How Long Does SEO Take To Show Results?

After investing in SEO, you might be eager to know when you are going to see results. But it is not possible to measure such time frames in reality. This is because every requirement of the client is different and every strategy used is different.

According to Husky Hamster, an SEO link building agency, seeking results is much more complex than it seems to be. Several factors govern the success of an SEO strategy with respect to time. They include


Your Competition

If the keyword is of a high competition niche, it becomes tough to rank against your competitors. However, you can compare the SEO strategy of your competitors and the aggressiveness with how they are using it, which is helping them stay at the top. Make your strategy accordingly to excel and get quicker results. You may take the help of a reputed SEO agency.

Your Website’s History

A new domain without any authority will take longer to give results than an established one. Considering a website with average domain authority and moderate competition, it will take more than two months to start showing results.

In contrast, a new website can attain a high domain authority within six to eight weeks. For an existing website, you need to wait for three to six weeks. A popular website requires hours or just a few days to boost its ranking.

A website can face trouble in securing rank if it has either been penalized, affected by the algorithm, or went against the guidelines in the past. Time taken to show results is generally long on such websites.


Your Resources

Resources like time and budget play a crucial role in SEO, time being the most critical factor. Until six to twelve months, you will not observe any difference. Also, having a high budget gives you better results with time. Considering the competition, the more your budget is, the better techniques can be applied to your website, which will consequently give results faster. Always appoint a top-notch SEO company in Sydney like MarketingSweet to ensure your resources are used in the best way possible.

The Content You Create

Do not forget that you are writing for your audience and not for the bot. Making your content helpful and well structured, and organized will help the algorithm pick your content and show it to the people. So, make high-quality content to increase your traffic and get better results quickly.

Also, make sure you post consistently. If you post once in a while, you will never get many benefits from SEO. SEO highly depends on the velocity with which you produce high-quality content and post it. So, along with quality, if you maintain quantity in creating content, you can get results within three to five months.


The Inbound Links To Your Site

Even if your posts are on point with great consistency, you will find it very difficult to rank if your content does not have inbound links to it. A website with inbound links can show results within six months. To build a backlink profile, you need to put in some time. Inbound links from authoritative websites can help your website progress better.

In the case of backlinks, how you obtain them is always more important than how many you obtain. Keep in mind that links should be added gradually. Show Google that you are adding links over time. Google traces this progress and boosts your rank up soon. However, make sure you do not obtain hundreds of links overnight. This will do no good to your website.

Whether You Use Long-tail Keywords Or Not

Besides using appropriate keywords, you can improve your overall rank by incorporating long-tail keywords in your content. Such keywords relate to the long queries of people. If you look into answering the queries of the user, you will create better engagement which consequently will increase your ranking very quickly.

On top of that, using long-tail keywords requires you to create separate content that helps you build authority on the topic. Having lower competition, such keywords boost your website in no time.

On average, a period of six months is considered to be the building time of SEO. In the initial months, SEO carries out research and website audits. This helps to track details about your website, and further strategy is made based on that. Then keywords are selected, and your website is modified. Changes are made to your content, and responsive design is being incorporated.

By the end of this period, you can experience a noticeable change. Your site ranking improves, and you will experience more traffic. By the fifth month, as you have started seeing proper results, your SEO company in Sydney will step up its game.

They will start integrating social media marketing. Also, an analysis of the new results is being made. However, if you do not see results by the end of six months, do not quit. As mentioned earlier, every campaign is different, and so are strategies. Keep waiting as it’s worth it.

By the end of six months, your SEO agency will start a couple of testing – firstly, A/B testing, which involves tweaking elements in your website to calculate what works best for your website and upgrading to that. Another type of testing carried out is heat map testing. This test shows where the audience stays on your web page, which part is clicked the most, and which part needs to be more interactive.



If you aim to rank among the top websites, then you should prepare yourself to invest at least a year in SEO. Also, try to retain your rank as all other competitors in your niche are always trying to excel you. In reality, it is pretty tough to predict how long SEO is going to take to give you results exactly. But, start incorporating SEO as soon as possible to get the idea, and over time, you can predict on your own how long it is going to take.

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