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Universal Studios to make Aaron Sorkin’s Movie based on Steve Jobs starring Michael Fassbender

Sony Pictures were working on Aaron Sorkin’s movie Steve Jobs, after developing it for two years Sony suddenly dropped the movie due to some scheduling reasons. After dropping it in less than a week, it was picked up by Universal Studios and it paid $30 million for rights to film the movie. The movie is based on the Biography of the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. After taking the deal Universal Studio is going to start the direction from the script which was written by Aaron Sorkin. The lead actor is going to be Michael Fassbender who recently starred in X-Men: Days of future Past and he is going to star as Jobs in this movie.

Michael Fassbender Steve Jobs Movie

Sony dropped the movie because the report and the source concludes that the studio had to drop due to shooting schedule which was limited as Director Danny Boyle wanted to start the actual shooting in January 2015, when Michael Fassbender schedule will be open and free to shoot for the movie. Sony later decided that it wanted to shoot a bit later which would be probably a no sign from Fassbender’s schedule as he was set to shoot X-Men: Apocalypse the upcoming movie in the X- Men Series.

Earlier this month when Sorkin was interviewed he revealed that the actual movie will not be an biographical overview, but the scenarios of the movie will be divided into three long and interesting scenes where jobs had his tracks ahead of the technology in the past where the three major product announcements took place – the Mac, the NeXT (after Jobs left Apple), and the iPod, well this is something unexpected coming from Sorkin, as earlier it was decided it is going to be a Christian Bale was selected for the lead role in the movie, even confirmed his involvement by Sorkin. So the place is now covered by Fassbender and actors Seth Rogen and Jessica Chastain are going to play the role of Steve Wozniak and Lisa, jobs estranged daughter respectively.

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