Are Thinning Scissors Bad for Your Hair?

Cutting is not only about a specific shape, it is about getting the right style with the right volume. Your haircut should highlight your features and makes you feel good. Moreover, everyone craves thick and healthy hair but little do they know about the troubles that people with thick hair face. It is not easy to manage them and you have to spend more time on their wash and drying.

Therefore, they ask their hairstylist to lessen the volume of their hair. One of the tools that they use is thinning scissors. They have a special design that gives you a perfect thickness because they do not cut all of your hair. Instead, these scissors make sections in your hair. This results in decreasing the weight and softening the lines so that they can bend together.

You can learn more about the best thinning scissors from But you have to be careful before casually using it in your hair. You cannot use these shears without learning about the proper way. Because there is a method to use these shears, you should follow it. Otherwise, you will only bring embarrassment to yourself.

That is why scissorhub does not only provides you with a review of the best shears but also different types. You need to have a basic knowledge of the tool that you are going to use. Therefore, spend some time learning about it and then you will know which type of scissor is suitable for your hair type.

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Thinning shears cause damage to your hair – Is it a myth?

When you start searching about the thinning shears, you will also get to know that they are bad for hair. Well, it is true and also false. It is the method of use that makes this statement right or wrong. If you use it the wrong way, you will get split and dry ends. Thus, your hair will look messier.

However, using the shears the right way will decrease the volume. Thus, you will have perfectly volume hair with less weight. Furthermore, the strands will blend in with longer strands and gives you a natural look. So if you know haircutting and you know how to use them, you should give it a try. However, if you are an amateur and don’t know much about the way of using scissors, it is better to avoid them rather damaging your hair.

In addition to this, you should not use them excessively. For example, you got a haircut and now you have the perfect weighted hair. After 2 to 3 months, you again want to use them because you feel like your hair getting thick on the top. But you should not overdo it.

Because your lower strands are already shorter, if you use another cut over them, it will ruin the style. Furthermore, instead of lightning the thickness, you will have a few strands left in full length. Therefore, you need to be careful with these scissors. And it is better that you let your stylist do this job.

How do use them at home?

The use of thinning shears depends upon your hair type, texture and weight. Therefore, we are going to tell you the right way of using them according to your hair type.

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1 – For blending shorter hair

If you have short and fine hair, you need to be extra careful with using these shears. So follow these guidelines;

  1. Take a wash and dry your hair.
  2. As your hair is shorter, you should use the “Scissors over the comb” method.
  3. Keep the flat edge on the bottom side and the teeth section of the shears on the top.
  4. Now take a chunk of your hair in a comb and start moving upwards and outwards.

2 – For removing weight or texturing your hair

If you have longer and thicker hair and you want to remove their weight, follow these steps;

  1. Give your hair a wash and dry them completely.
  2. Brush them thoroughly to get rid of any tangles.
  3. Start by taking only an inch section of your hair and put them between your two fingers (middle and pointer).
  4. Place the scissors an inch up in the length and move downwards and gradually make cuts. Make sure that you start from the top and come downwards to the ends by giving cuts.
  5. Now repeat the process for each strand and get the right weight of your hair.

Which one to use?

There is not a single type of thinning scissor.

Here are the 3 main types;

  1. Smaller teeth
  2. Finishing teeth
  3. Wider teeth

1 – Smaller teeth shears


Smaller teeth shears have more than 15 teeth and they are suitable for blending your hair. Furthermore, these scissors are fine and the finer they are, the more blended cuts you will get. So if you have medium thickness hair, it is suitable for you. Because they offer even weight removal and also give a nice texture to the hair.

2 – Finishing teeth shears

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Finishing teeth shears have 15 teeth while the texturing shears have 22 teeth. You should use them if you want to get a softer finishing. Thus, instead of sharp and uplifted ends, you will have a soft feel and airy look in your hair strands.

3 – Wider teeth shears

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These are suitable for heavily thick and highly weighted hair types. With their 7 to 15 teeth, they act as chunking scissors. If you have a medium thickness, you should not use it. Instead, it is more suitable for curly and wavy thick hairs. With wider and larger cutting space, the aggressive cut you will get.

Final verdict

Thinning scissors can give you a nice airy hairstyle and can also become a nightmare for you. Therefore, instead of trying it yourself, you should better go to a hairstylist and get it done.

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