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What Are Slow Feeders and Are They Healthy for Your Cat

People who have cats as pets want all the best for them. No one can ever stay calm in front of those pearly eyes and fluffy coats, listening to the meows, and not wanting to give them the whole world. It’s understandable that not every person is a cat person, but those who are, appreciate them more than anyone. That’s why the cat owners always look for the best possible solution, to make their pet’s life as much comfortable as possible.

Slow feeders are a huge trend among pet owners, and they are also viral on social media. The manufacturers claim that they are a much healthier option for cats that need to lose weight, or should maintain a special feeding regime, due to health issues.

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But, what is a slow feeder?

That’s a bowl with plenty of texture inside, so it can stimulate the pet’s brain, hunt for the chunks of food, and prevent fast eating. Many cats do that, and they have bloating and similar digestive issues. Also, it prevents overeating, which is one of the most common problems these animals have.

In case you still don’t know what are slow feeders, we highly recommend you to check on this website, to find out more about them. No matter which breed do you have, it’s beneficial. You only need to be careful if you own a Persian cat, that has a flat face, since they need a more accessible feeder, due to the head anatomy. Also, long hair cats like Maine Coon, Himalayan, or Angora, also need specific types of bowls, since they can fill their food with hair if it’s not adapted to their physical characteristics.

So, it’s not just to buy that special bowl for them – you also need to look for the design that is appropriate for your pet.

Are there any benefits of switching up to this kind of feeder? Experts say that there are plenty of them, including:

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1. It prevents putting a lot of food in the bowl – which leads to overeating

We all know that most of the cats will eat all the food in the bowl or feeder, without even taking a breath between the bites. That’s why so many home cats are overweight, or they have digestive issues since they are eating a lot more than they can handle. Indoor pets need less food, and fewer calories, since they don’t have to hunt the prey. But, all the pet owners know the struggle of overfeeding their tiny friends, especially when they seem like they are begging for one more bite.

But, with the slow feeders, these problems will come to their end. You will have more control of the calories intake, and the quantity of food in general, but also you will get plenty of ideas for enrichment of the meals, letting your pet enjoy all the benefits of it.

2. It stimulates their hunting instinct

Most of these feeders are imagined to look like kitty puzzles, so your floor can have fun looking for the treats. It can boost their reflexes and provide mental stimulation, while they enjoy their favorite meal. They will have to really put some effort to get to the food, and we are sure it would be a lot of fun for them.

It’s like hunting in nature, and it stimulates their instinct to get their food alone and make sure they have most of it. Also, every meal becomes an interesting game, and while playing, they can burn more calories, which prevents putting a lot of weight on their tiny bodies.

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3. Their digestion will be better

We’ve all been there – the cat eats most of the food in the bowl, and just in a few minutes, they vomit (yes, mostly on your carpet). Fast eating, just like with people, may cause a lot of gastrointestinal issues, and they can be really painful if they happen for a longer time.

So, a slow feeder is an answer. You can choose a few different models, so you can switch between them for different meals during the day. And your fluffy baby will be really thankful for that.

4. You can enrich any meal

Since these cat feeders are divided into different sections and resemble a maze in some way, you can be really creative in creating meals. Cats love food that they are used to, but it gets boring after a while. But you can follow their reactions and enrich the dry food with more additives, for example freshly cooked chicken, fruits and vegetables they can eat, boiled egg, boiled carrot, goat kefir and so on.

From vegetables, cats can eat boiled pumpkin, carrots, and peas. Never give them foods that contain onions, garlic, or leeks, neither fresh nor cooked. You can also enrich the meal with peeled apple, banana, or blueberry, but do not give them citrus fruits, cherries, or sour cherries, which can be even poisonous for pets. Do all this in coordination with your veterinarian to make sure you are doing it right. Click here to find out 20 surprising foods that are safe for cats.

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Cats are pets that are simple on the one hand, because they love routines, but on the other hand, with proper stimulation, they can achieve a lot in their lives. Slow feeders are not only good for maintaining a healthy weight and preventing digestive problems, but also for mental stimulation and challenges.

If you want to change your pet’s life for the better, we absolutely recommend investing in a few bowls like this, and even for those drinking water. Follow your cat’s needs. Only in that way, you can learn a lot about their character, but also to really get closer and appreciate the love and closeness that they give.

A properly fed pet is over 90 percent a healthy pet. The rest is in the regular veterinary checks, as well as in the exchanged love and tenderness between you and them. Appreciate the time you have with them, and try to make their life the best you can.

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