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Orange Logo: How to Create, Examples

A logo plays a big role in creating a company’s image. The right logo colors can emphasize your strengths and attract your target audience. That’s why it’s important to choose colors responsibly. Do you want to present yourself to the consumer, evoking certain emotions? You need to choose the right color.

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What is the right way to start working on the logo

Orange is associated with warmth, it has a certain vitality. This color refers to the grandeur of red and the warmth of yellow. Orange has many shades, which is undoubtedly pleasing. The dominant color red evokes other emotions. The look of orange with red will imbue you with power. It symbolizes assertiveness, determination and activity.

There are many shades, here are some of them:


Usually a person associates pumpkin with autumn and spice. Gives a feeling of coziness. Here, too, the color will act accordingly.


Imagine a ripe, juicy mandarin. From it reeks of freshness, the fruit lifts your spirits. So does the color tangerine. Incredibly stylish and bright.

Signature orange color

Bright and saturated. Not in vain it is called signal, because this shade is visible even from a distance.


This hue is as bright and memorable as fire itself. It is approximated to the red color. That’s why it is perfect to express the power and activity.

Jacquot’s Last Sigh

Interesting name, isn’t it? In fact, it is yellow and red. The history of the tone’s name is tragic. The jaco parrot has yellow eyes before it dies. That’s why the color is named the same way.


A soft and calm shade. Approached to brown. Very stylish and warm.

Any shade of orange is pleasant to look at. It brings warmth to the soul. It is considered the color of creativity and signifies maturity. It inspires enthusiasm.

Orange in business

Source: mybrandnewlogo.com

Orange is a color often used in business. It carries a special message.

Here are the benefits of this color:

  1. Symbolizes orderliness and assertiveness.
  2. Helps you concentrate.
  3. Redirects aggression into constructive direction, which is good when dealing with conflict clients
  4. Attracts attention. Therefore, it is well suited to focus attention on the necessary details. For example, a call to action button.

But still, you should not abuse this tone. After all, it also has disadvantages:

  1. The oversaturation of orange can cause apathy or mental exhaustion.
  2. The color can be tiring.
  3. Too much orange can give your logo a touch of cheapness.

That’s why we don’t recommend making orange the dominant color. It’s better to add it as a couple of finishing touches.

Pharmacy – hope and peace of mind

Orange is more suitable than ever for advertising medicines. After all, it will not only cause a positive mood, but also provide a sense of balance. This will help the consumer to believe in the effectiveness of the drug. Also, do not forget that orange is a symbol of health. Agree, an important nuance in the promotion of the drug.

Baby products – happiness and joy

Source: todaysparent.com

What other color to choose but orange when it comes to baby products. Orange radiates joy, which children will especially appreciate. They associate it with sunshine and warmth, and it evokes only positive emotions. Moreover, the color attracts the attention of small customers. Therefore, if you puzzle over which color to “color” the goods for children – orange is a help.

Entertainment – fun and interest

Is your company engaged in brightening up your leisure time? If you’re a TV station, movie theater, etc., carrot is great for your logo. Also, an orange colored logo would fit perfectly into the concept of holiday agencies. You want the consumer to see what colorful events you hold, right? Colorful and interesting. Then choose orange.

Foods – bright great taste

Oranges, carrots, mangoes, persimmons – how many delicious things there are in orange! People associate orange with yummy foods. So why not choose orange for a store logo, products, or even a drink?

IT goods and services, gadget sales – the latest in tech

Such a bright tone would definitely suit your IT company. And in general, if your business is related to technology – orange is what you need. Do you want to associate your consumers with trends in the computer world? Now you know what color to color your logo with.

Energy Industry – Power and Development

Source: grafikresource.com

The color orange is associated with many people’s understanding of fire. And fire, as we know, is a symbol of energy and power. So if your company is dedicated to the energy industry, this color will suit you better than ever.

Agriculture – quality and naturalness

Orange is great for farm produce. And it’s also good for presentations of farm machinery. In many countries, this color symbolizes the good harvest. So why not turn it to your advantage? The warm, bright hues will please the eye of any buyer. Add a couple of carrot color details to your logo and increased profits are guaranteed.

Real estate is a cozy home

Many people associate the color orange with warmth, homeliness, stability and comfort. That is why many real estate agencies prefer to use orange in their emblems. And, you know, their choice most often becomes more than successful.

What kind of business does NOT fit with orange logos

Strangely enough, there are areas of business in which it is better not to “shine” orange. Positioning yourself as a reliable and safe company that you can rely on? Are you associated with, in some senses, dangerous areas? If your job is to reassure people and assure them that they will be fine, then you should not add orange to the logo. Maybe you want to associate the consumer with relaxation and rest? Then this color is definitely not for you. By the way, what is your pricing policy? If you sell luxury products and services, we advise against using carrot shades. After all, these are the ones that show affordability and price flexibility.

And now we’ll show you which businesses are not suitable for orange logos.

Airlines and other carriers

Source: simpleflying.com

Airlines are always trying to convince the consumer of their reliability as much as possible. Therefore, it would be ill-advised of them to use the color of fire for their logo. After all, safety comes first. The main task of a carrier is to reassure people, to show them that they can be relied upon. So orange will be completely out of place here. Of course if you don’t want to scare the passenger.

Financial companies

Are you engaged in banking operations (loans, deposits)? Then it will not be quite appropriate to use orange on your part. After all, this color symbolizes the cheapness and availability. And the client should feel respected and welcome. And also to see that he deserves all the best. As you know, many people think that expensive = the best. So the color of accessibility won’t work here.

By the way, do you want the consumer to associate with reliability and peace of mind? Then it’s better not to “paint” in orange. Your logo must convince and calm, not the other way around.

What’s the best color to dilute the orange color in your logo

It is very important to pick the right color “partner” for your bright orange color. After all, a monochrome logo can sometimes seem boring. That is why it should be diluted with other shades. But most importantly – do it right. If you pick the wrong color, you can immediately “bury” the entire concept of your business. So the colors should perfectly match and complement each other.

But it is important to remember that the slightest slip in the choice of shade can ruin the entire logo. Therefore we advise to trust professionals. After all, they will choose the right shade of orange, focusing on the preferences of your target audience. And it is necessary to find real professionals.

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