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Sony SmartWatch 3 Review

We see many new changes in technology year after year. New products are evolved and get popular. It was time when there were no Smartphone and the most important need for texting was sms.  Today we are having Smartphones and Tablets that comes loaded with PC like features and they had extended the usage to next level. With the invention of Smartphone, required smart technology in portable devices is getting more and more important.

And thus a watch evolved to SmartWatch. We will be checking out Sony SmartWatch 3 today. It is not just a regular watch but a portable device that does more than showing time. It runs on Google’s new Android Wear operating system. This would be one of the best smart watches in the market due to its durable design. Sony has does their best to make this product useful.


The first thing that we like about Sony SmartWatch 3 is its build quality which matters a lot. Because in rough time you can handle a phone by keeping it in bag, but when it comes to a smartwatch it gets more vulnerable to dust and water. Taking care of this Sony SmartWatch 3 is durable and a long lasting device.


It is very similar to Sony Smartband which was released earlier but it is a more evolved model. This one comes with a display that allows you to access your phone information easily on the same. The watch is easy to use and wear. And it can be a powerful substitute to your regular watch.

At the front side it has as 1.6inch display. The max resolution you can get on this is 320×320 pixels at 282ppi. This is not bad at all. The screen is bright enough to give you smooth output. You can read text under sunlight also. It has a feature through which it will manage the brightness on its own depending on the light condition with the help of ambient lighting sensor. The device makes it look a bit unique. It has as micro usb port which is used for charging and for file transfer. It is also not very heavy.


Durable design lets you to use it in rough condition without worrying about dust and water. SmartWatch 3 is having IP68 protection. This makes it dust and waterproof model. You can wear it in rain or in bad weather and it won’t get damage soon. Also you can wear it while you are in pool also. This level of protection is necessary for smartwatch.


Now comes the hardware part which will determine the performance part. The watch runs on a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU with 512MB RAM. And it has as 4GB internal storage also. A thing that lacks here is a memory card slot. You cannot extend that because there is no place to add an SD card in it. So that limits the usage as you won’t be able to add more data on the same. But still 4GB for a watch is enough for daily usage.

It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. Pairing it with Sony device is simple. Also the common connectivity standard will also help to use the smartwatch on other devices also. It has a gps also. That will act a nice tracker. But there is one big issue with that. When you turn it on, the battery drain really fast. I think Sony must work not he same. You have to charge very early if you are keeping the gps also. It is best to use it limited. Like while jogging only. It is more than a fancy watch according to me.

It is easy to use and has voice command feature also. Android offer you a lot more compatibility to extend the usage by connecting it with other devices.

User Interface:

The watch runs on Android 4.3 OS. And it might get a kitkat update also. Here Sony is using its own Custom UI on the same. That makes it more useful. The watch is not having very detailed menu or complicated navigation pattern. It just works well with all the options. Voice command can help you to use the watch a bit more effectively.

Soon a new update will add more fixes to the battery drain problem in this. For the voice thing, this watch uses Google’s voice recognition. Sony is not adding anything of their own in this. Most of the android phone runs on Google voice support. More enhancements are needed here. The app is compatible with various devices. But remember not to overload the app with things you don’t need. Because this can slow down its output. I will recommend you to use it with default apps only.

Sony Smartwatch 3 UI

It allows you a easy and fast interaction with notifications that you are getting on your phone. You can control your music also. You can also use twitter not he same. It is a very helpful device which a kind of time saver. You don’t have to remove your phone every time from the pocket. If you have any message you can just see that in the watch screen. Custom UI helps a lot here. The notification popup is easy to understand. But in coming time we are expecting more software improvement from the same.

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