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9 Surprising Facts About Adult Toys You Never Knew

Healthy sex life is really important for your general health and well-being. You have to be satisfied to function properly because otherwise, you might become frustrated and that can be expressed through your behavior, being stressed, nervous, and generally in bad mood. When it comes to sex, it doesn’t have to be only an act between partners, there are many adult toys that can come to play and rock your world even better than the regular act.

These toys are specifically made for this job, to make you feel better and to release your tension. Since the industry is getting bigger and bigger, there are many variants that you can try to see what is best for you. With so many different options, both men and women can find what they enjoy most and use it for their pleasure. If you had or you have a toy at the moment, you know how good they are.

In this article, we will talk about some interesting and really surprising facts about adult toys that you never knew. Some of them may be odd, and some may be really interesting so you will have a great time reading this.

1. Firstly used to treat ‘’illnesses’’


In the older times, there were believes that women had a disease that made them hysterical. That was caused by reduced sexual acts, or frustrations and the cure for that, you guessed it, was a climax. So instead of selling these toys to the people who enjoy them, they were sold to doctors so they can treat this ‘’disease’’ and cure the females. Since they were made to be started by turning a handlebar into a cycle, it was really hard to be done alone.

2. One of the first toys was actually a massager


You have surely seen devices to massage your back that use buzzing sensations. Not only that it feels good, but it brings more blood there and reduces the pain. One of these products was introduced as a tool for self-pleasure. There were buzzing stimulations that worked perfectly for this purpose.

However, the company that made the massager found out, and they were not happy about it. They immediately announced that they were going to take away their product. So, another company came in the way to save the situation. They said that they were going to keep on producing this item, under their brand so everyone was happy.

3. It is not just for females


It is an old thought to think that these toys are just for females. It is around half and half between males and females when it comes to buying these toys. Some men have stated that they are way more satisfied using these buzzing products than with regular sexual acts. Other than vibrators, there are other toys that males can use to stimulate themselves in the way they enjoy the most.

4. And they are not only for solo action


If you think they are made only for solo usage, you are wrong. Many toys are made in a way that both partners can enjoy them at the same time. For example, there are some kinds of strap-on toys that males can attach to themselves for double stimulation on the female. Other toys are in a shape of a ring that the male places around their penis so they stimulate their partner both internally and on the outside as well. If there is a situation where both of the partners are of the same sex, they can use artificial penises that go in both ways so they can be pleasured simultaneously.

5. Different vibrations have different feels


The differences come from the type of vibration that the item produces. Some of them are more of a high-pitched, fast motion that stimulates the upper layers more. And the other type is more of a drilling sound that hits the deeper parts better. That is why if you visit here, you will have to sort through different toys and find which one is going to provide you with the best pleasure.

6. You have to be careful with the place you are buying them from


Since this was a topic that not many people were comfortable talking about, this whole industry is not regulated properly. Although they are worth more than other industries they are still not controlled as they should. That is why you have to be careful when picking the right product for you. There may be toys that contain things that are toxic for you, especially for the epithelium that is pretty sensitive.

Also, these products are forbidden in some states, so you might want to read the laws first before buying to avoid getting into a problem that is really bizarre.

7. There are toys with other stimulations


Other than solid toys that are meant for insertions, or toys that buzz sensations, there are toys that are made to imitate the feeling like you are getting orally pleasured. All you have to do is to place them on top of the organ and they will move in ways like you are getting licked. Since the industry is getting more and more improved, there will be other imitations that will be almost the same as the real contact.

8. You will not become numb if using them


There were rumors or myths that you might lose feelings on your organ if you use a vibrating device on it. That is simply not true because everything in our body comes back in its natural state so you will have no differences from using devices like these other than being satisfied and happy.

9. Even the Egyptian queen had one


This is really an interesting thing because it is believed that the Egyptian queen had toys like this made from natural elements that sound scary but she was pleasuring herself in this way. She locked insects inside a small container so when they fly, they imitate a buzzing sensation and she was getting satisfied like that.

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