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4 Surprising Ways You Can Unlock Your Libido

With the measures against the COVID pandemic introduced, scientists noticed a steady rise in anxiety among the population.

From the quarantine sadness, fear of getting sick, frustration caused by the deadlines at work, sociologists noticed another issue spreading within the population. Sarah Melancon, a sociologist and clinical sexologist, said for Healthline that „Not being interested in sex during a global crisis is completely normal,” but there are ways how to help yourself and unlock your libido.

Low libido problems are mostly associated with mental health, the sensory aspect of the sex life or what turns someone on, rather than the physical problems. In other cases, low libido can be the result of a gland problem that produces testosterone.

If natural ways to boost your sex drive are not working, a visit to the doctor‘s office is recommendable. Decreased sex drive can lead to depression, anxiety, and anger issues, which can further lower your libido. People with these problems risk getting into a never-ending cycle of low sex drive and depression, developing erectile dysfunction, or social and sexual anxiety around their partners.

If you find yourself struggling with your libido, the following list of suggestions should offer you a few practical ways to improve your libido.

1. Health and diet

Source: VegNews

The food we eat affects how we behave and feel. Vegetables like mushrooms, kale, broccoli, and spinach are rich in zink that may help with unlocking your libido.

Include asparagus, oats, corn, and garlic in your diet. Use organic products or vegetables in season, as those are healthier and contain more vitamins than GMO and artificially grown food.

The moderate use of alcohol has its positive effects on our bodies, however, only in small doses. Uncontrollable use of alcohol and drugs is bad for your health, not only for your libido.

Regular exercise is recommendable, not only because it helps boost your sex drive but also helps with self-esteem and increases serotonin levels in your body. Gardening, walking, and other outdoor activities stimulate us to become more confident, release tension in our body.

Other forms of relaxation the doctors suggest are vacations, taking a new hobby, or having plenty of sleep. Sleep deprivation or insomnia are becoming more common among young and older adults. Insufficient sleep amplifies the feeling of despair, especially if you are not a morning person.

2. Social media platforms

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Social media users can be divided into two groups: those who see these modern platforms as a source of entertainment and those who become frustrated by it. A study from 2018 at the University of Pennsylvania showed that reduced social media use helped to lower the levels of anxiety in students.

Content on the most popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and the scandalous reports concerning politics, economy, the pandemic, and other types of news can be overwhelming and stressful. It is more likely to stumble upon a negative article in ten minutes online than finding uplifting news. One common practice to combat the effects of social media is meditation and yoga.

Another way you can use social media to boost your libido is to engage in a hot conversation with someone you find attractive. Flirting with your partner or a stranger online can help you unlock your libido.

It‘s crucial to find out what a person likes and how far they are willing to go. What works for you may not work for someone else; therefore, tread carefully.

There are easily accessible matchmaking apps you can try, even with a fake profile and bio, where you can anonymously explore your sexuality. The fun part about them is that you are in control the whole time, and if things become more than you can handle, there‘s usually a quick exit option.

3. Foreplay and roleplay

Source: First Moms Club

Couples who regularly practice roleplay can improve their sex life and hence, the relationship on the whole. Sexologists recommend foreplay because of its nature to focus on sensory stimulations of the erotic zones.

It‘s normal to have lower libido as we age as testosterone levels start dropping when we reach age 35. If the foreplay doesn‘t work as it used to, consider initiating a roleplay with your significant other. This make-believe sort of game in bed aims to stir up fantasies in our minds, release the tension, and provide us with that edge needed to unlock the libido.

You should find out what your partner likes and avoid actions that would kill the mood before initiating roleplay. The best way to find out what your partner approves is by talking to her or him. Yes, this means you‘ll have to be honest about your problem and suggest experimenting in bed.

4. Erotic literature

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The ancient Sumerian civilization first made erotic poems and stories. This genre grew in and out of popularity across centuries with erotic fiction on the rise in the modern age. These literary pieces explore sexuality for you and represent one of the best ways to boost your libido.

Their stories and plots don‘t necessarily revolve around erotica but use it as a tool to analyze other themes such as humanity, society, or religious dogma.

Many online portals publish sexual stories, share erotic experiences and fantasies – these short but thrilling pieces of writing aim to guide the reader through the sexual subject with care.

Erotic literature doesn‘t question the reader‘s sexual orientation but it offers and questions various aspects of attraction. Such novels are good for mentally stimulating your sex drive and arousing you. If that sounds appealing, visit to start reading.

The advantage of the controversial and BDSM reading material over pornographic sites and portals is how we experience attraction. While porn videos offer visual aid, this doesn‘t have the same effect as reading.

Literature tends to dive into personal experiences, describes the feelings during coitus and ensures immersion into the erotic and sensual more than other formats.

Another advantage erotic literature offers is the ability to read these stories in plain sight-you don’t have to hide in your room as is the case when you watch porn.

Final thought

If these practical methods to unlock your libido are not for you, and you still have concerns about this subject, don‘t be afraid to consult a professional. Sex-drive related issues are becoming common. The experts in this field are also perfecting methods in treating these problems more efficiently.

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