6 Ways to Define Your Personal Style

Do you feel as if your personal style profile could use an upgrade? After more than a year of social restrictions, primarily lock-downs and distancing, millions of otherwise gregarious folks are sensing a lack of connection to others. But, now that all those rules are loosening up a bit, it’s the perfect time for a style tune up.

Everyone has their own way of creating an image that they want to project at work, at home, or around friends. It’s part of the human personality and is a totally natural, healthy urge. There’s nothing wrong or selfish about the desire to look good, act responsibly, and project a positive image. What are some of the most effective ways to achieve this sometimes-elusive goal? In truth, there are as many approaches as there are people, but the following methods are perhaps the most common in modern culture, no matter where you live or how old you happen to be.

1. Phones


With all the advances in phones over the past decade, combined with the fact that nearly every phone is now a handheld, portable unit, the technology has achieved the level of official status symbol. Much like cars and clothing, you can project much about your personality based on the kind of phone you use. Larger phones with high-definition screens that are foldable are among the latest, and priciest, offerings in the product segment. On the budget end of the spectrum are the no frills models that display time and date on the screen when not in use, and come with a standard set of apps for everyday use. Choose colors, cases, sizes, and ringtones that match your personality.

2. Portable Vaporizers


Portable vaporizers, like the collection seen here, have quickly moved from a novelty to a necessity for many adults who enjoy vaping on the go. The good news is that you need not spend a fortune or hunt for weeks to find excellent products in this niche. It’s easy enough, for example, to peruse a vast collection of portable vaporizers online from any device you prefer. The advantages of portable devices are numerous, and include the central fact that you can literally vape anytime, anywhere. With all the smoking restrictions in place these days, it’s nice to have a vaporizer in your pocket or purse for public use. There’s no flame or burning component of the device, and it’s definitely not a form of smoking, so you can enjoy public vaping with your portable unit whenever you wish. Owners of portable vaping devices tend to be mobile, social, friendly types who enjoy life and the company of others.

3. Vocabulary


The words you use reveal a lot about your personality, whether you want them to or not. For instance, have you ever found yourself evaluating others based on how much profanity they lace their conversation with, how often they use slang, irreverent terminology, or inconsiderate speech? It’s in our DNA to listen to others and make quick judgments based on what we hear. Whether that’s right or wrong is unimportant. It’s a fact of life. If you want to ramp up your social image for the better, try using more considerate words and phrases as a way to not hurt the feelings of others. A little profanity now and then is harmless, but if every other word you use consists of four letters, you’ll soon notice that very few people want to socialize with you.

4. Hygiene


Try watching TV for more than an hour without viewing an advertisement about bad breath. Chances are, you’ll see several ads for toothpastes and mouthwashes that brag about fresh breath as their main selling point. But the whole hygiene question is related to more than breath. Your personal style is partly based on how others perceive your general level of cleanliness. That category includes not just breath but clothing, hair, skin, teeth, and nails. The truth is that we make hundreds of judgments every day about the people we see and meet. If their hair is unkempt or it’s apparent, they don’t care how they dress, we mentally register those facts, for better or worse.

Do a hygiene experiment. Spend a few extra minutes each morning trying to look your very best. Pay close attention to wearing nicer clothing, attending to hair, teeth, and nails, and being sure to shower before going out and meeting anyone in person. You’ll likely be surprised at the reception. People will respond more favorably to you in all sorts of ways. It’s because hygiene is more important a part of your personality than you suspect.

5. Punctuality


Often overlooked, punctuality is a core component of the way others judge us. This is especially true if you are the type who is habitually late. On the job, this habit can cause serious problems, but in your social life, it can lead to poor relationships, weak friendships, and a loss of community status. Plus, you’ll miss the first part of movies, plays, and sports games. Adults who are regularly late are often seen as not caring enough about others to show up at the appointed time for games, meals, sporting events, and more. Want to boost your likeability factor? Make an effort to always be on time or slightly early for work and play.

6. Jewelry, Tattoos, and Piercings


Choose jewelry that expresses your personality and makes you look good at the same time. Likewise, if you choose to have tattoos and piercings, take the time to make careful decisions about the overall effect they’ll have on your appearance and social image. Think of tattoos as a form of wearable diary entries. Visible ones are seen and read by everyone you encounter on the street, at gatherings, and at work. Piercings and jewelry are a bit different because they’re not so permanent, but they still carry a powerful message about who you are. Choose both based on what you’re comfortable with, what’s appropriate for the occasion, and how they make you feel toward yourself. We can suggest you visit ItsHot website and browse through their huge selection of diamond rings. In the end, all the choices you make should satisfy you first, and others second.

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