6 Sports for Online Betting and Why People Choose Them

The world of online sports betting is fun and full of opportunities. Depending on your location, you may come across thousands of online betting companies that provide different kinds of options. Unsurprisingly, every betting platform looks the same. However, there are also loads of differences between them, especially if you know where to look.

While it is true that the site and its features might look different, there will be loads of similarities between the various bookies. For example, almost every betting company wants to give punters access to popular sports. Hence, sites often have multiple options.

Since there are numerous sports to choose from, bettors can come across things that are fun and interesting. Aside from some of the random bookies, you may find, more examples can be found at Nostrabet, where the professional betting reviews will help you learn more about the top sports. What’s even MORE impressive is that the site has a football prediction league, bonus offers, and can provide you with more info about everything betting-related.

Having said that, users need to be careful what they bet on because not every sport provides the necessary number of markets and events. So, let’s go over the sports that people usually choose for iGaming.

1. Football


Whether you like football, you can’t deny that this sport is in a league of its own when it comes to iGaming. With more than 3.5 billion fans worldwide, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that football (or soccer, depending on where you live) is what almost every bookie focuses on.  Football is the leader in iGaming regarding odds, markets, and even things like exclusive promotions.

Some bookmakers also give football punters the opportunity to use special features. For example, the companies with exclusive live streaming options often focus more on football because it attracts more users.

2. Ice Hockey

The number two spot on our list may surprise some readers, but those with more iGaming experience know it is special  Ice hockey is undoubtedly among the top-tier options you can stake on. Even though the events may not be as much as those for football because its fans are mostly based in the US and Canada, it makes up for it by providing unique opportunities.

If you go through the pre-match betting options found on some bookies for ice hockey, you will find the standard options. However, a closer look at the live betting options will reveal loads of special options that can’t be found elsewhere. Most of them are short-term and are available before something happens within the selection. For example, bookies often let you wager on whether the given player will score a goal.

An important thing we wish to point out about ice hockey is that it is advisable to keep an eye on the matches that take place in real-time if you want to make the most of them Some bookies with a live streaming feature will allow you to do that, but you may have to look for a separate site.

3. Basketball


Speaking of popular sports in the US, we have to mention basketball. Although this option also has many fans in Europe and even Asia, the majority of users who wager on basketball are in the US. After all, this place is the home of the NBA, the most prestigious basketball championship globally.

Those interested in wagering on basketball should find a bookie that provides more options for this sport. Every site available at NB ticks the box, but there are many companies that won’t offer as many options as you think. For example, some bookmakers only provide betting alternatives for punters who want to focus on the popular leagues.

4. Tennis

Every sport mentioned so far is special in its own way, but it falls into the team-based category. Even though those sports have more fans, there s one exception and that’s tennis. Some of you may not agree, but this is the go-to individual sport for online bettors during a Grand Slam event.

Tennis is one of the top sports when it comes down to live betting. While it is true that there are several attractive pre-match betting options, the ones available in the live betting category are on another level. Aside from the options that are based on the event’s winner, you can come across specific points/set markets.

Another interesting thing about tennis is that some online bookmakers only provide enough options when there is a big event like Wimbledon or the Australian Open. Some bookies do not cover any of tier 2 or tier 3 championships, which means you may not have access to enough options.

5. Boxing


The second individual sport on our list is not as trendy among bettors as tennis. However, boxing is a sport that has deep roots in iGaming, especially when some of the best boxers in the world have to go head to head.

What makes boxing stand out is the big odds for some of the famous markets. Even though the sport is not famous for having loads of markets and events to punt on (some bookies only cover the popular matches), the odds make up for it. Even some of the traditional markets like 1×2 can have impressive numbers because predicting a boxing match is challenging, even for experienced bettors.

Another interesting thing about boxing is that some bookmakers provide short-term promotions like free bets or cashback.

6. Horse racing

Last but definitely not least, we have one of the most popular sports for online betting in the UK, the US, and Ireland. Everyone with more experience in this hobby knows that Horse racing plays an exceptional role. In fact, this was the sport that revolutionized the sports betting industry many years ago.

Although it does not have that many fans in every country, punting on horse racing has loads of advantages. Aside from the impressive odds, this is one of the few sports that lets you make unique bets, such as Yankee, Each Way, etc. Unsurprisingly, bookies also offer an impressive range of horse betting promotions.

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