7 Tips And Tricks On How To Manage An Airbnb Business Remotely

Airbnb was established on August 1st, 2008, and quickly became a technological marvel. Through its online marketplace, Airbnb relates guests with hosts in their area. One benefit of the platform is that it allows users to market their empty rooms and generate extra revenue through rent.

Airbnb gives visitors the opportunity to reserve distinctive accommodation from regional hosts, which saves them money and allows them to meet people from the area. Airbnb is a global company with operations in more than 190 nations.

How To Remotely Manage Airbnb Business

Here are the best tips that will help you manage the Airbnb business remotely.

1. Remote Key System To Check-in Guests


The check-in process is a major hassle and strain for Airbnb hosts. Being forced to stand around all day while waiting for the visitors to show up can be really bothersome. Purchasing a remote key system is the most effective solution to this issue.

The market offers a wide range of choices, from straightforward security-coded lockboxes to computerized locks with timed passcodes. There are countless alternatives, but the most crucial thing is that you provide a way for visitors to enter the residence without your physical presence.

If you utilize a lockbox system, it is better to have backup lockboxes available so that there would be any problem in case a guest forgets to return the keys. In the case of a smart lock, it is a wise decision to keep a physical key hidden away so it can be used when the battery runs out or the code is incorrectly changed.

2. Use Vacation Rental Software For Automation

Remote management of your company might be quite difficult. But even if you are not present, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands due to the automation software. You can manage all guest interactions, reservations, and changes with vacation rental software. One of the online marketplace software you can find on G2.

In addition, it is possible to oversee and control regular property management activities. Scroll down for additional info about what you can do with a vacation rental software:

  • Supervise the guest reservations on Airbnb and other sites by syncing your calendars.
  • Enhance the guest communication with conversations organized in a single inbox
  • Utilize automated messages to notify your clients at each stage of the booking procedure
  • Automate the procedure for your visitors to provide reviews
  • Utilize the reporting feature to keep track of your business results
  • Utilize the direct booking management solution to manage direct reservations

3. Hire A Reliable Cleaning Company


When operating Airbnb remotely, your cleaning business will be one of the most valuable assets. When looking for a cleaning service, explain your business’ nature and short-term rental industry plans, and inquire if they can assist with restocking the listing with necessities. Consult them whether they can send you the list of damages or missing items as soon as they become aware of them.

A cleaning service will also take care of areas that are frequently neglected. In order to ensure that your rental is spotless, professional cleaners will take care of all the difficult-to-reach areas. Give the cleaning service a customized cleaning checklist to get the best service.

4. Employ 24/7 Maintenance

Maintenance providers are among the most crucial components of your business if you are managing Airbnb remotely. It is vital to have dependable maintenance specialists that are available around the clock to take care of any requests.

If you want to properly manage your Airbnb remotely, you need to maintain different vendors on a fast dial, including services for backup cleaning, plumbing, handyman, electrical work, HVAC repairs, landscaping, pool cleaning, and pest management.

Sometimes, maintenance problems usually tend to occur when least expected. Whatever occurs, the visitors will count on you to act right away. Your visitors will deliver poor ratings if the problems are not resolved quickly. Thus, this will result in decreased revenue.

When selecting the ideal dealers, it is better to look for trustworthy firms. You will require a reliable individual or company who can handle critical repairs promptly. In order to properly administer Airbnb remotely, your vendor team must provide a 24/7 service.

5. Maintain Supply Stock


Making sure you are equipped with enough supplies when running an Airbnb remotely might be challenging. It is crucial to put up a strategy that works for you because you would not be present to make emergency supply trips. Make sure to keep a stock of the supplies required in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and safety equipment.

6. Use An Automated Message Flow

Your interactions with guests when operating Airbnb remotely will take place online. But, it does not preclude you from developing a rapport with visitors. You may still make your visitors feel confident in you, show them that you are a thoughtful and capable host, and impress them so that they will book another reservation with you.

Establishing an ideal automated message flow is essential for accomplishing this. You can use an automation tool to build customized, timed automatic messages that can be delivered to visitors whenever necessary.

7. House Manual Or Welcome Book


You would not be there to personally demonstrate your visitors at check-in and cannot inform them of the minor details they need to know when you start as a remote Airbnb host. In order to ensure that your guests’ stay is hassle-free, you should create a comprehensive house manual and welcome book that will address all of their queries.

With this, your visitors will be able to find all the input they require with ease. Keep it fun, concise, and simple to read. It is better to make it as simple to read as you can so that the guests can really read it. In addition, it is best to keep a hard copy available for your visitors at the rental, so acquire some laminated copies to keep in the rooms.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned tips may seem simple, but they are quite effective when it comes to managing Airbnb remotely. While hiring service companies, make sure to check if they are reliable.

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