Windows 10 Technical Preview gets Build 9860 Update with Notification Center

After recently unveiling the new Windows 10 Operating System, Microsoft has released an update for the Technical Preview version of the OS that takes its build version from 9841 to 9860. The download is expected to be between 2 – 2.74 GB based on CPU architecture and language used.

The update was released for the users of the Windows Insider Program and is available for users running Windows 10 through the Windows update method. Some very important highlights of the update:

  • Addition of Action Center.
  • Apps are now movable between monitors.
  • An animation for switching between desktops.
  • A new Key Combination of WIN+SHIFT+arrow to move an active app to another monitor.

Windows 10 Notification Center

A new setting will allow users to change the frequency of updates. Also the users will be able to choose between fast updates with potential bugs or Slow and stable updates. Microsoft has promised that future updates will add more capabilities, changes and improvements to the Windows 10 OS.

Things expected to come up in the future include more power to the Notification Center. For example, users will be able to take relevant actions to notifications like new emails, invites to IMs, Facebook Posts and much more. Also a cleaner User Interface and quick actions are expected.

This is what Microsoft had to say on their blog:

“This is the first update build to Windows 10 Technical Preview, and we’ll continue to deliver more as part of the Windows Insider Program. Sometimes they’ll be more frequent and sometimes there will be longer gaps, but they will always be chock full of changes and improvements, as well as some bugs and things that are not quite done.”

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