How Do You Get The Best Hit Out Of Your Dab?

A majority of the people are fond of dabs, and for those who don’t know what it is, they are the concentrated doses of CBD that help people in getting high. The doses are obtained from a solvent that helps the extraction of THC and several other forms of cannabinoids in the form of concentrated oils.

The dabs are known by several names depending on the consistency in which they are found. Additionally, they are given different names on the basis of their preparation method as well. Some of the most popular names by which they are known include wax, hash oil, shatter, etc.

To make the dabs highly effective, they are heated at highest temperatures using small nails that are usually made from quartz and glass or just any other material. The dab is then inhaled by a person through a dab rig. The reason behind the popularity and high usage of dabs is their purity and potency. If you are thinking that dabs are similar to the dry herbs, know that they only extract the active compounds, leaving everything else behind.

Having said that, dabs contain only the elements that help obtain the desired results such as pain relief, euphoria, and from many similar problems. Furthermore, dabs gives a rapid hit as compared to other similar options, and is therefore a favourite of many. Also, people use it in the medical community as well to give people instant relief.

Having read the benefits and the basics of dabs, now you must be thinking of how to use it, and obtain the maximum benefits. In our article today, we are covering several ways in which the users can make the most of the dabs.

Learning To Make The Right Dab

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When you know the process of making that right dab, you will not only obtain the maximum benefits, but will also enjoy the experience. Making the best dabs will give the highest smoking concentrate that will last longer than the other options and gives the best feeling. Follow the dabs preparation tips listed below to become a pro in a short time and also have the best feeling. You can check out the amazing dab collection at drdabber.com.

Be Equipped With The Accurate Tools

If you are fond of smoking dabs very often, then it is critical for you and other people like you to have the correct dabbing set. Furthermore, if you don’t want to spend a considerable amount of money on the dab set, we recommend investing in the right dab set to make sure that it lasts longer than expected.

There are a few essentials that every kit should include to make the dab smoking journey for users smooth.

  1. Butane torch as it helps in heating. You will easily find this tool at any of the smoke shops. However, if you are having trouble finding this one, buying a brulee torch will also do the work for you.
  2. A water pipe or even a dab rig that has a water pipe. Keep in mind that you choose an option that has low volume.

iii. Concentrate itself is quite critical.

  1. A dabbing tool that helps the user to move the concentrate from its original location to the pipe. You can also go for some homemade alternatives, but we suggest the use of dab tools that are made especially for dabbing.

Keep a Check On The Size

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While preparing your dab, you should keep a check on the size of the prize to make sure that you get the desired results. When measuring the concentrate, you should initially start from smaller portions. Furthermore, it is known as the concentrate for a major reason, that it is stronger than the other options available. Having said that, if you are just a beginner in this field, you should be vigilant about the size you are about to use.

In the early stages, we recommend going slow, and then you can pick momentum as you get used to it. It is because if you get too high, the situation will just get the opposite of what is fun. You should try with smaller crystals present on the dabbing tool, rather than just smoking a major chunk.

When your tolerance level increases with time, after dabbing smaller quantities, you can go for the bigger quantities. Also, by starting with small quantities initially, your lungs will get used to the smoke and you will not have a hard time adjusting to the effects.

Warm Up The Dabbing

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Perhaps that one aspect of dabbing which comes after having a hard time and a lot of struggles is the temperature. You should know that the different types of nails used have different temperature tolerances and distinct output levels as well. Temperatures have the ability of impacting different aspects of cannabis, i.e. its taste, intensity, flavour, and also the amount of smoke produced.

Though, whenever you try and test a new concentrate you will have to try with some experiments to make sure things work well.

Now, let us go over a few tips to heat the dabs correctly.

  • Keep heating the nail until it starts turning red.
  • You will have to apply the dab tool directly inside the nail and then inhale.
  • Ensure that you have the torch pointed away from the public, concentrates and other flammable materials. Neglecting torches is one of the major causes of several accidents.
  • You should ensure that the nail gets cooled down first since it helps in making the hit a pleasant one.
  • Allow some time for the nail to cool, and it can take almost 30-45 seconds.

Though, figuring out the temperature in the beginning is a bit difficult, but when you get used to it, you will not have a hard time in obtaining that perfect hit.

The Bottom Line

Well, as they say time is undoubtedly an amazing teacher. With time you will master the art of creating the perfect dabs for yourself and your friends. Monitoring the temperature is the one thing that you need to learn to prepare the most efficient dabs.

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