8 Tips For Making Your Presentations More Interesting & Effective 

While showing and explaining the presentations, retaining the audience’s interest for longer durations is one of the challenges, which many speakers encounter. When the demonstration gets boring and uninteresting, numerous people will pay no attention and start browsing their phones, sleeping, or talking with their acquaintances.

Being a presenter, seeing the audience sitting absentmindedly or giving no attention to you can make you uncomfortable and anxious. Because of that, many presenters try to finish their presentations as soon as possible, which is definitely not the best method to display the presentation. It is significant to engage the listeners so that they can have a better understanding of the topic you are demonstrating.

Top 8 Tips To Make Presentations More Engaging And Effective

If you would like to improve your presentation delivering skills, make time to check out They have nationally certified trainers who provide workshops on critical verbal and non-verbal skills as well. Below are some of the best and highly effective tips, which will help you make the presentations relatively fascinating and productive.


1. Make A Clean And Straightforward Presentation

It is best to keep the presentation simple, clean and do not make it more complicated. Keep in mind that you do not need to talk about everything because demonstrating the mandatory details is good enough. If not, your presentation can be confusing, making it difficult for the crowd to understand.

2. Add Audio Effects And Visuals To The Presentation

If you put tons of basic information, stats, and facts in every slide, sooner or later, the audience will begin deviating their attention. To avoid those situations, make sure to add only relevant content, soft music, or other sound effects, which will help you grab people’s attention. As melody brings out emotion, it is an excellent way to interact with the crowd.

Replacing the written content with visuals (images, gifs, or videos) is highly effective to captivate the audience. Hence, putting at least one visual element in every one or two slides is beneficial. However, make sure not to overload the presentation with visual content and sound effects.


3. Be Humorous

Humorous jokes will brighten up the mood and help you make a positive connection with the audience. Whenever you get a chance, make appropriate jokes and discover a path to add humor to your presentation. Doing this will make your demonstration more remarkable to the crowd.

4. Utilize Storytelling To Make It Extraordinary

As you know, storytelling has been a part of our culture all over the world. Plus, it is one best way to catch the attention of the audience. Compared to the stats and facts in the presentation, stories are more engaging and can be memorable. However, not many presenters think of utilizing this tip because of the style used in various demonstrations, especially academic-related ones.

When you begin telling them a new story, the audience will automatically start paying attention to you as they are interested in what comes next. The best storytelling strategy is when you illustrate the significance and then indicate a superior way to that end objective. If you would like to demonstrate your presentation in the form of storytelling, make sure to provide a pattern to it. So, start by making a crystal-clear introduction, middle part, subparts, and conclusion.


5. Keep Eye Contact

Many studies and even experts say that not maintaining eye contact with the audience is one of the reasons why people often divert their attention. Decent eye contact will ensure a powerful stage presence of your own and makes it easy for you to convey your point. Remember that you have to make eye contact with everyone in the audience.

Avoid staring at a single person or one side of the crowd because it will become awkward, and you might look nervous to other people. If you want, you can practice making eye contact days before the actual presentation.

6. Maintain Body Language

Your body posture and hand gestures are especially crucial because they will indicate the impact you have. The audience will show more interest when the presenter explains with excitement and decent physical energy. Due to that, using detailed and respectable gestures will primarily enrich your presentation.

Some of the best body language techniques are:

  • While telling significant points, make use of hand gestures
  • Stay calm and use deliberate actions when giving emphasis to specific information
  • Do not keep your legs and arms uncrossed

7. Ask Questions To The Audience

It is effective to ask questions to the people but avoid targeting only specific groups. Make sure not to ask the questions in a strict and harsh tone but be cheerful. You can utilize online tools to provide opportunities to the audience to engage, which makes them a part of your presentation. With this method, you can also get beneficial insights and information about the crowd, their knowledge of the presentation, and many more.

  • Poll Questions

Making polls is one interesting way to ask questions to the audience and spur some reflection and debate on the topic. Besides that, this method allows all the people to participate and give their answers.

  • Word Clouds

The Word Clouds are an incredible strategy to obtain small and straightforward answers to almost every kind of question. This method is quite beneficial to acquaint some briefness to your presentation.

8. Bring Audience Into The Spotlight

When you plan to have a lengthy presentation, it is better to encourage and ask the eager audience to come onto the stage and discuss their point. That way, you can keep the attention of the listeners, and some of them may show more interest if they also want to speak. Even famous personalities and successful businessmen often invite the crowd to talk about their viewpoints.


Bottom Line

Involving the audience is vital to make your presentation more interesting and effective. Make sure to use humor, be calm, maintain good body posture and decent hand gestures, talk in clear language, and be straightforward. Along with these, follow the above tips during your next presentation.

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