Apple Releases 2 new Ads titled ‘Reservations’ and ‘Gamers’ for iPhone 6

Apple released two new ads on the internet, where it dubs “Gamers” and another ad is called as “Reservations”. These commercials were voiced by Comedian Jimmy Fallon and artist Justin Timberlake who both feature in these ads’s voice section, whereas the actual actions don’t seem to be the original members itself. The main reason of advertising is to organize the latest Apple device the way it is meant to handle new technology.

The First ad which describes the title as “Gamers” on the Apple’s website and its YouTube channel where it boasts about the Apple’s new A8 chip which is integrated on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus both of these devices perform very well, better than previous ones.

The ad shows that two person are playing the game Vainglory but the face is not visible as only the hand section is visible to the viewers and Jimmy Fallon and JT talking with each other about the game they are playing and having some fun time as they describe they play it seasonally matches against each other, while Jimmy Fallon calling Justin Timberlake a “Noob”. Apple earlier showcased about this game on the press, and it’s now made available on the iTunes for free downloading. So it’s something new to take part in for the iPhone owner’s with powerful chip on the back optimizing the gameplay.

And the 2nd advertisement titled as “Reservation” shows off the ability to make calls through Apple devices, the cross-platform continuity features is made very common on the apple devices with increase portability on multi-platforms. Apple users can make or receive calls on other devices with the use of continuous app operations and other transferring protocols used for this high-level interaction. Apple made a lot of returns and sale on the launch of its latest devices, which is referred to as the best sale ever up till now according to Apple’s source.

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