What Covenant Does Best Suit a Mage?

To be successful in the long-term, you need to consider many factors that may affect the result. It’s important to pay attention to the features of the characters and their capabilities. In confrontations in different arenas, this may be a decisive factor in the fight for a game advantage.

You should also pay attention to such a thing as the choice of a covenant for the mage. This process requires you taking into account their abilities, as well as the peculiarities of soul binding. This will directly influence the gameplay.

We should note right away that in this article from we will consider the features of the choice of covenants for both fire and frost mages. Therefore, each user will get important information regardless of the parties that they support.


Features of choosing a covenant for a fire mage

One of the biggest mistakes most players — especially those who are just discovering the Shadowlands — is that they consider only one factor. That is, they usually look at how much damage can be inflicted on a target. However, many factors can affect the result. This is why we recommend using the Night Folk as a covenant. It is optimally suited for a fire mage.

The peculiarity of the Transfer Force is that it helps to reduce the cooldown of abilities. Therefore, choosing it for the fire mage will also be a good decision. Moreover, the significance and benefits of the Transitional Power lies in the fact that there are several other cooldowns:

  • Phoenix Flame;
  • Rune of Power;
  • Combustion;
  • Dragon breath;
  • Fiery Explosion.

The more goals are set, the more noticeable the effectiveness will be. That is, the covenant is useful in the long-term. Therefore, players who are planning a long-term strategy choose the option that we recommend.

The Night Folk allows users to use Soulform as well. Its key advantage is that the character gains an increased speed. Thanks to this, you would move around the map much faster, perform various tactical tasks. You can use this option once every few seconds. In fact, the gamer receives noticeable support, which will make it easier to solve problems in which the efficiency of actions is of the most importance.

As a result, your fire mage will become more mobile and dynamic in the game. At the same time, it’s important to understand that speed is still not a key characteristic. It will allow you to perform many operations much faster, but you will not get a real game advantage over your rivals. Therefore, this option is a nice bonus, but not necessarily a main aspect of the game. The fact is that the fire mage in the Shadowlands already has a whole set of useful characteristics, for example:

  • jump;
  • flickering;
  • burn;
  • feverish impetuosity.

It is they that provide the character’s wide range of abilities, as well as an ability to perform many actions.

Talking about Mythic+ keystones, the Night Folk can again be called the best choice for users. It retains all of its advantages described above. Other Covenants clearly cannot match it. And it doesn’t matter which modifier is used. You will still get the advantage of speed, as well as the options that can be used in the gaming arena. All of those classic raid perks apply to Mythic keystones as well. Therefore, we recommend choosing the Night Folk to make all operations faster and more convenient. The functionality will noticeably change, which will allow you to dive into the world of an exciting strategy, where the result depends on every action.


Specifics of choosing a covenant for a frost mage in Shadowlands

The choice of a covenant for a frost mage is equally important and significant. The thing is that their functions (abilities), as well as the features of soul binding, directly affect the gameplay.

Since the mage focuses on one or two targets in raids, this indicator cannot be ignored. What matters is how much damage they can inflict. With this in mind, we recommend Venthyr as a frost mage covenant in Shadowlands.

Their features and advantages are quite obvious. The main thing is the Tormenting Mirrors. They are not only capable of inflicting significant damage on an opponent, but also have three trigger activations, in particular:

  • Shining Spark;
  • Brain Freeze;
  • Ice lance.

If fast and convenient switching of specializations is an important option for you, be sure to choose the Night Folk. The key benefit of this covenant is its strong soul binding. Also, you cannot ignore their class abilities. They are great for a wide variety of specialties. The only exception is the ice mage, who is characterized by a solo target.

As for frost mages in Mythic+ Keystones, remember that in this aspect a lot depends directly on a modifier of the dungeon. Pay attention to whether it is Tyrannical or Fortified. This is directly reflected in the level of AOE damage. In this case, it is especially important to choose Venthyr, which we’ve discussed above. Their main advantage is the brain freeze option. This makes it much easier to fulfill your game goals, and you won’t feel any costs in terms of gameplay.


General conclusion and game features

In the end, we’d like to mention how important the covenant is for the mage. This applies to both fire and frost. Therefore, be sure to take into account the game characteristics of the character and their connection with souls to choose the optimal covenant.

Our recommendation is the Night Folk. We’d say that this is a classic that doesn’t lose its popularity and always stays unique. Thanks to this covenant, it will be possible to expand the gaming functionality. At the same time, the achievement of the result will still directly depend on your individual skills and ability to quickly navigate the arena.

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