How to Travel the World With Only Cryptocurrency?

Have you ever wished to travel the world without spending even a cent? Felix Weis, a tech geek and computer programmer, had a similar dream, and in 2015, he fulfilled his dream. Weis started with gathering information about Bitcoin, an online currency with no physical form, but with numerous perks.

Bitcoin is a virtual coin that is not controlled by any government and is very secure due to its internal structure. Weis wanted to test if the currency was truly a global way to pay for products and services. He had previously spent a few years toying with it in both a professional and personal role. He set out on a round-the-world journey with one condition: he only could spend Bitcoin (although in some cases he could exchange Bitcoins for cash).

For all kinds of reasons, the tour was a success, and has since then served as an example for other innovative tourists. With it in view, we’ve compiled a list of Bitcoin basics that you’ll need to know if you want to travel the globe without taking any cash. Go url to open a free crypto trading account.

Essential Basics of Bitcoin Travel



Every trip begins with a single step, and if you want to start off well, you’ll need to start spending Bitcoins right away. Thankfully, a growing number of travel agencies and airlines are already accepting Bitcoin.

One of the most appealing aspects of utilising Bitcoin to book flights is that you may do so from anywhere in the world and will have to pay the same price. If you want to avoid potentially costly currency conversion fluctuations and charges, this is a wonderful option.


Time can seem to slow down when you’re alone on the road, in the air, or drifting on the water. Finding an idea to keep yourself entertained is critical in this situation. Fortunately, because of the surge in support of Bitcoin, you now can play gambling games using only Bitcoin on your mobile. VegasCasino was one of the first casinos to enter this sector and today provides over 100 games that can be played using cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin Roulette. Check out for more information on this.

VegasCasino offers practise tables in addition to its real money alternatives, such as Zoom and Common Draw roulette. So, if you’re looking for something to do in between places, make sure you have your mobile, a few Bitcoins, and pure luck on your side.


Searching for a place to stay

This one isn’t too tough. Most travel agents that accept cryptocurrencies for flight bookings also accept cryptocurrency for hotel bookings. Airbnb-like services also accept cryptocurrency for housing. Depending on where you’re going in the world, getting a place to live shouldn’t be too difficult through this option.

Eating with Bitcoins

This one is a little bit tricky. You can easily book flights and lodging online with businesses that accept bitcoin. However, finding local restaurants that will accept these digital coins is quite challenging. Bitcoins are only accepted in a few restaurants and cafes throughout the world. You can use certain tools to find whether any local eateries accept bitcoin.

If you don’t have enough luck, you can still use bitcoins to purchase food coupons from services. In certain places, local exchanges now allow you to buy gift vouchers with bitcoins, including food vouchers.


Back-up Power Source

When you’re in a country where technology isn’t as modern as the modern world, it’s important to have an emergency power plan, just like Weis did. Luckily, even if no local firms, bars, or cafes accept Bitcoin, there will almost likely be someone ready to exchange these digital coins for local cash.

Naturally, you’ll have to be a little clever in some instances. Weis, for instance, was able to locate a Bitcoin-based Groupon-style portal in Romania in which he would buy coupons for local goods and services.


It’s not nearly as tough to shop with cryptocurrency as it is to buy food. Find the stores that accept bitcoins in your area, which are far more common than restaurants.

What if you find yourself in a situation where no one will accept your bitcoins and you’re out of cash? In such a scenario, locate a bitcoin ATM in your area and cash out your coins!

The number of stores that use cryptocurrency has risen sharply, making it easier to travel the world with only cryptos.


Get a smartphone wallet to keep track of your daily expenses

“It isn’t your money if you don’t have control over it.” For daily expenses, Weis advises putting only the money you’ll need right away to a mobile wallet like Coinbase, Blockchain, or Copay. Banks had capped withdrawals to 60 euros during Grexit, however, Bitcoin ATMs have a greater limit.

Make friends with folks in your area

Find people looking to buy your bitcoins in return for fiat currency using LocalBitcoins. Look for Bitcoin Meeting groups in your area. Weis would regularly introduce himself to local Facebook Bitcoin groups and asked for help when he was having problems paying for products in Bitcoin.

In Argentina, for example, Weis was first using a facility that let him pay for Uber using Crypto. When Uber in Argentina closed up shops, he connected to a Bitcoin-accepting taxi driver through the Argentine Bitcoin Facebook group. Local agencies can also help you find mobile Bitcoin apps focused on that country or area.


Before visiting each location, spend at least some hours doing research

Learn which shops in your new location (such as restaurants and grocery stores) accept Bitcoin or with whom you may swap for cash. It’s better to promote your bitcoins on LocalBitcoins at least 48 hours before you plan to visit.

On the other hand, when he got to Brazil, he found that local Bitcoin rates were about 12% more than on exchanges in other countries, so he would gain each time he sold. Arrange for emergencies in either case, and be ready to seize chances when they occur.

The number of stores that take bitcoins has risen, making the Weiss challenge far more easy, but travelling without anything remains a challenge.

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