How To Make The Most Of Your Long Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are never easy as they require a lot of work and patience. Immense challenges and hurdles come with the long-distance, and you must know of ways to deal with such hardships. However, there is a silver lining here because, despite all the challenges, long-distance has its own advantages. It helps your relationship grow and adds substance and gravity to it. Long-distance also helps in keeping the spark alive, and the excitement to meet and talk never dies.

Most importantly, physical intimacy is out of the equation. It is great if you want to bring an emotional quotient to your relationship because it helps in knowing your partner better. Lastly, you get your own space which is good for personal and career growth and skill development. Therefore, if you are in a long-distance relationship, cheer up because it is not all bad. Now, here is an article for you listing down ways in which you can make the most of your long-distance relationship.

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Avoid overcompensation

Lack of physical warmth doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner will slack off eventually. You do not have to get over the top while investing your time and energy in the relationship. Long-distance relationships are just like any other relationship so keep things light and breezy, and comfortable. You do not have to take status updates from your other half every ten minutes to show that you are into them.

Plan your day according to your needs and requirements to have a space to grow. Talk to your partner when both of you are done with your day and are in a comfortable zone. Bugging your partner with phones and texts will get irritating at one point, especially on workdays.

See it as an opportunity

Obviously, several factors are responsible for growing your hate for long-distance relationships. But, instead of being bitter about it, you can take away all the good things from it. The experiences you will get in a long-distance relationship will serve as a great learning platform for both of you. Surviving long distance is a sure marker of a solid relationship. With a strong foundation, you can easily make crucial relationship decisions with your partner without fearing commitment issues.

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Bring transparency into the picture

Do not close up about your thoughts, apprehensions, and doubts about a prospective long-distance relationship. If you are skeptical about your future, you must talk to your partner about it. While you are at it, set some ground rules for each. Talk about things that are off-limits and things that will make each other comfortable. Both of you must share a safe mental space regarding each other. Lastly, discuss your commitment level, how deep you are into the relationship, and whether or not you guys are exclusive. In conclusion, both of you must ensure that you don’t catch each other by surprise.

Establish robust communication pattern

Emotional and psychological intimacy does not always stem from deep and long conversations. Minor gestures also go a long way. Ensure to greet your partner “good morning” and “good night” regularly without fail. This shows that you are thinking about the other person, and they are always in your mind. If you find any relatable videos or posts, send them to your partner to make their day and bring a smile to their face.

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Don’t shy away from “dirty talks”

It’s quite understandable that there will be times in a long-distance relationship that you will crave your partner’s presence. The absence of physical intimacy can lead to frustration. However, you can break the frustration by engaging in intimate conversations from time to time. You can learn the art of virtual seduction online to make your conversations fun and interesting.

Recognize the red flags

Avoid such situations that can put your partner in a tough spot. Try analyzing the situation and assessing it from your partner’s point of view. Going out to a party with your friends and colleagues can make your partner jealous, especially if there is alcohol in the picture. It is not about trust but the human imagination, so you must reassure your partner in advance and convince them that they are in control.

If possible, avoid drinking plans without your partner present around you. Additionally, do not solicit people who flirt or make a move on you. For example, if you go out for lunch with the office’s darling, it will only strain your relationship with your partner.

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Plan virtual activities

Technology has made long-distance relationships far more convenient than they were a hundred years ago. Make the most of the digital age to shower love on your better half. Additionally, several online couple games are available to keep you engaged with your partner. Use the video call facility to share at least one meal of the day.

Visit e-commerce websites together and do window shopping, even buy gifts for each other. Several OTT platforms also support the watch party feature, allowing you to stream movies together with your partner. You can watch and chat together, which gives a virtual feeling of sitting on the couch and watching a movie with your loved one. Schedule a video call on regularly to ensure that both of you are doing well and talk about your day.

Recommend books and shows to each other

Long-distance puts a cap on the communication duration, which makes it less mundane in this regard. Not being together physically means you will have a lot to share with your partner naturally. However, you can make the conversation a bit more interesting by involving books, TV shows, and movies that you both have read and watched. It will allow you to talk about the storyline, characters, and whatnot. Additionally, it will also help you understand your partner’s mindset.

Visit each other

Emotional and other virtual intimacy will only hold good if you recharge your relationship with physical warmth once in a while. Plan your weekends or upcoming holidays and take out time to visit your partner. This will also allow you to explore new places, restaurants, etc., which is good for your relationship.

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