4 Best Crypto Documentaries Every Trader Needs to Watch in 2024

Becoming good at something especially when it is a part of your career or a thing that brings you revenue should never be put on hold. Honing one’s skills and learning as much as possible about a certain field is how you ensure success and get an edge over the competition. In the modern world of technology and resources at virtually every corner, it is easier than ever to get the right information and become a better professional. The old ways of doing things are no longer the only viable methods of becoming better at something. On the contrary. What was once used for entertainment and pastime has become the best way to learn.

Video Formats and Cryptocurrencies

The video format is the most popular form of media right now. Due to the internet and the higher quality of production overall, both long format and short format videos are by far the most widespread among all types of media. When it comes to learning and staying informed though, it is the documentaries that are still the best course of action. They can be, and usually are, about numerous different things both mainstream and less talked about. One area and industry that can never seem to get enough attention is cryptocurrency. Despite being present in our lives for over a decade, there is still so much unclear about them for the majority of people.

This is why we wanted to talk about crypto documentaries in this article and check which the absolute best of the best are. Every crypto trader needs to educate themselves further and watching documentaries in which experts talk about a whole range of different things is one of the most interesting and fun ways to do it. Make sure you watch these documentary movies in 2024 if you are looking to improve your cryptocurrency trading skills. Mind that they are not in any particular order. If you want to learn even more about this industry, make sure to click here.

1. The Bitcoin Gospel

Cleverly named to compare its importance to the Bible, this is one of the most popular videos about cryptocurrency in existence. It features Roger Ver, who has been nicknamed ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ during his time in the industry. The documentary is the perfect overview of Bitcoin particularly for the absolute beginners and newbies who feel like they do not know anything about this business. It talks about the benefits as well as its origins so it is a great place to start if somebody wants to know about the most popular cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin Gospel chronicles everything, from the start of Bitcoin in 2009 and its promising future as an alternative means of finance, to how and why it became so big. Learn about how the idea behind it gained traction and how Bitcoin became so popular and mainstream as an alternative payment method and a whole new form of business. The video is from 2015 and a lot has happened since, but there is still a lot to learn if you watch it.

2. I Survived on Bitcoin for 14 Days

While it may seem like any other YouTube video that uses shock and drama to attract viewers, it is anything but this. YouTube favors a certain approach and a certain thumbnail design, but this is actually a very good documentary that can teach traders so much about the leading cryptocurrency. A video journalist from the Coin Telegraph decided to try his luck with the 14 Day Bitcoin Challenge and document his experience. He tried living off the cryptocurrency for two weeks and never reach for his traditional money. The guy spends two weeks in New York City, which is one of the financial centers of the world and a city well-equipped for anyone looking to enter the crypto game. It is the best place to do this type of challenge. The video was published at the very end of 2019 so it is quite relevant still. It is a great chance to learn the real-life use of BTC and become aware of how mainstream its adoption has become. The documentary is also an insight into the possible future of cryptocurrencies.

3. Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble

The third documentary we talk about is also mainly about the leading digital currency, but that is how things are when something is so dominant. Often described as digital gold because it is on par with the precious metal in terms of fascination, rarity, and difficulty to mine, learn about what this actually means. This documentary explains to the viewers what made gold valuable, and why Bitcoin is a lot like it in the modern-day. For a detailed explanation of the intricate mechanisms that make up Bitcoin and its blockchain technology, this is an amazing piece of media to check out. It also talks about transactions and how they are verified, the main system in the finding of more Bitcoin.

4. Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Knot It

The title tells the story of what idea this movie tries to put out. It is essentially the truth as some time down the line we will indeed only be using cryptocurrency instead of traditional cash. The documentary was released in 2015 and it is a great look back at how things were thought to pan out now that around 7 years have passed. It only lasts 60 minutes but it is packed with crucial information that make it an informative crash course on all things crypto and money. It goes back in history and talks about how money came to be and how it evolved throughout human history. Those among you interested in what central banks, financial institutions, and governments are doing will find many answers in this documentary. Some of the biggest names in crypto appear and talk about interesting topics, including Roger Ver and Vitalik Buterin.

More Documentaries to Check Out

There are many more movies and videos worth watching that you should give a chance if you want to be a better crypto trader and investor. These are some of them:

  1. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014) – About the heyday of cryptos
  2. Crypto (2019) – A full-length movie starring Kurt Russel and Luke Hemsworth
  3. Explained: Cryptocurrency (2018) – A Netflix series about cryptos
  4. Cryptopia: Bitcoin Blockchains, and the Future of the Internet (2024) – Critically acclaimed, awarded
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