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Covid 19

How Many Times Can Sanitize and Reuse Your N95 Mask

If there is one thing that matters most to a person, it is his health. Health is the most important part of all those things that we need to take care of. It is the thing that keeps us alive and if we do not have it we will simply have problems, and of course, each of us wants to live a comfortable life without problems. That is why we need to take great care of ourselves and our health. We will do that only if we pay attention to the hygiene and the situations we encounter every day. Hygiene is especially important in this period because we are all aware that we live in a pandemic in which we are fighting a virus that is our invisible enemy from which we must guard.

The pandemic is a topic that is not so favorite for each of us. Why? Because freedom is not denied to everyone, because we all need socialization and friendship, and the Covid-19 virus simply does not allow it. We are forced to do everything at a distance, we are forced to disinfect ourselves regularly, we are forced to be very careful in our actions and what we do outside the home because there is a danger of getting infected. But in order not to get infected, ways have already been explored that we can protect ourselves, so it is recommended to use disinfectants, it is recommended to maintain a physical distance, but also to wear a protective mask that will protect us from potential inhalation of virus particles that can be found in the air.

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Masks seem to be the best protector of human health. It is made of special textiles which seems to be the best solution to stay protected from the virus. There are several models that are offered, but there is only one that is good enough to protect ourselves. Neither a surgical mask nor a mask made from an already used T-shirt or blouse can protect as much as one of the better masks – N95. It is the mask that is recommended to be used the most because of the safety that promotes the production itself. Of all the offers on the market, it is recommended as something that is of top quality and as something that can preserve your health. But there is a dilemma among the users of N95 masks, and that is whether this mask can be sanitized and whether it can be used again. We researched thoroughly and came up with answers that everyone wanted to know. So let’s see if and with what this mask can be disinfected and if it can be reused, and we invite you to stay with us until the end of this article and together to find out the answers to these dilemmas. Are you ready? Then we can start.

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Can N95 be re-used?

Coronavirus is not a naive thing at all. Each of us needs to protect ourselves properly so that we can defend ourselves against the virus and not get infected. That is why the doctors emphasized at the beginning of the pandemic – it is very important to wear a protective mask. The protection provided by this so-called protection tool is great, and this has been proven by the large number of studies that say that there is no better way to protect a person from viruses, bacteria, and small microorganisms. That is why the use of this mask is recommended, and another reason is the 99% proven protection. But there is another question that bothers everyone, and that is whether this model of a mask can be worn several times and if so how many times. First, this mask can be worn several times. It must be primarily quality, and if you are looking for quality protective masks you can always find them at medicalsupplyall.com which has N95 masks that are characterized by a certificate of quality and safety. Apart from the quality, it is also important not to touch the mask internally because that way you can get it dirty, infected, and not for use. And what if such a moment occurs? Then you can think about sanitation, which we will discuss below.

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Can this model be sanitized?

The next dilemma that arises among the users of this model is whether it can be sanitized. The answer is yes. These masks are well enough made that you can disinfect them in several ways and use them again. First, you can disinfect it with warm air, preferably with an iron. Simply run the iron over the mask and you can use it again. Then you can spray it with liquid disinfectant on the outside and spray it on the inside with alcohol. You can also spray it on both sides with alcohol as this will kill all the harmful particles that are glued to the mask on both sides. Feel free to use one of these two ways and sanitize your mask so you can wear it again.

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How many times can this model be re-used to the maximum?

According to the manufacturers of this type of protection better known as N95, it is not recommended to use these masks for too long. This is because, over time, the more this type of mask is worn, the thinner the material becomes and the weaker the protective effect is. Therefore, it is recommended to change the mask at least once a week, and before using it, it is recommended to disinfect it regularly with alcohol or detergent or to pass it with a hot iron to make the mask safe to wear, which is actually the most important.

Now that we know these answers together, you know exactly if and how much you can use this mask, but not only that, you also know how to take care of it if you use it many times. Therefore, carefully use the masks, use them regularly and protect yourself from the virus in accordance with the N95 models of protective masks.

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