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Organize With Me: 5 Genius Tips to Arrange Your Kitchen Pantry

After a long day in the office or running errands, you want to come home to an organized and neat space. A well-arranged room is surprisingly therapeutic for many people. One of the essential rooms in any house is the kitchen. You will find that most kitchens have inbuilt pantries, while some pantries are built separately from the kitchen. As you prioritize organizing and arranging your kitchen, the pantry should be given the most priority as it is where you store your food and non-food items.

Why You Need A Well-Organized Pantry

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Is arranging your pantry on your to-do list? If not, I would advise that you add it to that list. Most homeowners don’t recognize the kind of impact an organized pantry has on your schedule and your physical and mental health. In most households, you will find pantries being misused by throwing stuff into them without a care in the world. So why all this fuss about organizing your pantry?

  • Saves you time: Imagine the amount of time you spend going through your untidy pantry to find that single jar of spice that you very much need for your meal. If only you had everything put together in a neat and organized manner. Save the amount of time you spend in your kitchen by arranging your storage.
  • Saves you money: Have you ever gone to the grocery store to buy cereal that you already have in your pantry? If you had everything arranged systematically in your pantry, you would have saved that money or used it for something else.
  • Keep bugs away: Organising your pantry does not only mean arranging and tidying up but also cleaning up. Wiping those spills and throwing out stuff that has gone bad will keep those pantry bugs away.
  • Enjoy cooking: You will enjoy your cooking times more when you have a neat and clean kitchen and pantry. Knowing the ingredients you have in your pantry will enable you to try out new recipes for you and your family to enjoy.

Tips For Pantry Organization

By now you are probably intrigued about pantry organization and are wondering how you can achieve the same. I can assure you that it is not a complicated process. One thing to keep in mind is that this is not a one time activity. You can always change up every now and then to keep things interesting for you. Here are a few basic tips for pantry organization.

Empty Out Your Pantry

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This may seem like a difficult task for you, but it is very necessary, especially if you are new to pantry organizing. To get a fresh start, you need to take everything out before you start arranging them. Make sure to check the expiration dates for most of your spices and cereals and ensure you throw out anything that has gone bad.

Once empty, clean out your panty by wiping down the shelves, and if you have shelf liners, you can put them on the shelves to add a fancy touch to them.

Change Your Packaging

An excellent package gives a product a very nice and appealing look. Other than that, some packages also help tremendously when it comes to the arrangement of items. Having your tea leaves packaged in lovely tea pouches will make them look very fancy and easy to put away. Most tea pouch manufacturers have factored in different aspects of storage when coming up with the different packages which can be found at logos-pack.com. Stand-up tea pouches stand on their own and can be placed on pantry shelves directly.

Also, I would advise you to invest in fancy glass storage jars for your spices and cereals. This will add a fine touch and sophistication to your pantry and will also preserve your products well.

Label Your Products

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Once you have emptied your ingredients into storage containers, you need to ensure that you label them to avoid confusion when using them. You do not want to mix up the wrong ingredients into a recipe simply because you didn’t have a label on your storage container.

Create a System

It is important to have an arrangement pattern in your pantry. A good way to arrange your ingredients is in the order of frequency of use. The ones you use more frequently should be put at the front of your shelves to enable easy access.

Also, create sections in your pantry for different items. Avoid mixing up food and non-food items to avoid contamination. If you have kids, factor in a separate section for their snacks so they can be able to find them easily.

Make This A Frequent Process

Cleaning out and organizing your pantry is not a one-time activity. You need to carry out frequent checks in your pantry to ensure that the ingredients you have are still good to use; if not, throw them out. Wipe out those spills frequently to maintain your pantry all nice and clean.

The Bottom Line

It is now clear that arranging a pantry not only makes it neat and organized but also contributes to your safety and that of your family. Knowing the ingredients you have in your pantry and their expiration dates will prevent incidents like food poisoning. However, if you feel that this is an uphill task for you and you cannot do it, you can consult home improvement experts to assist you.

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