, which has to be cleaned and scrub it with a wet sponge containing the product. Instead of a sponge, you can also use a damp microfiber cloth. After the surface is satisfactorily clean, rinse it with water.

Sometimes stains can be extremely resistant to our efforts. The best solution, in this case, is to make a special paste with abrasive powder. All you need to do is as follows:

  1. Take a small bowl and mix the abrasive powder with water and dishwashing liquid in it. You’ll get a special paste.
  2. Apply the mixture for about 5 minutes on the surface you want to clean.
  3. Then scrub the surface with a damp sponge.
  4. Finally, wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove any paste residue.

If you want to clean the toilet well, all you need to do is rub the powder into the interior of the toilet with the toilet brush. Simple, isn’t it? Press the flush and it’s ready!

Even the most stubborn stains won’t be able to resist this type of paste. Such products are real agents for special tasks.

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Where can I buy scouring powder?

This universal product is available in most stationary household chemicals stores, however, natural detergents are sometimes very limited in such places. Although supermarkets expand their offer, sometimes the best solution is to buy abrasive powder via websites. We can find scouring powder e.g. in the AspenClean offer.

If you can’t clean hard surfaces in your home, such as ovens, ceramic tiles, countertops, sinks and porcelain, maybe it’s worth to give a chance to a scouring powder? Thanks to it, you will be able to forget about stubborn dirt for a long time!

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