The World of Online Games Between Present and Future

Online games have been a part of us since the 1990s when the internet was first invented. The games have undergone various changes and continue to progress in order to stay relevant to the modern generation through this time. To understand the future and present of gaming, you first need to understand its past. That will help you figure out whether the predictions made over it are true or far-fetched. Here is everything you need to know about gaming in the present and future.

More online sites

In the past, you could only game if you were lucky enough to have gaming software or went to the arcade, although these were so expensive, and few could own them. Over time these games were put online, and people could download them after paying while this was slightly cheaper, there were still people who could not afford the games. Developers decided to develop sites where anyone with a computer could log on and play. These sites were more affordable since they were free for the better part. With this new initiative, sites like was created and allowed more people to play online. Currently, more people play these games online than the small number that started gaming. The sites are accessible from most places in the world, bringing forth a new generation of players who prefer using online sites to play.

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Another thing that is currently being used is the mobile apps from players. Most games are now available on mobile apps because there is a bigger crowd. More sites have developed apps to help draw in more people. Game apps are leading when it comes to downloads, and that just goes to show how many people prefer gaming apps to other forms of playing.

The future of online games

With the changes that have been happening in the gaming world, it is no surprise to many that there will be more changes happening in that area soon enough. Here are some of the changes that have started happening and will continue to happen as days go by,

Virtual reality


One of the things you will notice when it comes to online games is how most of them try to add an element of realism to the games. One of the ways this is done is through virtual reality. While there are still places that do not work with VR, this is slowly changing. VR equipment costs are also dropping significantly, which means people might own their equipment. Initially, virtual reality was used when people were playing combat games, but there are plans to add it to the more subtle and violent games to cater to a larger group of people. Soon most apps and sites will be replaced with virtual reality, which you want.

Augmented reality

Another thing that many game developers are working on is augmented reality. In 2016, a new Pokémon craze started with people walking around their block looking for Pokémon. The game aimed to get people moving and interacting in their locality. While this was the first game, it will not be the last. More people want games where they can interact with others while playing. Games like PokémoGo and also believed to help people who are monitoring their weight to have fun while at it, and this is bound to encourage more people to play. While it is a long way from being perfect, there is a chance that augmented and virtual reality will be combined from a whole new world for players.

Artificial intelligence


AI is something that many people are working on understanding is like code being written with the sole purpose to rewrite itself. Games like grand theft auto have introduced AI in some characters, which helps build their action ad reactions. Most games have a rigid storyline and can get boring after a while. Having AI in such games means the trajectory of the story changes. While some people find this appealing, others want to ensure that the game will end. Even though AI does have mixed reactions from players, it is something that you will see a lot of when you play the games in the future. Who knows, a game might be created purely out of AI.

Better graphics

If there is one thing everyone can agree has changed in the gaming world, it has to be graphics. What started as 2D pixelated characters have grown over the years into something more. Currently, there is a lot invested in ensuring that the graphics in most games are so good they are also realistic. While this has been going on for a while, the future holds even more when integrating great graphics into the games. Developers are researching how people and animals move in real life and incorporating that in the games. There is even research on how the hair on a person’s head moves and how they react when angry. All this is done just so they can create a realistic storyline. With all this combined with the other aspects in the game, characters will most likely play better because of the work put in creating a single game.



The idea of a metaverse has been thrown around in many comics and is just coming to play in gams. While there is still a lot to be done to push this reality, it will improve as time goes by. So far, there are plans to introduce it to several works.

Online gaming has been changing over the years and will keep changing. By knowing what these changes are, you can ensure that you are up to date with the latest developments in the gaming world as a gamer or developer. You get to know what to expect with the developments and how to incorporate this into your gaming, so you are a better player. As a developer, you get to know where you should focus your skills and which places you should focus your skills on.

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