8 Hardest First-Person Shooter Games For Beginners

If you’ve been getting into FPS games as of lately, you’re probably looking for something to challenge you. Well, luckily for you, the genre has never been more popular! There are millions of games you can choose from, many of which are quite difficult to master, yet still beginner-friendly enough to keep you hooked.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the hardest first-person shooter games that will make you love (and hate) this genre more than ever!

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Valorant


Riot games did what they do best with Valorant – they made it extremely easy to learn but insanely difficult to master.

While the mechanics in this game aren’t as hard as in some of the other picks on this list, the sheer competitiveness of it all makes it worth your attention. Everyone’s trying their best to level up their skills, so the in-game experience tends to get quite intense at times. Many people compare it to CS: GO, but we believe it’s a tad bit easier to pick up.

You can watch some gameplay online to check whether it’s something that fits your playing style and your gaming needs. Either way, we’re certain you’ll have fun exploring the game and its, uh, intensely passionate community.

2. Escape from Tarkov

If you want a real challenge, there’s no game that compares to Tarkov. It’s a survival first-person shooter that makes every mistake count. Seriously, you won’t have any time to blink if you want to survive in this game! It’s super difficult, yet so satisfying once mastered.

We do recommend you get more familiar with the genre before trying it, as it’s one of the most difficult FPS games currently available. Once you do, this game will probably be one of the most enjoyable experiences in your gamer life. We vouch for that!

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


CS: GO and all of its variants were probably the first shooter game you’ve tried, due to its immense popularity over the years. Yet, the player base seems to only be growing as time passes. The reason for this is quite simple: Counter-Strike has an endless learning curve that keeps its players engaged and coming back for more.

It’s a game you’ll never fully master, as every match is a learning experience of its own. The mechanics might not be anything spectacular, but it’s still one of the most challenging FPS games we’ve ever had the chance to enjoy.

4. Doom Eternal

If fighting in the deepest depths of hell is something that sounds like your personal aesthetic, you’ll absolutely love Doom Eternal. It has made such a big impact on the genre, which is huge considering it’s only been out a little over a year.

Now, the game can be enjoyed by total beginners and FPS veterans alike, as it comes with different difficulty settings. If you’re looking for a real challenge, Ultra Nightmare is where it’s at. When we say it’s one of the most intense FPS experiences to date, we truly mean it. Check it out for yourself – you won’t regret it!

5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R


When we say the word „unforgiving“, S.T.A.L.K.E.R is probably what first comes to mind. The game is incredibly difficult, especially for new players. You never know what types of horrors will await you right around the corner – well, you’ll be dead before you see them anyway. It’s an incredibly intense experience all FPS players should enjoy at least once in their lifetime.

Again, if you’re a complete FPS beginner, you’ll probably want to smash your PC a couple of times as you start getting better at the game. It won’t let you get away with a single mistake, but the fast action and the unique RPG elements in the game will keep you hooked for more.

6. Call of Duty

Call of Duty has been around for ages, but it seems to be going nowhere as it is. There’s even a free mobile version you can enjoy in your free time.

The game is super fun, albeit difficult at times, especially if you’re playing solo. However, what makes it deserving of the spot on this list is mainly related to the World at War campaign. If you’ve ever met a CoD player, then you’ve heard of it. The campaign that’s so insanely difficult, it may take you hundreds of hours to complete it.

7. Destiny 2

Is there anything more fun than first-person looter shooter games? Well, nobody does it as well as Destiny 2. It has tons of interesting weapons, armor, all while requiring one of the most difficult grinds you’ll ever pull of to climb in a video game.

As noted at, enjoying Destiny 2 as a beginner without any help from experienced players is next to impossible nowadays, especially if you’re motivated to reach the highest power level cap every season. Be it as it may, there are so many different campaigns and game modes to explore – you’ll never get bored of playing this game!

8. Serious Sam: The Second Encounter


We love all Serious Sam games equally, but the one that certainly gave us the most trouble is Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. Croteam will randomly decide to corner you with hundreds of different enemy spawns, you’ll barely even have any time to react.

As difficult as it is, Serious Sam is also insanely fun, especially on higher levels of difficulty. We recommend it to everyone and anyone looking for a challenging shooter.

The bottom line

The world of first-person shooters can get quite overwhelming for a newbie. There are so many different subgenres you can try until you’ve found your preferred playstyle: looter shooters, PvP, RPG, battle royale, horror, action, survival – basically, anything you’d like!

Most of the games we mentioned above aren’t really suitable for absolute beginners, but they’re still a good option if you’re looking for a challenge.

We hope our article helped you find your new favorite FPS game and we wish you the best of luck in all of your future gaming matches!

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