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Why Has The Male Sex Toy Stigma Been Allowed To Persist For So Long

No matter how far we go, some stigmas and prejudices remain among people and introduce additional differences between them. Most often, prejudices are related to personal choices, such as political affiliation, religion, choice of profession, but also the experience of one’s own sexuality.

Sex toys exist and will exist and although they are neither a new nor an unknown concept, they are still accompanied by quiet or loud condemnation. Have you noticed that both men and women are victims of those prejudices? However, when it comes to bedroom toys, men are often labeled as desperate or perverted, with no respect for anyone else’s choice.

Women are not spared from these stigmas either, but somehow by keeping silent, they get tacit approval, while men get mostly condemnation and unfounded prejudices. Some of them are really radical, and 2024 is not the time to have such attitudes, especially when it comes to sexuality and the decision for everyone to create their intimate life in a way that only suits them. Check xinghaoya for more help.


Throughout your life, you will see many who judge someone else according to various beliefs and stereotypes, without knowing him as a person. Such radicals are most dangerous to those who want to be free. Of course, we cannot blame individuals, because some attitudes are rooted and nurtured for decades, which is really difficult to change in the world. But if everyone starts on their own and learns that personal choices only affect the one who made them (unless they result in crime), then the world will remain dominated by those who are bitter and who want to impose their views.

This is why certain groups of men are ashamed of using sex toys, whether they do it alone or with their partner.

Why it persists for so long?

It is very easy for a certain stigma or prejudice to become the norm of behavior. But that does not mean it is right. The belief that a man using a doll or other aids is desperate and incompetent must remain as far back in time as possible.

The longevity of such harmful attitudes is due, as we have mentioned, to certain imposed norms and prejudices that the elders had, but in a different time and society. However, it is very sad to see young people accepting all this.

What are the most common myths and stigmas associated with toys? It’s time to take a look:

1. They are not capable of having a partner


They simply either do not want to or are not ready. It may not be in their lifestyle to have a person by their side. Maybe they do not like anyone at the moment and do not feel sexual attraction with anyone. With this, we break the myth that men do not choose with whom they will have sex. They are simply people who, in addition to needs, also have emotions and character, so maybe they want to be so close to the right person. Remember that anyone who wants to have sex can find a partner to do so. But with toys, there is no attachment and falling in love, which is good for those who are not ready for that step.

2. Those who use toys are homosexual

You have probably heard this and you may be equally surprised that it still exists as a prejudice (some call it their own opinion and attitude). This claim is very bizarre because it restricts the use of something that is available to everyone. Imagine for a second you want to enjoy a toy, but your friends and family say it’s for homosexuals. It’s so bad for the overall sex drive, but also for self-respect the person has. We still don’t have an answer why this stigma lasts for so long among the people, and probably we will never find it. But, it’s on us to start changing our attitude and be more open to the options we have to be satisfied, even when we don’t want other people involved in it.

3. Sex toys are humiliating


Humiliation is something completely different and it is very important to know that when someone decides for himself and thus does not hurt anyone else, there is nothing like that. Many people engage in sex games that involve humiliating licenses and using a variety of toys and aids. As a matter of fact, many male users use services like, so it’s about time to avoid all these judgmental views and start taking care of ourselves.

4. It is acceptable for women to use them as much as possible

This attitude is so wrong that it is worrying that many people already have it and really believe in it. Why should women’s satisfaction be greater and more acceptable than men’s? Double standards have so far destroyed many of the self-confidence and self-esteem that people have. Men are victims of such condemnations as much as women are labeled as “hungry” for sex and insatiable. Both extremes are completely wrong, but in the end, it all comes down to the fact that those who use toys know best about themselves.

The adult industry has fetishized women who use sex toys, and in contrast, men have been labeled as either the act or the masturbation. We must not look at and judge things this way and it is best for everyone to look after themselves and their own good.

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Based on all that we have said, we can conclude that many things are misunderstood just because beliefs in the past were different. Conservative people choose to live with such beliefs, but they miss much of what modern life brings. On the other hand, exposing privacy to the public should not be exaggerated.

Everything we do at home is only for us and our potential partner. Our own satisfaction depends only on us and it is not a problem of how we will decide to do it. Stigmas will exist, but the fewer supporters they have, the easier it will be to eradicate them.

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