4 Different Types and Variations of Online Slots

When it comes to online casino gambling despite all the new games, new systems, modalities, development of new gaming systems, one particular type of game will always enjoy sympathy from a large group of players; these are the so-called “old school”, traditional casino games. One such game is the slot. Slots are games that satisfy every gambler, with or without experience. They bring in that Vegas casino feeling, they are easy to play, and offer tons of excitement, since you can never know if you will hit a jackpot or not. It’s the gambling rush that makes it fun. A jackpot could be just around the corner.


Is there a general division of slots?

Today, thanks to the virtual world, there are over a hundred different variations of slot games. But in that sea of different ones, it can be said that they are primarily divided into so-called:

  1. Classic and
  2. Video slot games.

In the past, these two types differed in the very technologies by which they were made. Classic slot games were purely mechanical games in which real wheels were spinning. Later, with the rise of the computer industry, video slot games were created obviously based on electronics and without typical slot gear such as pulling the rod in order to spin. Because of the situation the world is currently in,  all slot games are actually video slots, but those 3-reel slot games are still called classic slot games.

Online casinos are full of new, modern slot games, but do you remember the classic ones with a Vegas theme? Despite being too simple and sometimes boring in today’s terms, classic fruit slots have always attracted the attention of a large number of players.

To summarise – classic slot games are slots that have 3 reels and have classic slot symbols such as: the word “bar”, cherries, lemons, bells, etc. They originated from the original mechanical slot machines called “One-armed Jack”. Today, slots like this have other themes, and offer bonus rounds and even jackpots. They usually have a couple of paylines, from 1 – 5.


Video slots  are games that run on software and do not have real drums, but are actually a type of video game. As a rule, they have 5 drums, and they can also be found with 7 drums. These games have superb graphics and sounds, offer bonus rounds, dozens of paylines and often a variety of complementary mini-games. Video slots also often offer jackpots.

Aside from this general division, additional two categories can be introduced as well. These are:

  1. Jackpot and
  2. Bonus slots.

Jackpot slots  are the most popular slots because they offer the opportunity to win millions with a very small stake. According to luckygames888 they work so that part of the money from each game is set aside for the jackpot, so that jackpots grow until someone wins them and can reach millions. After winning the jackpot, it starts growing again from a certain starting amount guaranteed by the casino.

Bonus slots  are slots that offer additional ways to win, besides the usual combinations on paylines. These are usually additional free spins and mini-games that take place on a special screen. Such slots are  often reviewed as the most fun games in the casino.

Although different in type, they do have a couple of things in common – symbols and features.


Now, knowing all these types and variations, how to choose a perfect one?

Ask yourself which is the most attractive to you visually and when it comes to playing? Choosing this way you will surely find the one you will enjoy the most, which is the primary goal of the game itself and gambling as an activity. This implies that you also understand how the game works. However, don’t be afraid of change, give new slots a chance, and don’t just stick to old games out of habit. We know that everyone likes to play Book of Ra and similar “classic” slots, but that doesn’t mean that they are always the best choice. Some newer slot games have a higher payout percentage than older ones. Likewise, some slots offer jackpots, while others do not offer them at all. So test different games until you find one that suits you best.

Do not be afraid of failure or that you will get lost because as a rule, each slot machine and the game on it should have instructions for users on how to actually play and what are the possible winnings and possible rules of the game itself. Playing online comes with a lot of advantages because almost every online casino has the option to play for “play money” or counterfeit money that has no value and is used exclusively for exercise or killing time if you do not want to play for real money. It is advisable to try every game this way before you decide to try your luck with real money. Once you have decided what to play, you need to choose the desired stake according to the budget you own.


What is specific about this casino game is the fact that it is almost 100% a game of chance, that is, the outcome almost does not depend on the player, but on the random number generator, which is not even in the casino, but somewhere on the other side of the world in the headquarters, on the server of a certain slot game provider. It also means that almost every player of these games has an equal chance of winning money because it is simply necessary to turn the reels and hope that the symbols will match.

When we talk about the possibility of increasing the chances of winning, there are two options, even though this is as we mentioned one of those real games of chances. One is to choose profitable game strategies, and the other is to use small tricks, with which you can definitely increase your chances of winning.

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