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How Far in Advance Should You Book a Flight to Get the Best Deal

We all know how the internet works. If you are interested in something, and you passionately look for it, it will serve better prices and offers initially, and once they get your attention, they will trick you into thinking that’s the lowest price. But, the truth is it’s more than a fair price, and you will think you got the best deal because they will ensure you it’s lowered just for you. The prices can also change according to the current demand. Can you imagine how many people will get the message that it’s the last seat by that price, and still make quite a few of them to catch “that” particular seat.

Source: blog.air.irctc.co.in

There are special websites that can filter the cheapest flights for you, like insanelycheapflights.com, but surely you can use some tips and tricks, so you can get the best for your money. Many people claim they know the right time to book that ticket. Some of them are sure that the prices are most stable almost one year before the departure, but not every person is able to plan the trip that ahead. According to some sources, the best day is exactly 54 days before the departure. The closer the date is, the more expensive the ticket gets. Some people give a timeframe of four months to three weeks before the start of the trip. It’s also known as the “prime booking window”, and the people who hate to procrastinate know that.

So, we can say that the worst day possible is the day before the departure. The system considers that you don’t have a choice and that you will accept any price they serve to you. And probably they are right since we don’t always have a choice on that.

There are a few more aspects to consider, especially if you have to travel during holidays or on usual days. Domestic travel is usually cheaper than international flights, and it’s one of the facts you need to remember, so you can use most of the benefits the flight companies give to you.

We know that not every trip can be planned two months in advance, but if you can, and you know what you want, you should start a little earlier than you suppose.

Source: independent.co.uk

Some simple rules about booking the flight

Since there is no exact proof on these things, some researches showed them as right, and probably it will pretty helpful to read them before you reserve the tickets.

  1. The earlier you start looking for the flight, the better deal you will get.
  2. Ticket will eventually get more expensive the closer the trip day is.
  3. The service known as CheapAir estimated the best time to book the flight is 54 days before departure.
  4. Ticket prices are mostly the same between 320 to 106 days (according to the same source), and they start dropping the very next day.
  5. Last-minute booking is good in so many aspects, but not in flights though. Avoid it, if possible.
  6. For domestic travels, things can be different, and they may depend on the season too. So, in general, 64 days in advance is a good plan, but you may need up to 90 days for winter, and 80 to fall trips.
  7. For international trips, the rule is simple – the earlier the better. But, that’s not possible all the time. In best cases, three months in advance may be the most optimal date for this type of travel.
  8. Prices can change depending on the continent and country, and that’s pretty normal.
  9. You can be very late for booking the flight. You may have like not more than two hours before the flight, and the companies always save a few places for these cases.
  10. You may get a discount in urgent cases, like death in the family, or when someone you love suffers in another country.
Source: flyaztec.com

As much as we want to answer some questions, it is often not at all simple. Flights are just an example of how some rules and assumptions can be an exception at certain times.

Trips must be cleverly planned so that costs can be reduced. Holidays are expensive, but you can easily save on a flight if you make a reservation on time. Urgent travel can also reduce the cost. But sometimes that is impossible and it all depends on the situation you are in at the moment.

So, there is no exact formula that can help you predict the trends. It’s all about the luck you have, and the reasons for the trip.

Getting a good deal is possible, but you will never be sure if you got the best one.

Source: tajtravel.com

But, there are a few general things to remember, that can be really helpful:

– For holiday trips, you need to be very pragmatic, and plan in advance, especially for national holidays. For example, you know when it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving, and you should try to book the flight the earliest you can.

– For domestic trips, there are a few optimal days, but the average one is around 64 days before the trip. Avoid last-minute bookings for domestic travels.

– For international trips, you can start looking from the first moment you plan the trip, and sometimes even a year earlier can be already late. But, three months in advance is still good timing, especially if you don’t plan things too early.

We know that it seems a little bit confusing to remember all these things, but don’t forget that they are not fixed, and can change from year to year, and may differ from one company to another. In the end, you are the one who decides which price is better, and it all depends on your wish and ability to pay at that particular moment.

Maybe you will figure out the patterns alone since they are different for the companies and timings. Anyway, we hope you will have a great time on your vacation.

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