Is It OK To Wear Streetwear Clothes To Work?

Streetwear is versatile in ways one cannot imagine. On the one hand, it is extremely casual. However, many people prefer to wear it to work because of comfortability. It is alright to wear streetwear clothes to work as long as one styles it appropriately.

As the new generation steps into offices, they are bringing their style with them. So, rather than seeing suits and blazers, one will see t-shirts and hoodies. In this article, we will try to answer the question of how streetwear can be appropriate in a workplace setting.

Relaxed Dress Codes

More and more workplaces now care about the quality of work and productivity rather than the dress code. As compared to the previous decade, the dress code in a professional environment has become more casual. Rather than looking for tailors to stitch them suits and blazers, people are shifting to business casual.

More adults are now wearing jeans and bomber jackets to work. This is because street clothes for men now allow for more diversity with brands like offering them stylish options. It allows them to be comfortable in a work environment without feeling conscious about formality.

Athleisure Is In

Athleisure is an urban apparel concept where employees are allowed to dress somewhat casual for comfort. The reason why it has become popular is because of combining style with comfort. Adults become very conscious of their fashion choices after stepping into the workplace.

Streetwear and casual clothes are permeating the workplace. The new adults stepping into the workplace are very conscious of the impression they are making with their fashion. Cheaply made fast fashion is not preferred for the workplace as sustainability takes forefront. There are many ways to choose streetwear in the workplace and make an adult impression. We will explore some in the following pointers.


Upgrading the Fabrics

It is one thing to choose denim and heavy cottons while skateboarding and another to wear it in the office. Streetwear has upgraded the fabrics to create more premium and modern pieces. So, even if adults buy a tracksuit, the sweat pants and sweat shirts are made of high end material and can easily substitute a formal shirt or chinos.

Simple with Sweatshirt

Given that one is working in an environment which permits casual clothing, opting for sweatshirts can be a good idea. Solid colors that are not too bright will work well in a professional setting. For instance, one can go with a gray sweatshirt and trousers as the base look.

One can match it with printed socks and sneakers. Depending on the weather and the fashion statement, the outside can be completed with a bomber jacket. It is not only extremely comfortable but also respectful of the office environment where work is the first priority.


The Black And White Combination

It is easy to make a statement with black and white. One can opt for a white t-shirt and black trousers. Pairing it with black casual shoes that might have white design will work well to complete the look. Before stepping outside, one can top it off with a black Mac coat. A black Mac coat is also good for pairing with other colors and can be worn on multiple occasions.

Comfortable Shoes Are Preferable

One way to upgrade the outfit with streetwear is by choosing the right shoes. There is no need to opt for leather shoes anymore because of the causality at the workplace. However one still needs to choose a good outfit without wasting a lot of time. Adults are preparing to save time and resources and opting for sneakers they feel comfortable wearing.

There are numerous mainstream brands which are expensive and hyped. However, choosing based on popularity is not always preferable. The idea is to find a pair which will go well with the trousers without feeling uncomfortable. Since one is wearing streetwear to the workplace, it is better to not go for the bling and choose something neutral.


Opting For Loose

Tailored blazers and trousers were defined by the fit. A key difference with streetwear and business casual is the comfort. However, many adults mistake being comfortable to wearing extremely baggy clothing. Streetwear clothes in a workplace will look good only if they appear relaxed. The modern outfits are open to people with different body types. One can opt for somewhat loose clothes like sweat shirts and cargo pants.

Even bomber jackets follow the same pattern of loose clothing much like sweat pants. They are not extremely baggy but just perfectly comfortable. If a fit is not figure hugging but still well defined according to the body shape, it is the perfect type of streetwear for the workplace.

Simple Is Perfect

The idea with any fashion choice is to stand out and it is a temptation which should be taken care of consciously. Keeping the overall outfit somewhat simple is a good approach, especially in the workplace. Rather than going with something flashy, it is better to mix and match.

Rather than consulting how the brand wants an outfit to be worn, experiment with different cultures to create a new look which suits the workplace environment. One can show their creativity through their outfit without compromising the simplicity. It is better to always consider where the outfit will be worn and how to make it work.


The Takeaway

Streetwear clothing adds an entirely new dimension to workplace fashion. Different types of clothing can be mixed and matched depending on individual choice. It is better to not go with hyped up brands and excessive bling. Making comfortable choices like loose clothes and sneakers can make all the difference.

The idea is to make your own decision about how to make the best of streetwear in the workplace. One can opt for simplicity and creativity with streetwear options offered by different brands. It is also a good idea to go with solid colors with sweatshirts and trousers.

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