5 Warning Signs Your Trees Need Pruning

Trees usually require pruning. Many plants have weak branches and visible changes. However, don’t wait for your tree to get sick to prune it. You need to repeat this action from time to time so that it always looks beautiful and colorful. This will stimulate its growth. Whether you notice problems or not, contact a professional wood company. These experts will inspect and prune it if necessary.

1. The tree has grown too much

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When the tree becomes too dense, it is almost impossible to see through the branches. You may like this scene and want to see the growth of your plants, but overgrowth is a very dangerous phenomenon. For example, during storms and strong winds, the limbs become too heavy and the tree will collapse. If it is located near your home, car, and other things, it is a great danger to you and your environment. So if you notice that, you should find professionals and request tree service.

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Pruning will also maintain the healthy appearance of the tree, especially the one you planted. While forest trees have to compete for sunlight, planted plants do not have to.

Therefore, they grow quickly and the tree in a short time may be too large for the yard. However, if a lot of branches are present, sunlight cannot penetrate the inside of the canopy. Instead of the wind passing through the canopy, the tree will resist the wind and bend. The branches will start to cross over other branches and that will lead to the decay of the tree, to the damage to the bark. The decay will spread to other parts of the plant and will result in a change in the shape of the tree. It is best to prune fast-growing trees in advance, as this will prevent property damage.

2. Broken branches

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The next thing you should pay attention to are broken branches. They should not be broken, torn, or bent. In that case, they need pruning as soon as possible. Broken branches are also dangerous because they can fall on you or other family members, visitors, etc. The problem is that broken branches are not so visible, which means that you will have to look at the tree to determine what is happening to them.

Sometimes your plant will simply have weak branches and that does not mean that it is sick or broken. This is often due to overcrowded branches that intersect on all sides. This type of canopy impairs the overall health of the tree because the branches do not get enough nutrients and light. They soon start to shoot and bend. Trees can also be damaged by severe storms such as snow, rain, or wind. After the storm is over, check your plants. If you notice split and broken branches, call experts immediately to process them. You must not leave trees like this unattended.

3. A different shape

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Your tree will never be symmetrical, but if you notice that it has changed shape or looks strange, take a closer look at it. This sign indicates the need for pruning because the strange shape is a consequence of uneven growth. Such growth contributes to poor weight distribution and this is what causes property damage. Before you start admiring the unique shape of your tree, consider whether it is necessarily healthy for the tree.

Of course, deformed trees are not a good sign. You should pay more attention to regular maintenance. Fortunately, experts can restore the original shape of the tree. Hiring them will probably help you keep your tree growing in good shape. Pruning will make it beautiful.

4. Dead branches

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If you do not notice the leaves on the branches of your tree, they are probably dead. Such branches will fall. Removing the branches is a good option because that way the rest of the plant will get more nutrients, its living parts. There are other symptoms of diseased wood. For example, if you notice that it is wet, you should call experts. It’s a diseased tree. If you continue to ignore this fact, the disease will spread to all parts of the plant very quickly and you will have to completely remove the tree.

The cause of the disease can be pests, fungi, and other infections. Don’t worry, not every change in the tree is a sign of illness. For example, the appearance of moss in a certain part of the year is a completely natural thing. However, if you notice fungi around a tree trunk or on branches, it is probably very sick. Either way, remove dead branches in time to prolong the life of your plant and make it happy. Otherwise, much greater damage awaits you.

5. Branches over the roof

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When a tree is near your home, you will have to take much more care of it for several reasons. For example, spreading roots can endanger the security of your home. The constant growth of branches is equally dangerous for you and your family. Branches that cross the roof are a sign that your tree needs pruning. If you do not get rid of the excess as soon as possible, the branches will just continue to grow over your roof or other structure in your yard.

However, you need to be careful when pruning. Do not do it yourself if you do not have previous experience, knowledge, and the necessary equipment. Smaller branches are easier to remove, but you have to handle them carefully. It is best to call a professional who will do the work and avoid any damage to the property during the pruning process.


If you check your trees regularly, you probably won’t have to worry about their health or the safety of your property. Regular pruning will enable your tree to develop properly and have a long lifespan. However, it is important to know when to prune trees. For example, pay attention to the presence of moisture. Wait for the wood to be moist. Pruning is done at an angle in spring or winter. Avoid autumn, because then the trees are very sensitive.

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