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Virtual Reality And Pornography: Everything That You Need To Know

VR is a rapidly growing area of the tech industry. It’s not a new phenomenon and has been around in one form or another for a couple of decades. However, VR has come a long way in how it is consumed and what it can do. These days, you can use it from the mainstream, such as movies and gaming, to the more erotic, which this post will cover in detail.

Why VR And Porn Are Meant To Be!

Pornography is well known for nudging technologies into mainstream adoption, and it seems that VR is no different. The industry has discovered that VR tech was made for porn, and in many ways, it is the next frontier in the world of pleasure. The VR specialists over at even state that because this technology tricks your mind, you won’t ever have experienced anything like this before. Some people who watch pornography regularly are excited to see a new method of indulging and even possible applications for physical sex itself.


Benefits Of Virtual Reality For Porn 

VR provides users a sense of immersion by fooling their brains into thinking they are in a real-world environment. The human brain is capable of ignoring inconsistencies and errors, so any experience in VR feels natural to the brain and makes people forget about its fake nature.

How Virtual Reality Works

It is an immersive and interactive medium that allows users to be placed in another world or situation and interact with it in various ways. It is now being used for both entertainment and commercial purposes. In entertainment, virtual reality provides more realistic experiences than ever before because of its ability to simulate the feeling of presence. This means that you feel you are experiencing something first hand rather than just watching it from your perspective on TV or even reading about it online. It’s because it is unlike any other sensation to be in a scene such as this that it has taken off in such a dramatic fashion, especially for porn.


Which Devices Are Available

There are two types of devices that VR developers use: mobile and PC. While mobile devices are cheaper, they do not provide a high-quality VR experience compared to PC headsets. PC headsets are more expensive, but they offer higher quality. One of the most famous examples of a mobile VR set is Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard is a low-cost way to get into VR as it’s made of cardboard, and it comes with an app that helps you find things in the real world, like phone numbers, locations, and other things. In theory, you could use it to watch porn by visiting a specialist VR porn website via your phone browser. Nevertheless, you won’t get the whole immersive experience as you would with a dedicated VR headset. With that in mind, which are the most popular choices available?

HTC Vive

HTC Vive is one of the most popular virtual reality headsets. Its advanced features, such as ergonomics, the field of view, and synchronization with controllers, make it a perfect headset for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in an interactive VR pornography experience.


Oculus Quest 2

It is a high-end virtual reality headset that replaces the popular Oculus Quest. It comes with a full-screen, spring-loaded 3DOF (degrees of freedom) controller and a high-definition, wide FOV (field of view) display that lets you enjoy your VR experiences more naturally. IOn many ways, it is the industry leader, and with a behemoth like Facebook bankrolling them, there is lots more to come from them.

HP Reverb G2

This option has a super high-resolution display that is exceptionally sharp and allows for outstanding detail. This might be the best option for your porn viewing experience as long as the website you choose has videos filmed in 4K.


Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation VR is the virtual reality headset for Sony’s PlayStation 4. It offers players amazing visuals at a relatively low price. Although this device is more gamer-focused than the others on the list, it is more affordable and fantastic if you already own a Playstation.

The great thing about these devices is that you can use them for other activities outside of porn. They’re all suited for gaming, but some will require additional peripherals.

How To Connect VR Equipment

If you are planning to buy a VR set, there are few things that you should know when it comes to setting up your PC and connecting the device. The headsets come with their USB cable for more accessible and more convenient connectivity. However, in some cases, you may need an adapter or an extension cable that can connect to the headset’s USB port.


Difference Between VR And AR 

One of the most significant differences between VR and Augmented Reality (AR) is that VR requires special headsets, while you can view AR on a regular screen; this is because, in VR, the user’s vision is changed as to what they are experiencing. They don’t see the same things as when they look out their windows or watch TV. VR is generally used for immersion purposes, whereas AR is more widely used in marketing because it provides brand experiences and advertising campaigns with a digital layer and virtual interactions. While AR has a significant place in porn alongside VR, it is an entirely different experience.

Other Interesting Ways To Use Your VR Headset While Watching Porn

The exciting thing about this technology is that you can combine it with the real world. For example, you and a partner (or sexbot…) could set up a video, and as long as your partner can see what you are viewing, they could act out the scenes as you watch them via the headset! While you will need a pretty secure relationship for this to work, it could help to spice things up in the bedroom!

VR had come a long way from its humble origins all those years ago. Nowadays, you can indulge in virtual reality porn while sitting in your own home. As long as you know which headset to purchase and which websites to visit, you can now immerse yourself in a way that you never thought would be possible.

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