7 Digital Tools Help You And Your Team With Marketing – 2024 Guide

Marketing has come a long way. From simply airing TV and radio commercials to nowadays, utilizing every social media platform and relying on various tools developed to improve your marketing strategy and bring forth incredible results.

Today, we’re going to focus on the aforementioned tools and their impact on the world of digital marketing. However, before we go into specific tools, their use, and how they could benefit you – let’s just take a look at what digital marketing is.

What is Digital Marketing?

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To put it simply, digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the advertisement and promotion of brands and businesses, using all kinds of different forms of digital communications. That includes, but is not limited to – social media, email, web advertising and so on.

Essentially, if you’re marketing your business through a digital channel – it’s digital marketing.

Now, on to the focal point of the article – the best digital tools you could utilise to help you and your team with marketing.

Social Media Tools

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First off, let’s start with some of the best digital tools associated with social media.

1. Audience

If you want to take your targeted advertising to the next level, you need to “listen” to your audience.

The audience is one of the most popular audience intelligence tools and platforms available to digital marketers. In essence, this tool allows you to gain a deep understanding of any audience that you might feel is crucial to your business.

How it works is, it analyses the internet presence, interests and traffic of the group of people you’re interested in so that you can more efficiently run your ads on social media. Basically, what this means is, Audiense will gain insight into which websites are the most popular amongst your desired audience and will help you run ads in those exact places.

2. Sprout Social

When it comes to social media, organization and an impeccable game plan are essential if you want to make it, and Sprout Social allows you to gain complete control over everything related to your content and marketing.

To put it simply, this is a command center from which you’ll be able to organize everything that is essential to you, your business and your marketing campaign. With this tool, or a platform, however, you wish to call it, you can organize all of your content and assets in one place, from which you can schedule it, publish it or do whatever you want – whenever you want. You’ll have complete control over your platform or multiple platforms.

All of this will allow you to engage with your audience on your own terms, in ideal times, and make the whole marketing campaign that much more efficient.

SEO Tools

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Next up, we have some SEO tools you might find helpful.

3. SEMrush

When it comes to SEO, a lot of it rides on proper keyword utilization and optimization. Naturally, keeping track of keywords and optimizing them in the best way possible is arguably impossible without help from digital tools.

One of those tools is SEMrush. SEMrush is a tool that will allow you to track and identify your priority keywords, explore ranking terms, find out which keywords work the best and which ones you should be focusing on the most.

As you could guess, this is not the only digital tool for keyword optimization. There are many other, fairly solid alternatives to SEMrush, on which you can read more if you want.

4. Surfer SEO

If you’re heavily focusing on the written content, it is in your best interest to optimize the page and the content as best as you possibly could. Surfer is a tool that will help you do exactly that.

With the help of Surfer SEO, you will be able to write and produce data-driven content with next-level optimization – from keywords and headings all the way to NLPs. With the help of Surfer SEO, you will easily create content that will top the search engine results, which is pretty much the essence of SEO digital marketing.

Email Tools

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No matter what you were led to believe – email marketing is still very much alive and valuable in the world of digital marketing.

5. SendGrid

One of the best digital marketing/email marketing services you can use to improve your marketing strategy is SendGrid. SendGrid is a handy tool for both experienced marketers, as well as beginners.

SendGrid’s interface is incredibly simple, and the learning curve for this tool is almost a line. It is very easy to get started with, and you should see the benefits and the results of your work in no time. Naturally, ease of use is not the only great thing about SendGrid. This tool also gives you insight into performance analytics and a lot of other helpful information that you can use to your advantage.

And oh, did we mention that it is free?

6. lemlist

This tool is primarily focused on deliverability. As you could probably guess, lemlist will help you determine the most optimal times to send your emails so you can get more engagement from your email marketing strategy. Also, lemlist will prevent you from spamming your audience by advising you on the number of emails you should be sent because the last thing you want to do is end up on someone’s spam list.

Digital Creation Tools

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Finally, let’s look at some of the graphic design-esque tools that can help your marketing strategy.

7. Venngage

Venngage is a very simple-to-use graphic creator. As you’ll notice right away, it is primarily focused on things like infographics, chart configurations, etc.

A tool like this can be handy to you if you are promoting a business that’s into sales. An infographic with some valuable information on the product you’re selling can make a world of difference if done right. Also, you don’t need any artistic skills whatsoever to use Venngage, so not only will you up your digital marketing game – but you’ll save some money by not hiring a graphic designer.


Digital marketing is one of the most important parts of every business nowadays. If you want your company to thrive, it is necessary to keep up with the times and work on branding, SEO, following analytics, creating the best possible content, and much more. SEO could be confusing, but you should not worry about that as you can hire an international SEO consultant.

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